Bernedoodle Vs GoldenDoodle (Ultimate Comparison)

Ultimate Comparison – Bernedoodle Vs Goldendoodle 

Be it a Goldendoodle or a Bernedoodle, both breeds are the epitome of cuteness and adorability. Soft and fluffy in their appearance, these doodle dogs are playful, friendly, and loyal pets. When buying a pet, most buyers face the same issue. Both are so irresistibly charming that choosing one is a hard decision.

While they both are very different, the two are quite similar as well. What connects the two dogs is their;

  • Friendly and gentle nature
  • Ease of training
  • Less hair coat shedding
  • Well-behaved and disciplined

Origin And History

A Goldendoodle is a cross between a pure poodle and a pure Golden retriever. Because of their parents, they are also termed as ‘Groodles’. Golden retrievers are used as guides and nursing dogs. So such features are prominent in the golden-doodle as well. Their hunting ability distinguishes it from other hybrids and is named because of its beautiful fur coat.

In the case of the Bernedoodle, it is a hybrid of a Bernese mountain dog and a pure poodle. Originally from Swiss, these dogs worked as farmers in snowy mountains. A Berne is strong with a beautiful fur coat and colored in shades of black and white.

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Both the dog breeds are kids to the poodles, and that explains their short and fluffy stature. One thing that a poodle is famous for is its hypoallergenic nature and low shedding hair fur that makes it the best selection for people with allergies.

Their Puppies

Groodle puppies are the same as their parents with a number of sizes and a soft hair coat. As they are very popular amongst pet owners, that’s why many people breed them which explains its low cost. they

Meanwhile, bernedoodle puppies are slowly becoming popular. That’s why it’s a bit pricey on the pocket.

Their Size

Though it all depends on the parents and their breeds, both dogs have slightly varying body sizes. They are divided into three categories for either breed.

For a Groodle:

  • Standard Groodle weight ranges from 55-70 pounds with an average height of 23 inches.
  • Medium Groodle weighs around 40-45 pounds with an average height of 18 inches.
  • Mini Groodle shows a weight reading ranging from 20-30 pounds and an average height of 15 inches.


  • Standard Bernedoodle weighs from 25- 35 pounds and stands as high as 24 inches.
  • Miniature Bernedoodle has a weight of 25 to 55 pounds and stands with an average value of 21 inches.
  • Tiny Bernedoodle weighs from 10-25 pounds and stands as tall as around 16 inches.

Their Looks

A Bernedoodle mimics a teddy bear with its tri-colored fur coat. Usually, the base color is black with some white and orange-rusty colors here and there. But depending upon the parent breed, these factors may change.

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For a Groodle, the fur is full of twists and curls, with a fur color list including red, gold, cream, peach, and even a mix of black and white.

Their Temperament

Forget about these exciting pups making a guard dog. It’s just not their thing. Instead, they are great for small families, with babies and kids. They are gentle, friendly, and calm, which makes them a great companion.

A groodle is like the life of the party-a social butterfly. He gets along with everybody, is easy to approach, and not only welcomes strangers but gets super excited as well. Groodles are very loving and affectionate fellows, showering their love on everyone they meet.

In the case of a Bernedoodle, you can’t expect him to welcome a stranger. The moment an unknown person enters your territory, he’ll get alarmed and alert, treading suspiciously. That’s why it can be adopted as a protective dog. Even if you’re not there, Groodles will manage themselves, but Bernescan not and end up suffering from separation anxiety.

Their Health

Both the doodles live a decent lifespan with the groodles getting by a slight margin. Though both species are at risk of eye infections, elbow, and hip dysplasia, and heart issues. Whereas the Groodles are at risk of cancer and neuronal infections.

Their Training

While the Bernedoodles are going to give you a hard time with training, the Groodles are very easy to train and teach. So for beginners groodles are a good choice. By rewarding the pet at every positive step, you are building a rapport with your dog and this ultimately becomes the foundation of your dog’s training.

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Bernes need to be trained with a leash on, or else it can become hard to control. Over the years, the crate training method has been the most productive for them.

Their Maintenance

Both dogs are low shedding and ask for regular and routine grooming. That is why both dog breeds can be high and heavy on maintenance. But if a dog is bigger in size, the Groodlesneed proper maintenance. The two dogs are great for apartments as long as they are involved in physical activities.

Groodles and Bernedoodles are one of the cutest poodle breeds available. They are less shedding and thus work great for people with allergies. All in all, these designer breeds are perfect for families with children and other pets. To know more about these visit guide here Bernedoodle

Hope this comparison was worth your time. Do share your favorite thing about these dogs and I’ll see you next time.

Till then, Happy Parenting!

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