Mastiff Growth Chart (Weight Chart & Size Chart)

When it comes to dog breeds, English Mastiffs fall under the Mastiff category, which is composed of large dogs who have a tragic history. Even though these canines were originally developed for dogfighting, their demeanor is friendly and patient.

These hard-working canines, despite their intimidating appearance, excel in their civic roles as members of the police and search-and-rescue squads.

Mastiff Growth Chart
Mastiff Growth Chart

As a proud owner of an English Mastiff, you're probably curious about how big they grow and when they reach their growth plateau. So to know more, read this Mastiff growth chart article!

Information on Mastiff
Information on Mastiff

When Do Mastiffs Stop Growing?

It's important to know “when do English Mastiffs stop growing?” if you're a seasoned pet parent getting ready to raise your first English Mastiff. Astonishment may be in store.

After the age of four or five years, Mastiffs' growth tempo slows a bit, but you can expect to observe an increase in weight and size as a typical component of their growth and development until then.

We have a longer period of time to track the English Mastiff, which is why our weight chart is longer than any other for the breed.

We can claim that English Mastiffs are pups for longer than other dogs since they stop growing much earlier than other breeds of dogs do.

Mastiff Growth Pictures

Mastiff puppies
Mastiff puppies
Mastiff puppy
Mastiff puppy

What is the Standard Mastiff Size

Over the course of five years, your Mastiff will have changed a lot. You can count on them to be enormous in every way — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These dogs are incredibly affectionate and would do anything to be by your side at all times.

Considerable thought is required when it comes to numbers. The average weight of a Male English Mastiff is between 160 and 230 pounds. Weighing roughly around 120 to 170 pounds on average, females are significantly smaller than males. It's a little difficult when it comes to height. No maximum height for mature Mastiffs is specified by the AKC. Males must be at least 30 inches tall, while females must be at least 27.5 inches tall.

Mastiff Weight Chart

Here is the weight chart of a Mastiff:

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
8 Weeks29.0 lbs24.0 lbs
10 Weeks36.0 lbs32.0 lbs
3 Months45.0 lbs39.0 lbs
4 Months60.0 lbs50.0 lbs
5 Months80.0 lbs65.0 lbs
6 Months100 lbs80.0 lbs
7 Months125 lbs90.0 lbs
8 Months140 lbs100 lbs
9 Months155 lbs110 lbs
10 Months165 lbs112 lbs
11 Months170 lbs115 lbs
12 Months175 lbs120 lbs
14 Months185 lbs125 lbs
16 Months189 lbs125 lbs
18 Months192 lbs127 lbs
2 Years205 lbs135 lbs
3 Years215 – 225 lbs155 -180 lbs
4 Years220 – 230 lbs160 – 190 lbs
5 Years220 – 235 lbs170 – 200 lbs
Mastiff Weight Chart

Mastiff Growth Chart – What To Expect
Mastiff Weight Chart by Age

Mastiff Weight  1-2 weeks

By the time your puppy is one month to five weeks old, his or her senses have matured significantly. They start to get along better with their littermates as time goes on. For now, they've begun to wean themselves off their mother's milk. Wet food can be introduced at this point. To aid with their early socializing, make sure they have plenty of time to play with their siblings.

Mastiff Weight 3-12 weeks

The English Mastiff puppy's training and socializing continue at three months old. Leash training can begin at this time to familiarize the dog with the leash and harness. Taking your puppy out for long walks just yet can be dangerous for them, so be careful. It is also possible to harm bone formation by walking on hard surfaces for a lengthy period of time. For a well-rounded dog, keep your pet exposed to a wide variety of people and animals.

At 12 to 15 inches tall, males typically weigh between 9.5 and 16.8 kilograms (lb) (30.5 to 38 cm)

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The average female weighs 16 to 32 pounds (7.25 to 14.5 kg) and is 11 to 13 inches tall (28 to 33 cm)

Mastiff Weight 4-6months

By the time your puppy is four months old, it should be completely comfortable in its new home. Keep up your normal regimen of obedience training and socialization. Both of you could benefit from taking classes to improve your skills. Also, enrolling your dog in a puppy kindergarten class can teach him proper canine manners when among other dogs. In doing so, they will become more confident and self-assured adults. A lot of exercise at this stage in their life could hurt them, so be sure they're not doing it.

Men puppy at four months old can weigh between 50 and 70 pounds (22.7 and 31.75 kilograms), and they can grow to a height of 16 to 20 inches (40 to 50 cm) (41 to 51 cm)

The usual height of a female is 15 to 19 inches, and she weighs between 40 and 60 pounds (18.1 to 27.2 kgs) (38 to 48 cm)

To put it another way, males range in weight between 85 and 115 pounds (38.5 to 52.1 kilograms) and in height from 19 to 24 inches (48 to 61 cm)

The average female weighs 65 to 95 pounds (29.5 to 43 kg) and is 17 to 21 inches tall (43 to 53 cm)

Mastiff Weight  7-9 months

110 to 140 lbs (50 to 63.5 kg) and a height of 20 to 25 inches (50 to 63.5 cm) are typical for males at seven months old (51 to 63.5 cm) The Growth Stages of the English Mastiff

From 75 to 105 lbs (34 to 47.6 kgs) and a height of 17.5 to 22 inches, women are classified as female (44.5 to 56 cm)

An adult male English Mastiff will weigh between 135 and 175 pounds (61.2 and 79.4 kilograms) at nine months of age, depending on the breed, and stand 22 to 27 inches tall (56 to 68.5 cm)

At this age, females typically weigh between 95 and 125 pounds (43 and 56.7 kilograms) and stand between 18.5 and 24 inches tall (47 to 61 cm)

Mastiff Weight  10-12 months

At one year old, males weigh between 150 and 200 pounds (68 and 90.7 kg) and stand between 23.5 and 28 inches tall (60 to 71 cm)

120 to 160 pounds (54.4 to 72.6 kgs) and a height of 20 to 25 inches are typical for females (51 to 63.5 cm)

What is the Full Grown Mastiff Weight?

An adult dog's height ranges from 70 cm to 91 cm on average (27 to 35.8 in). Women weigh 120 to 170 pounds on average, whereas men typically weigh 161 to 220 pounds (54.4 to 77 kgs). The puppy stage lasts from 18 to 24 months, and even after that, they'll continue to grow.

Mastiff Height Chart

A minimum height of 30 inches (76 centimeters) for males and 27.5 centimeters (70 centimeter) for females is required by the AKC breed standard. However, a few dogs outshine the rest. With a height of 38 inches (96.5 centimeters), Zorba is an English Mastiff.

How To Weigh Your Mastiff Puppy?

To keep track of your dog's weight, it is a good idea to take measurements as he grows. It's much easier to accomplish this while you're younger. You can weigh your English Mastiff when he is a puppy.

Keeping him calm while weighing him in the bathroom is all that is required. Measurement data can be saved in a secure location for future reference.

It's a little more difficult, but not impossible when your English Mastiff is a grown-up and too enormous to fit on your bathroom scale. Your English Mastiff's weight can only be determined by weighing yourself on a scale.

You and your English Mastiff will both need to be measured on the same scale. Your English Mastiff's weight will be the difference between these two numbers.

What Is A Mastiff’s Neck Size?

To determine the neck size of your dog, use a soft and flexible tape measure to determine the neck size of your dog where her collar naturally falls. Then, put two fingers between your dog's neck and the tape measure to ensure that the dog collar fits snugly but comfortably. Mastiff's average neck circumference is between 23 and 27 inches.

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How Big Do Mastiffs Get?

How big do they get?
How big do they get?

Because English Mastiffs are such enormous dogs, it's not surprising that their height is quite substantial. The height of a dog is typically measured from the ground to the top of the withers. Simply put, the withers refer to your dog's shoulder blades meeting at their tallest point.

Once you've got your English Mastiff standing up straight, drape a measuring tape from the ground up to his withers.

It's time to take a look at the stats that you should be keeping track of throughout his development.

The average height of a female English Mastiff is 27 to 32 inches, whereas the average height of a male English Mastiff is 36 inches.

Mastiff Body Condition Score (BCS) 

The Body Condition Score (BCS) is a pet-specific version of the human BMI. In the same way that humans use the BMI to evaluate their body mass, pets can use the BCS to determine their fat content.

There are a wide range of dog breeds, thus the BCS will be a little more challenging.

The proportion of fat in a dog's body varies among breeds. An English Mastiff, on the other hand, is well recognized to be heavier than a Whippet dog. Consequently, it is impossible to utilize the same health metric for all dog breeds.

It is possible to use BCS calculations to normalize animal weights and prescribe diet and exercise plans for your English Mastiff. It relies mostly on aerial and profile views of your dog.

Ribs, waist, spine, muscular mass and overall fat coverage are all taken into account.

Factors That Affect Mastiff Puppy Growth 


Your English Mastiff puppy's size is determined by its genetics. Genealogy is a complex science, and merely glancing at the parents can only give an indication of what the offspring might be like genetically.

Even if the genes of the pup's larger or smaller forebears are not expressed in either parent, it is possible that the pup will inherit these traits from one or both parents.

There is nothing more to it than that. There are a number of other reasons why a puppy might not be aware of its ancestry.

Diet & Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important variables in determining whether an organism can reach its genetic potential. The same is true for English Mastiffs.

Nutrition throughout the first few months of a baby's life will play a major role in determining whether or not it grows strong, healthy, and as big as its genes predict it can.

Physical Activity & Health

An English Mastiff puppy's developing body is clearly affected by illness or injury. Poor health is just as detrimental to a pup's development as a lack of nutrients.

The Mastiff's enormous frame necessitates good muscle development, and physical activity is essential for muscle growth. Make sure your puppy has a lot of room to run around in.. This is not a dog breed for those who live in small apartments or condos.

Is My English Mastiff's Growth Affected by Neutering/Spaying?

If you can, wait until your English Mastiff is one year and a half old, or even two years if you can.

Your English Mastiff's chances of developing a life-threatening or degenerative disease will be reduced as a result of this procedure. Breeding is no exception to this rule.

Most dog owners don't pay attention to their pets' heat cycles or the accompanying behavioral changes.

However, you should wait as long as possible before deciding to neuter or spay your English Mastiff. Waiting a little longer will benefit your dog.

Spaying and neutering, on the other hand, have a place because it is sometimes necessary and useful.

It can, for example, minimize the incidence of cancer of the testicles in male dogs and other prostate diseases. Additionally, female English Mastiffs can avoid unexpected pregnancies and urinary tract malignancies by using contraception.

Common Questions about Mastiff

At What Age Is A Mastiff Fully Grown?

Mastiffs mature at a slower rate than other dog breeds. The best “guesstimate” of how big your dog will get takes at least 18 months. By this point, he'll be able to maintain a steady growth rate for the rest of his life! Adults' growth will be slower than it was when they were puppies, but it will still be visible in terms of weight and size.

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How Long Are Mastiffs Pregnant?

The average gestation duration for dogs is roughly 63 days, but this might vary by several days following conception. Despite the fact that this may appear to be a simple answer, conception is often difficult to define.

How Many Puppies Do Mastiffs Have?

You may get either one puppy or as many as 16 from a mastiff bitch. It is common for these large dog breeds to produce litters of six to eight puppies.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Mastiffs?

Mastiffs can live anywhere from 6 to 12 years on average. When it comes to determining how old your Mastiff will be, there are several variables to consider.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Mastiff?

While the average cost of a Mastiff puppy sold as a pet is $2,250, the average cost of a full registration Mastiff puppy is $3,000. Mastiff breeders say as much. According to dog owners, the average price of a Mastiff is $2,070.

How To Help Your Mastiff Lose Weight If He Is Overweight 

As with humans, exercise is critical for your overweight dog's health. Increased movement helps your dog burn off excess energy (and calories consumed). Avoid panic! Exercising your pet does not have to include marathons or lengthy hikes. 

Regular walks and the opportunity to run and play safely off-leash. Even creating a stimulating indoor environment that encourages your dog to exercise on a regular basis can help. Bear in mind that different breeds require varying amounts of exercise, so visit your veterinarian, breeder, or your dog's breed standard for recommendations on recommended activity levels.

Distinguish Begging from Hunger

Begging is not necessarily motivated by a desire for more food; it is also used to gain attention. (And, by rewarding the behavior, you reinforce and encourage it to continue.) If your dog begs, do not automatically assume he is hungry. Trust your instincts and keep track of the date and time of your last meal. 

If your dog is prone to begging and you are prone to succumb to those puppy dog eyes, choose a high-protein meal with a fiber blend to help control your dog's hunger and voluntary food consumption. In this manner, you may feed your dog with the assurance that he will feel fuller and content for a longer period of time.

Restriction on treats and table scraps

Restriction on treats and table scraps
Restriction on treats and table scraps

Even when our dogs are not begging, many of us provide an excessive amount of treats and table scraps. Dogs are not required to share our food! Consider treats and scraps for your pet in the same way that you would candy for children to help you keep them in check. If you're going to utilize snacks for training, choose low-calorie, low-fat ones and keep the portions small. 

As an alternative, keep in mind that clickers are excellent for reinforcement… and they have no calories! After all, a few extra pounds can make a significant impact in the lives of dogs, which are significantly smaller than humans. (Even the colossal breeds!) Therefore, focus on a balanced diet and resist the temptation to “reward” them with extra.

Customize Your Dog's Diet

Not all weight-loss foods are created equal, which is why it's critical to match your dog's nutrition plan to their unique needs. Choose a brand that caters to your dog's unique needs, whether they be weight control, dietary sensitivities, or illnesses.

Conclusion on Mastiff Growth Chart

  • The English Mastiff is one of the largest breeds of dog in the world, often weighing as much as a man.
  • Weighing in around 160 to 230 pounds on average, the male English Mastiff is larger than the female English Mastiff.
  • Cancer and other hereditary problems are more common in English Mastiffs.
  • Because of their big size and the additional drugs, anesthesia, or chemotherapy, they require for treatment, English Mastiffs' veterinary care can be expensive.
  • If your English Mastiff puppy ever needs emergency care, pet insurance provides you with a financial cushion to help cover the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In how many years will a mastiff mature?

Many of this enormous breed grow to twice their original size in just three months! They will, however, mature slowly, reaching their peak potential around the age of two. As a result, they will continue to grow even after they reach their fourth birthday.

How big is a mastiff full grown?

Males reach a height of 30 inches and a weight of 200 pounds when fully developed (90 kilograms). The average height and weight of a female is 27 inches and 150 pounds, respectively (68 kilograms). Large and powerful, the mastiff is an impressive dog.

Why do mastiffs put their weight on your shoulders?

Because they want to be close to their owners, dogs lean on them. Dogs of all sizes try to come near to their owners, although little dogs can be picked up and caressed. Large dogs, on the other hand, rely on their owners with all their weight.” It's totally safe for dogs to lean on their owners, as it's usually a display of affection and comfort.

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