How To Trim A Pomeranian Nails Like A Pro

Trimming A Pomeranian Nails

Pomeranian Nail care and maintenance is an essential aspect of grooming every owner must pay attention to, as long as you want your pulp to live happily and healthy.

As we all know, long nails are hazardous and can lead permanent damage to any dog’s paws, it could get worse for a Pomeranian’s round, catlike nature of feet if adequate trimming measures are not taken.

It is your responsibility as dog hander checkmate your Pomeranian nails, note when they are long or overgrown, get them trimmed and kept at normal length.

About Pomeranian And Their Nails.

The Pomeranian (nicknamed Pom) is the smallest of the spitz canine breeds a canine breed of the Spitz type. It is named for the Pomerania region in Central Europe specifically north-west Poland and north-east Germany.

Refer to as a toy canine breed because of its body size. Although the Pomeranian was once a larger breed,(a descendant of the larger Spitz-type dogs, specifically the German Spitz).

The breed has been associated with royalties, hence popularized by a number of royal owners way back in the 18th century.

Queen Victoria owned a particularly small Pomeranian and consequently, the smaller breeds became universally popular.

The Pomeranian is a healthy brilliant dog. The most common health challenges are tracheal collapse and luxating and may rarely develop “black skin disease”. Unlike other canine breeds, the Pomeranians may develop nail disorders if the handler neglects to care for their nails.

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The Structure Of Pomeranian Nails.

Generally, canine nails contain keratin (a hard protein-containing dead cells) which enables them to perform various complex tasks.

Pomeranian nails like other dog breeds have a hard outer layer (shell) and a central soft cuticle (known as Quick) which contains small blood vessels and nerves.

Pom Quick is rich in blood supply and can be called the stream that nourishes the nail. Cutting the cuticle or quick by mistake will cause serious pain and bleeding toenail.

Dog nail anatomy and structures
Structure of a dog's nail

When Trimming Your Pomeranian nails, be mindful not to cut through the quick. See How You Can Trim Without Hurting the Quick.

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It is easy to notice when your Pom's nails are due for trimming. You have to watch when your pup stands on the floor. And if the claws are touching the floor and at the same time making a clicking sound, then they are overgrown and need to be clipped.

Pomeranian nails may come in black, white or mixed colors in relation to their skin. Special attention should be given if you are dealing with black Pomeranian nails since it is difficult to see the quick.

Pomeranian nails can be affected by claw disorders, so at all time possible, you should examine your pet's nails and if any disease is found, kindly visit your vet for a solution.

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Reasons Why Your Pomeranian Nails Need Trimming

One way you can prove you love your little Pomeranian Pup is by trimming his nails regularly. It is your duty as the parent to ensure he lives a healthy life free from nail diseases.

Some reasons why your Pomeranian Nails Need Trimming Are: 

  • Nails Are Too Long: If your pet's nails are too long, they can easily break or split causing severe pain and injury. Overgrown nails can wear and tear when they are cut up on objects and can lead to pains.
  • Long nails generate unpleasant sound (noise) and can misalign your Pom's foot, leading to complications such as defects in posture and weight distribution.
  • Overgrown Pom nails can restrict his movement and affecting his daily activities. Your Pom may feel pain around his foot and may become very lazy to participate in regular walks and exercises.
  • Unclipped Pomeranian nails can cause slipping while your dog is running or walking.
  • Short or clipped claws keep your Pomeranian healthy, happy and fit.

Why Is It Important To Trim Your Pomeranian Nails?.

  • Pomeranian Pups with shorter nails live healthier and happier. Short nails help your Pom maintain proper hygiene.
  • Clipped nails help your Pom walk and play freely, without feeling pain.
  • Trimmed Nails will maintain your Pom's healthy posture and body alignment.
  • Short nails won't cut up with things or objects compared to longer nails.
  • Clipping your POmeranian nails reduces the risk of claw splitting or injury and reduces secondary toenail infection.

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Nail Clipping for Pomeranian is a necessity for your dog's safety and overall wellbeing.

Nail Trimming Guide For Pomeranian Breeds

You can trim your pom's nails without being helped if you follow the steps i will give you below. Here is a complete Trimming guide to help you cut down Long Pomeranian nails.

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How To Prepare For Pomeranian Nail Trimming

You have to make preparation, assemble the necessary trimming tools you would need to successfully clip your dog's nails. Everything you would use for this procedure should be well arranged and at your reach before you begin.

Get Appropriate Nail Clippers For Pomeranian Pets

At this point, you are expected to choose sharp clippers that are suitable for your Pomeranian nails.

Shiny Pet Nail Trimmer Is Perfect For Trimming Pomeranian Nails: This is mainly produced for puppies (small dogs). Pomeranian nails can be trimmed with Shiny Pet clippers since they are small-sized dogs.

Shiny Pet Nail Trimmer

The shiny pet trimmer is more like scissors,  easy and safe for smaller paws because it has sharp-angled steel blades to trim nails safely and clean.

Other clippers you can use to clip your dog nails are Safari Nail Clipper, Millers Forge Nail clipper, Epica Nail clipper, etc.

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Assemble Your First Aid kits

Your first-aid box should be handy and should contain all that is required to handle some emergencies that may occur during trimming. Your emergency or first aid box must contain or have some anti-bleeding agents like Styptic powder and others such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubber gloves, Gauze, Scissors, Grooming Wipes, and Towel Or Blanket.

Having these contents can help you Deal With A Bleeding Pomeranian Toenail in case you mistakenly injure your Dog by cutting the quick to short.

Pet Your Pom With Yummy Treats

One way to calm a Pomeranian down during clipping is by giving delicious meals. If you want your pet to comply while you trim his nails, you have to feed him his favorite treats. Food for Healthy Dog Nails That Split

Balanced Diets Can Strengthen and boost the overall health of the nails.

Position Your Pomeranian And Start Clipping His Nails.

Sit At A Comfortable Place: Find a bright room or better stay outside. Don't stay in a dark place, you have to see the nails clearly before you commence the cutting. Hold your Pomeranian pup firmly as you sit in a comfortable position.

It is best to get a helping hand if there is anyone around to assist you to hold your Pom while you trim comfortably.

Before you trim make sure your pup is completely immobile, then hold his paws firmly this will prevent movement that may lead to sudden injuries during the process.

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Next? Now, locate your Pom's quick first, know where it starts and ends, this will guide you to carefully trim without cutting the quick.

Commence The Trimming With A Pomeranian Nail Clipper: Start Clipping the nails of your Pom using a trimmer for small pets. Take a Gently, gradual trim bit by bit, be watchful not to injure the quick. Best trimming angle should be at 45-degrees. See Image Below.

Canine nail anatomy

Note: Do not chop of larger part of the nails, you must trim gently and bite by bit with trimming smaller bits. If your dog tries to resist, kindly give him his best meals and then continue.

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Pomeranian Dog Nervous During Nail Trimming?

If your little friend is afraid of trimming don't worry its normal with Some dogs not to comply no matter the technique you apply. Here is what to do in such a situation, go ahead and watch the video below and see exactly how a professional handled a fearful dog.

Watch Video 

Pomeranians are lovely dogs you can handle on your own during nail clipping. A diligent method of trimming across all the nails can make things work. Make no mistake of cutting the dog's quick and if this happens, immediately apply styptic powder to stop the nail from bleeding and if the bleeding wouldn't stop, then here is How To Stop Severe Dog Nail Bleeding.

Finished Cutting your Pomeranian Nails?

File After Trimming Claws: After cutting the nails, you should use a file to smooth out the rough edges. Filing nails of a Pomeranian Dog is like giving it a finishing touch and for dog's with brittle nails, filing is the best method to use.

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Oh My Gosh, I Just Cut Pomeranian Quick?

Use Your Emergency Kits: Injuring a dog's quick is common when trimming nails that are dark, because of the difficulty in visualizing the position of the quick.

If you have injured your Pomeranian, then get a hold on your first aid box and tackle the bleeding immediately.

Pomeranian Nails Bleed After Clipping?

Here is what you should do!

  • Apply pressure on the affected toenail.
  • Apply Styptic powder on the injury to stop the bleeding.
  • If Bleeding persists, tightly wrap the nail after applying styptic powder.
  • Follow these Steps To Instantly Stop Nail Bleeding.
  • Bleeding Continues? Visit your vet for a solution.

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