How To Make Turkey Carcass Bone Broth Recipe For Dogs

If you are a caring dog owner and you are yet to learn How To Make Turkey Carcass Bone Broth Recipe For Dogs or know the Steps To Turn Your Turkey Carcass into Bone Broth and make a nutritious treat for your dog, then you are still lagging behind.

In my last post, I talked about How To Make Raw Dog Food Recipes which is closely related to what am about to establish in this post, although in a different approach and combinations, at the end you should have gained full knowledge of turning Turkey Carcass Bone Broth into a delicious and Healthy Home Made Meal For Your Dog.

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Most well-informed dog owners prefer Turkey carcass bone broth as one of their favorite treats to prepare for their pets–dogs. The recipe tastes great and it is loaded with minerals and nutrients that help the joints, gastrointestinal tract (gut) and enhances the overall canine liver health.

Bone broth is fun and simple to prepare, it only requires some simple steps, i mean just about adding up some few ingredients together into a large pot and boom you are ready to serve it.

Easy right?

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Turkey Carcass Bone Broth Recipe?

These are the things you need to get started right away.

1. Turkey Carcass

2. Beef Marrow Bones

3. Chicken Feet

4. Garlic

5. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

You can also add

6. Broccoli

7. Green Beans

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8. Kale

9. Parsley

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Now that you know all the requirements, the next thing you need to do is to begin the easy step by step on how to To Turn Your Turkey Carcass into Bone Broth which is nutritious and healthy for your dog's consumption!

Here are the following steps!

Step One

Thoroughly wash and clean the pot: Clean and wash your pot which you want to use. Make sure you wash it thoroughly to keep it clean and remove specks of dirt from it.

Step Two

Fill the Pot With The Turkey Carcass and Bones & Then Add Garlic.

At this point, you have to put the bones and the carcass into your pot, preferably chicken feet, and beef bone marrow, add more joints if you want to derive joint protecting gelatin that is found in the cartilage in the bone joints. Add some few or moderate amounts of garlic to give you it a nice flavor.

Adding garlic is optional you can decide to make the recipe without it.

Step Three.

Fill Up The PoT With Water & Add Apple Cider Vinegar.

You will have to fill up the pot with water and make sure it covers the carcass and the bones completely,  at least by 3 inches. Then add at least 3-4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, this is really good for canine skin health, it improves skin and coat.

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Step Four

Start Heating & Boiling the mixture.

At this point, cover the pot and start boiling immediately. Keep the heat at medium-high and boil for one hour, or turn high for the slow cooker, then turn it to low and let it boil for 24 hours.

Start to strain as soon as the turkey carcass bone broth is completely cooked. Strain very well, ensure you get all the pieces of bone out of the broth.

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You can at this point add some extra supplements like fresh kale, broccoli, or green beans, Herbs or kelp these are health boosters and they should be added when the broth is still hot.

Step Five.

Allow the broth cool and then store in the fridge for a few hours.

After thorough cooking, you have to allow the broth cool and then you store it in the fridge for a few hours. Bring it out again and start scraping the hard layer of fat off the top and toss it right away.

Your bone broth should look more like a big pot of jelly if you added enough vinegar, the jelly contains minerals that help in protecting your dog’s joints and gut.

But even if the jelly isn’t there don't border, this only indicates you didn't add enough vinegar, kindly correct by adding another tablespoon as you prepare the next batch.

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You could add some of these Healthy Supplements while preparing your broth.

  • A dash of Joint Pain Comfort is a good one to add.
  • A Scoop of Asta Zan-14 (Red Algae and turmeric) this is for Active/Sporting Dog.
  • An Asta Zan-14. Asta Zan (red algae mixed with turmeric) serves as a natural anti-inflammatory/antioxidant for canine health.

Step Six.

Store and start feeding your dog with it.

You can keep it in the pot you used in preparing and then store in your refrigerator if you have enough space to contain the pot. You can also leave it in the pot and begin to serve your dog over bit by bit every day, or get smaller containers and fill them with it before you store for immediate or future use.

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Turkey Carcass Bone Broth Recipe For Dogs tastes great and it's packed with a lot of minerals needed to enable your dog to live healthy and happier and of course, the preparation is simply easy, so try it out. If you have any question, do well to ask in the comment section below.

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How About Quick Guides On Making Nutritious Raw Dog Food At Home?

Here are 5 raw dog food recipes that serve as nutritious meals and healthy treats for your dog. They should be properly mixed and served fresh. It is advisable to mildly steam the veggies for better & easy digestibility.

Here are the approximate weight percentage you can use during preparation. For instance, if you choose to prepare a 1kg of raw food & then 50% would be 500gm.

Don’t forget, these are only approximate percentages. When feeding a diet full of variety, with some meaty-bones a few times a week, do not be caught up on exact amounts. Staying within these ranges will help your dog’s meal to be balanced.

1. Greens And Beef.
Leafy green vegetables completely nutritious and healthy for pets to consume. They are carriers of vitamins A, C, K, fiber & potassium with low calories and are considered natural defenders, known for their positive roles in the prevention of cancer according to what studies show.

Use these Ingredients.

  • Beef – stewing or ground-cheek – Around 35.5% – 50%.
  • Liver or beef hearts – 10.5% – 30.5%.
  • Beef tail bones – 11.5% – 14.5%.
  • Organic green apples – 5% – 9.9%.
  • Organic collard-greens – 5% – 9.9%.
  • Organic kal – 5% – 19.9% 0r 20%.
    Simple raw dog food recipe.

2. Carrots & Chicken 

This is good and healthy for older dogs and one of the simplest canine raw meal to prepare. Carrots have low calories and are high in fiber which is very suitable for your pet to consume and also adding some proteins in this raw meal is a perfect mix and that comes from the chicken.

Ingredients Are.

  • Chicken breasts or thighs – 34% – 49.9% – 50%.
  • Chicken liver & hearts – 9.9% – 30%.
  • Ground chicken bone – 12% – 15%.
  • Lightly boiled or Raw eggs – 5%.
  • Organic carrots – 5% – 20%.
  • Organic green beans – 5% – 20%.





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