How To Trim Siberian Husky Nails Like A Pro

Cutting Siberian Husky Nails

Siberian Husky Nail care and maintenance is an essential aspect of grooming every canine handler must pay much attention to if you must help your pet live a healthy life.

Generally, we all know that too long nails are hazardous and can lead to permanent damage to your dog’s claws, it could be worse for a Siberian Husky breed which we know can not trim their nails themselves, unlike humans.

It is your duty as dog owner examine your Siberian Husky nails, take note of when they are due for cutting, get them trimmed and make sure their nails are short.

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What To Know About Siberian HuskyAnd Their Nails.

The Siberian huskies are rooted or originated from Northeast Asia, they are developed and used as Sled Dogs by the Chukchi people.

Genetically, Siberian Huskies are part of the Spitz family. The Alaskans developed an interest in them and they’re brought to the United States during the 20th Century.

Siberian Husky Nail Trimming
Siberian Huskies Used As Sled Dogs

Way back 1930, the Siberian huskies were recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and noted to be the 12th most popular breed in the U.S.

Siberian Huskies are intelligent, energetic, athletic, playful and can make a wonderful companion if well nurtured.

They can get along with children and other dogs as long as they are socialized and trained properly. This means that if you own one of this breed, you will have put in a lot of work to get the best out of the pet.

More About Siberian Husky Breed

All About Siberian Husky
Breed Information

What Makes A Siberian Husky Nail.

Generally, the structure of Siberian Husky nails are not different from other dogs, they are made up of a hard protein-containing dead cell known as keratin which enables them to perform various complex tasks, ranging from gripping and walking.

Siberian Husky nails like other canine breeds have a hard outer shell and a central soft cuticle (popularly called Quick) which is made up of blood vessels and nerves.

Siberian Quick is rich in blood supply and can be called the stream that nourishes the nail. Injuring the quick by mistake will cause serious pain and bleeding toenail.

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Dog nail anatomy and structures
Canine Nail tructure

When Clipping Siberian Husky nails, be careful not to cut through the quick. See How You Can Trim Without Hurting the Quick.

Overgrown nails are not hard to see, it is easy to notice long Siberian Husky nails that are due for cutting. You have to keep a close watch any time your Husky stands erect on the floor if the nails touch the floor and make a clicking sound when he walks then know it is time for trimming.

Siberian Husky nails may be black, white or mixed colored typed in relation to their skin. If your Husky’s nails are the black type, then remember to trim them with extra carefulness.

Husky nails can also be hit by any form of claw disorders like other dogs, so keep on checking your pet’s nails for any evidence of disease and if any is found, kindly visit your vet for treatment.

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Why Siberian Husky Nails Need To Be Trimmed Short

Do you really love your Husky Pup? One way you can prove that is by making sure that you trim his nails regularly. It is your duty as the parent to ensure he lives a very healthy life free from nail diseases.

Reasons, why your Siberian Husky Nails Need Cutting Includes: 

  • Long And Unclean Nails: Overgrown nails can easily break or split, inflicting pains and injury to your pup. Overgrown nails can wear and tear when they are cut up on objects and can lead to pains.
  • Too Long nails can misalign your Husky’s foot, leading to complications such as defects in posture and weight distribution.
  • Untrimmed Husky nails can cause difficulty in movement and affecting his daily activities. Your Husky may feel pain around his foot and may become very lazy to participate in regular walks and exercises.
  • Unclipped Siberian Husky nails can cause slipping while your dog is running or walking and may lead to unwanted injuries.

Importance Of Clipping Your Siberian Husky’s Nails.

  • Siberian huskies with shorter nails are known to be healthier and happier. Short nails help your pet maintain proper hygiene.
  • Trimmed nails enable your husky walk about freely.
  • Short Nails will maintain your Husky’s healthy posture and body alignment.
  • Short nails won’t cut up with things or objects compared to longer nails, helping the overall health of the claws.
  • Cutting your Siberian Husky Nails reduces the risk of claw splitting or injury and reduces secondary toenail infection.

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Guide For Cutting Siberian Husky Nails

Any individual who owns a husky can trim his or her nails alone even without being a trained vet. All you need to do is follow the steps I will give you below.

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Preparation For Siberian Husky’s Nail Cutting

Gather all you need for the procedure and keep them in one place. You have to get the desired clippers, nail files, cratch board, delicious treats, and your emergency box.

Choose Your Nail Clippers For Siberian Huskies

Get sharp, strong and safe clippers to trim your dog without injuries.

Choose Shiny Pet Nail Trimmer If You Want To Trim Siberian Husky Puppies: This is mainly produced for puppies (small dogs). Any Siberian Husky Puppy’s nails can be trimmed with Shiny Pet clippers since they are small-sized dogs.

Shiny Pet Nail Trimmer
Shiny Pet Nail Trimmer For Trimming Puppies

The shiny pet trimmer looks like scissors,  it is easy and safe to use for smaller paws because it has sharp-angled steel blades to trim nails safely and clean.

Other clippers you can use to clip your dog nails are Safari Nail Clipper, Millers Forge Nail clipper, Epica Nail clipper, etc.

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Get Your First Box

Your first-aid box should be handy and should contain all that is required to handle some emergencies that may occur during trimming. Your emergency or first aid box must contain or have some anti-bleeding agents like Styptic powder and others such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubber gloves, Gauze, Scissors, Grooming Wipes, and Towel Or Blanket.

Having these contents can help you Deal With A Bleeding Pomeranian Toenail in case you mistakenly injure your Dog by cutting the quick to short.

Feed Your Siberian Husky With Sweet Foods

One way to calm a Siberian Husky down during nail cutting is by giving delicious meals. If you want your pet to comply while you trim his nails, you have to feed him his favorite foods.

Food for Healthy Dog Nails That Split
Balanced Diets Can Strengthen and boost the overall health of the nails

Balanced Diets Can Strengthen and boost the overall health of the nails.

Sit Properly, Position Your Dog And Start Cutting His Nails.

Sit At A Comfortable Place: Find a bright room or better stay outside. Don’t stay in a dark room, you have to see the nails clearly before you commence the cutting. Hold your Siberian pup firmly as you sit in a comfortable position.

It is best to get a helping hand if there is anyone around to assist you to hold your Husky while you trim comfortably.

Before you trim make sure your pup is completely immobile, then hold his paws firmly this will prevent movement that may lead to sudden injuries during the process.

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Next? Now, locate your Dog’s quick first, know where it starts and ends, this will guide you to carefully trim without cutting the quick.

Begin The Trimming With A Siberian Nail Clipper: Begin Clipping the nails of your dog using a trimmer. Take a Gently, gradual trim bit by bit, be watchful not to injure the quick. Best trimming angle should be at 45-degrees. See Image Below.

Nail Cutting Angles for dogs

Attention: Do not chop off larger portion of the nail at once, you must trim gently and in smaller bits. If your dog tries to resist, kindly give him his favorite meals and then continue until the task is complete.

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What Can I Do If My Dog Is Nervous During Nail Trimming?

If your Siberian Husky is scared of trimming don’t worry its normal with Some dogs not to comply no matter the technique you apply. Here is what to do in such a situation, go ahead and watch the video below and see exactly how a professional handled a fearful dog.

Watch Video 

Siberian Huskies are lovely pets you can handle on your own during nail Cutting. A diligent method of trimming across all the nails can make things work. Make no mistake of cutting the dog’s quick and if this happens, immediately apply styptic powder to stop the nail from bleeding and if the bleeding wouldn’t stop, then here is How To Stop Severe Dog Nail Bleeding.

Done Cutting your Siberian Husky’s Nails?

File After Cutting The Claws: You should use a file to smooth out the rough edges of the clipped nails. Filing Siberian Husky Nails is a way of giving it a finishing touch and for dog’s with brittle nails, filing is the best method to use.

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Did You Just Cut Your Siberian Husky’s Quick?

Use Your First Aid Box: Injuring a dog’s quick is common when trimming nails that are dark, because of the difficulty in visualizing the position of the quick.

If you have injured the quick of your dog, then get a hold on your first aid box and tackle the bleeding immediately.

Siberian Husky Nails Bleed After Cutting?

Here are the steps to follow!

  • Apply pressure on the affected toenail.
  • Apply Styptic powder on the injury to stop the bleeding.
  • If Bleeding persists, tightly wrap the nail after applying styptic powder.
  • Follow these Steps To Instantly Stop Nail Bleeding.
  • Bleeding Continues? Visit your vet for a solution.

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