How To Find The Quick On A Black Dog Nails In Few Seconds

Black Finding The Quick On A Black Dog Nails

Thousands of dog owners are scared of cutting black dog nails and the greatest reason is because they fear they would injure the quick and severely hurt their dogs. No wonder they kept on searching for answers to the following questions below.

Dog Black Nails Quick Finder?

Looking for Black Dog Quick?

Dark dog nails quick search?

Where is the quick on black dog nails?

What does the quick look like on black nails?

Does the quick in a dog's nail recede?

What happens if you cut the quick on a dog?

How to find the quick on Dark dog nails?

Picture of dog nail quick?

How to cut black dog nails guillotine?

How to trim dog black nails that are overgrown?

How do you know where the quick is on black dog nails?

How to trim black dog nails that are overgrown?

How to grind black dog nails?

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Knowing how to locate the quick on a black dog nails is the magic needed to easily trim dark dog nails safely. So, if you are one of those too scared to cut the claws and you are saddled with any of the above mentioned queries, congratulations, we are happy to inform you that the answer you have been looking is now available in this article.

But before we proceed, let me quickly walk you through what actually makes up the nail of a dog. If you have the basic knowledge of the structural arrangement of a dog's nail and the relationship to the quick, you should be able to handle the trimming process with ease.

So, let's ride!

Black Dog Nail Anatomy And The Quick

The anatomical arrangement of a dog's nail is such that is very simple to understand and once you know the formation, you should be clipping the claws of your pet with full confidence and ease.

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Quickly take a look at this image, then check the labels properly to enable you grab the description below.

Dog nail anatomy and structures
Simple Anatomical Representation Of A Dog Nail

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Dog nail is made up of soft central cuticle and an outer part that is hard. The hard outer part (shell) consists of keratin (dead cells), while the central soft cuticle which is the consists of nerves and blood vessels. The cuticle is popularly called the “quick” of the nail. It is very rich in blood supply and if injured, the nail will start bleeding immediately.

On a light or white colored nails, the quick of a dog’s nail can be easily identified, but this is hard to see on dogs that have black or darker-colored nails. Canine Nail color might be different, (black or white colors) but the anatomical structure and arrangement is still the same.

In case you are dealing with dark nails, don’t worry I will explain how to trim dog black claws without bleeding your dog, which is why I have put together some simple, easy steps to walk you through the process successfully.

How To See The Quick On Black Dog Nails

For pets with light nails the quick can be easily noticed from the outside of the nail. The part that looks pinkish in the nail is where the quick is showing through. It is easier to trim and then be looking at the cut edge of the nail, you could trim until you begin to see a pink dot in the center of the cut end.

Do not trim the pinkish part, else you will bleed your dog and if that happens by mistake, here is Best Way To Stop Dog Nail Bleeding In 5 Seconds.

Now for dogs with black or dark nails, it is impossible to see where the quick begins when looking from the top of the nail. To see the quick of a dark canine nail you should you look at the underside of the claw, you should be able to see a groove in the nail where the harder part of the nail turns to a softer inner tissue. That pulp or soft black tissue on the inside of the nail is the quick and it's that very part you shouldn't cut.

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So must be very careful and also realize that the quick grows along with the nail. When trimming, do it in small bits at a time, looking at the cut end after each snip. When you can notice a black dot in the middle of the cut end, stop. That’s the quick.

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Now that you have located the quick of your dark dog nails, here is a systemic approach to how you can trim black dog claws without hurting your pup.

Safe Way To Trim Dog Nails That Are Black

It can be frightening trying to clip your dog’s black nails on your own because it is difficult and sometimes not possible see the quick. This is no longer a problem to you reading this article, because the issue of not being able to find black dog nail quick and how to see it with ease has been discussed in few paragraphs above.

This now means, you can comfortably start the trimming process without any fear knowing you have gotten the trick to trace the black nail quick by virtue of perusing this post.

Now how do you begin the process of trimming canine black nails?

Get Together The Materials You Need

Assemble and prepare all the things you’ll need. Get a high-quality pair of trimmers and some styptic powder such – as Kwikstop, Cutstop, styptic pads or other products to stop bleeding if you nick the quick.

Find A Clean & Dried  Place

You may want to sit on the floor with your dog, holding him on your laps, or have someone hold your him on a table.

Firmly Hold Your Dog’s Paws

Locate where the quick ends. With clear or light nails, it’s easy to see the pink color where the quick ends. This is why trimming black dog nails is complex. But finding the quick and gradually trim is key.

Use Dog Nail Trimmers

Use a nail trimmer for dogs to cut the nail below the quick on a 45-degree angle, with the cutting end of the nail clipper towards the end of the nail.

Use a nail file

In some cases, if the nails are brittle, the cut may tend to split the nail. In these cases, file the nail in a sweeping motion starting from the back of the nail and following the curve to the tip. Several strokes will remove any burs and leave the nails smooth.

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Have some rest and then resume with some yummy treats for your best friend.

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Stop Nail Bleeding With Styptic Powder

If the quick injured by an accidental cut, wipe off the blood and apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

Trimming Proper

When cutting your dog’s black claws, follow the steps below:

  • Begin slowly, don't rush the process to avoid injuries
  • Gently hold your dog’s paw and ensure it is held firmly
  • Place the nail clipper to trim the claw from the top to the bottom
  • Cut bits by bits, start with a very small portion of the nail, about 1/16th of an inch
  • Keep the very small cuts going and be looking at the end of your dog’s nail after each one. Once you get closer to the quick, the center of the nail will appear black, and may look pink right before the quick.
  • At this point cut just a very short bit of nail at a time and pause as soon as the cut surface shows a black center. If you get to the pink, don't cut again, just stop!

How To Make Your Dog Comfortable With Trims

  • Start by making your dog enjoy having his paws handled. When he is calm and relaxed, start gradual stroking of the paws, this is to enable your pup to get used to his paws being handled by you.
  • If your dog is uncomfortable with having his paws touched, continue stroking them from time to time when he is relaxed several times a day, always giving it a treat at the same time.
  • Once he is okay with stroking, take his paw in your hand and give him a treat. Do this frequently until it readily allows you to hold his paw for a few seconds at a time.
  • Then move on to lightly squeezing the paw to push the nails out, again giving him a yummy treat every time.
  • Begin by gently introducing your dog to the clipper. Give your pup a treat when you show him the clipper.
  • Then touch the clipper to your dog’s paw and give him a treat. Do this several times, then gently tap your dog’s nail with the clipper and give him a treat




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