7 Signs Your Dog’s Toenail Is Too Long [Answered]

The importance of dog nail maintenance in our pets' health is sometimes underestimated.

However, nail trimming is just as vital as any other aspect of a dog's general care.

Determining when it's time to cut your dog's nails isn't always straightforward.

When your dog's nail become too long, they may scratch you or get trapped in the furniture.

But, there are other indicators that it's time to get out the clippers or visit the groomer.

Overgrown dog's nail can be painful for both you and your dog if you don't pay attention to your dog's nails and keep them at a suitable length.

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Dogs Nail Too Long

Why Is It Important to Take Care of Your Dog's Nails?

Dog nail care is essential since it allows your pet to walk, run, and move about freely.

When your dog nail are overly long, they cause the foot to be at an awkward angle.

This places unequal pressure on the toes, causing soreness and tenderness in the nail beds.

Dogs with long nail are more likely to split and splinter.

This is comparable to a human hangnail.

It is not only excruciatingly uncomfortable, but it may also necessitate a trip to the veterinarian.

The hangnail will be pulled by the veterinarian under sedation and pain medication, and the foot will be bandaged to prevent infection in the nail bed.

Long dogs nail will occasionally slip on hardwood or tile surfaces or walk gently to cope with the situation.

In our elderly canine friends or pets with arthritis, nail care is extremely crucial.

Maintaining an adequate length for your dog's nails also protects you and your items.

Have you ever had your dog scratch you after he climbs up on you?

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Have you ever witnessed your dog jump from the couch or other furniture, causing it to snag?

Overgrown dog nail can sometimes get snagged on objects, causing extra suffering to your dog.

What Should the Length of a Dog's Nails Be?

The dog's nails should be long enough to be seen, but not so long that they extend past the paw.

If your dog has long hair, the nails may be difficult to notice.

However, if your dog's nails extend past the bottom of the paw pad, you know they're too long.

You can also search for the nail quick and use it as a guide to determine how short your dog's nails should be nail trim.

Nerves and blood supplies are housed in the quick of the nail.

You don't want to cut into your dog's quick since it is uncomfortable and will cause him to bleed.

This is one of the reasons why it's crucial to keep your nails trimmed on a regular basis.

The quick of your pet's nail grows along with the length of the nail.

It's simpler to strike the quick in these situations, but it's more difficult to trim the nails short again.

Dogs' nails that have grown too long will curl over the paw.

This is when dog owner should think about getting their dog a mani/pedi.

Don't forget about the dewclaw as well!

A nail can also be found on the dewclaw, which sits higher on your dog's leg.

The pup's nail does not wear down on the pavement or during walks because it is higher up on the thigh.

This is the nail that curls over and needs to be trimmed on a regular basis.

Signs That Your Dog's Nails Are Excessively Long

Here are some symptoms that your dog's nails are too long if you're not sure if it's time for a cut.

1. The Nails of Your Dog Select the Floor

Your dog is strolling around the house, and you can hear him:

If you have hardwood flooring, the sound of screeching or clicking nails on the wood is a sign that it's time to clip your nails.

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Your dog's nails should not be dragging on the floor as he walks around the house.

2. Your dog appears to be tip-toeing

Your dog may be walking gently or “tip-toeing” with his nails on the ground and his paw up.

His nails are very overgrown, as evidenced by this.

When your dog walks, his paws should always be able to touch the ground.

3. The Nails on Your Dog's Paw Curl

The level of a dog's nails should be the same as the level of his paw.

It's time to cut his nails if they're curling over his paw or if they're curling at all.

Because the dewclaw does not get worn down by ordinary walking, this is very crucial.

4. Your Dog Is Sliding Across the Floor

Your dog's nails are certainly producing a lot of instability on the floor if he's sliding about.

When his nails are highly overgrown and his paw isn't contacting the ground for him to grip, this happens.

Other injuries, such as a joint luxation or a hairline fracture, could result from his instability and sliding.

5. Your dog appears to be limping

Check to determine if your dog's overgrown nail are at the proper length if he appears to be limping or walking uncomfortably.

It's possible he's in discomfort and favors one leg over the other.

And, if, Your dog is constantly licking his paws.

Your dog may lick his paws for a variety of reasons, including pain, but if his nails are excessively long, a trim may be necessary.

6. The Nail Bed of Your Dog Is Red or Bleeding

If your dog's nail bed is bleeding or red, it could be an indication of an infection.

His nails might be in desperate need of a trim or some significant attention.

7. You're being scratched by your dog's nails.

When your dog wants attention, he may paw at you, but he should not scratch you.

If your dog's nails are scratching you every time he touches you, he has excessively long nails.

You shouldn't be able to feel his nails when they're the right length and filed down.

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If Your Dog's Nails Are Too Long, What Should You Do?

If your dog's nails are too long, you can always have them trimmed by your veterinarian or groomer.

This is particularly useful for dogs who dislike having their paws touched or who are difficult to control during nail trimming.

Nail clippers or nail grinder can also be used to do at-home nail trims.

You should use clippers that are appropriate for your dog's size when doing at-home nail trims.

Or you risk cutting off too much of the nail too quickly.

You should also have a product called styptic powder on hand in case you accidentally hit the quick of the nail.

This quickly brings the bleeding to a halt with the use of styptic pencil.

Taking your dog on longer walks or allowing him to spend more time moving around outside.

After you've clipped his nails using nail clipper to the proper length, it may help maintain his nails filed down for longer periods of time between trims.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if my dog's nails are too long?

When your dog's nails are overly long, they cause the foot to be at an awkward angle.

This places unequal pressure on the toes, causing soreness and tenderness in the nail beds.

Dogs with long nails are more likely to split and splinter.

This is comparable to a human hangnail.

How do you fix a dog's nails that are too long?

If your dog's nails have grown too long, don't try to trim them all at once. Instead, seek assistance from your veterinarian or groomer.

To allow the quick to recede, the nails will most likely need to be trimmed a little at a time.

Does it hurt dogs if their nails are too long?

Accidents are caused by overgrown nails.

When walking or sprinting, dogs use their claws for traction and balance.

Too long nails might cause a dog to stumble and fall more frequently.

These changes are especially distressing to older, arthritic pets.

Nail clipping is a simple technique to save your pet from being hurt.

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