Ways To Know Your Dog Loves You (Signs Your Dog Loves You?)

What Are The Signs Your Dog Loves You? There are a lot of Ways To Know Your Dog Loves You, In fact, some of the signs your dog loves you may come as surprise to you — just relax, crunch your popcorn let's take a ride on.

A dog’s love for his owner or family is simply high and beyond his expressions. Only if you get to know some of the signs to look out for, you’ll clearly see and know that your dog is actually saying “I love you” every time he sees you.

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Its give so much joy to be welcomed by a wagging tail and a sloppy, warm dog kiss after a long day at work. However, even if most dogs show affection to their owners, most handlers still find it very hard to conclude the fact that their pet loves them as much as they do.

Your Dog expresses his love for you in many ways since dogs can’t speak or communicate in words directly with you, they use their bodies languages and signals to express their feelings of love. Some of the body signs, you are familiar with—like tail wagging & cuddling—and some of the others which you might not really understand right away.

This post will teach you some Signs of affection that your dog uses to show you love, so learning to recognize How Your Dog Says ‘I Love You and the signs of doggy love will help build an amazing relationship and better communication with them.

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What Are the Signs Your Dog Loves You?

As owners or handlers, we actually do a whole lot just to show our pets how much we care about them. From the kind of treats we offer, walks, belly scratches and finding them the perfect sitter, but one thing we don't know is if they feel the same way we do.

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Even if your pet can’t bring you a bouquet of roses as a sign of love, but will always show any of the following behaviors and signs of his unwavering love for you.

Here Is Some Of The Ways Your Dog Shows Love.

  • Sharing Toys & Excited greetings.
  • Checking & Following You All Around.
  • Leaning & Cuddling.
  • Sleeping With You In Your bedroom.
  • Licking.
  • Staying Very close to your scent.
  • Head Tilting.
  • Eye Contacts.
  • Yawning.
  • Raised Eyebrows

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Sign Your Dog Loves You?: He Shares Toys & Shows Excited Greetings.

Have you ever wondered why your dog rushes, jumps on you whenever you come back from the office? that is nothing but a pure sign of love. Warm, Excited greetings when he sees you at home after some time away —whether it’s a few minutes or hours at the store, office—clearly that indicates that your dog loves you. The pet goes ahead to bring you his best toy, this shows much he loves and trusts you.

Another Sign Your Dog Loves You? Checking & Following You All Around.

One of the things your dog would do if he loves you is to stay close to you. She would always follow you around the house and even when you are getting set for work, he is trailing at your heels, wherever you go he goes, don't be annoyed but its all love. while you’re getting ready for work or cooking dinner. Your dog will always pop into your room to check on you if you've been out of sight for a while. Some dogs can be so sensitive to the extent of understanding the sound of your car, he hears your horn once you are back and then starts jumping.

Dogs can show how much they love you by following you all around, a dog that loves you feels the need to keep your insight or his line of vision. therefore when he follows you into the bathroom, it’s just another way showing affection and staying close to you.

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A Popular Sign Is That: He Goes Crazy When You Come Back Home

This is no longer new, in fact, it is one of the first things the dog learns to do show he loves you. Recall the moment you are eagerly greeted by your dog, tail wagging with a toy in his mouth. Your dog is actually displaying his excitement and love over you in the possible ways he can.

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A Sign Your Dog Loves You? Leaning & Cuddling.

Anything a dog does to get closer to his owner is a clear sign of their love. And one of such behavior or sign of a dog's love for you is by jumping on you. Dog's behavior like jumping, can be very annoying sometimes but pick no offense, your dog is only trying to express how they feel towards you.

Yet Another Sign Your Dog Loves You? Sleeping With You In Your bedroom.

Sleeping With You In Your bedroom.
Dog Sleeping With Owner In the bedroom.

If your dog loves you he will be attracted to always be where you are, and one way he manifests this is by napping or sleeping in your bed. Most times the dog jumps on the couch and takes a nap with, this is a true sign of trust and love he has developed for you and makes him feel most secure and comfortable.

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See Another Sign Your Dog Loves You? Licks Your Face And Stretches Towards You.

Notice your licks your face while you’re playing with him? It’s simply one of the ultimate loving signs a dog exhibits to show he takes you as a family member. Most pet handlers or owners may not know that whenever your dog stretches in front of you may likely not be a wake-up stretch but an act of love, pleasantries, and trust towards you.

Another Doggy Sign Of Love. Eye Contacts And Raises Eyebrows

If your petting or playing with your dog and he maintains eye contact, he is actually telling you, i love you. Oxytocin “love hormone” is being released during eye contact in a dog’s brain that triggers feelings of passion and attachment. Eye contact (which can be taught during a puppy training exercise) is one way the dog shows trust, love recognizes you and feels a strong bond.

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Another way the dog shows affection is through raised eyebrows and head tilting. This is common anytime your dog sees you, he raises his eyebrows telling you that he recognizes and loves you. This, the dog also do to his parents (Canine family)!

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The dog shows empathy, love, and trust by tilting his head g tilts her head, this is another way of connecting with your emotions and trying to feel them along with you. The dog also yawns after having sight of you, this is another way of showing trust and love to you.


There are many physical and emotional ways (behaviors) to know that your dog loves you, these behaviors and signs vary from one type of dog breed to another, dog's environment and personal dog training.

The Ways To Know Your Dog Loves You? Simply notice how the dog jumps uncontrollably whenever you come home after being away for some time and also look at the following signs of Dog's Love (Sharing toys & excited greetings, checking & following you all around, leaning & cuddling, sleeping with you in your bedroom, licking, staying very, close to your scent, head tilting, eye contacts, yawning, raised eyebrows).

If you don't notice the above-mentioned signs around your dog, then it is obvious he hates you with passion.

—- BONUS! —-

Does My Dog Hate Me?

Check Out Signs Your Dog Hates You!

Signs My Dog Hates Me
Dog Not Happy With Owner, Messes Up The Home

– Disgraces You In Front Of Your Friends: He deliberately refuses to perform tricks in front of your guests but does them without delay when you’re alone.

– He barks uncontrollably without a cause but fails to bark when someone knocks on the door.

– He messes up himself after a thorough bath.

– He gets annoyed, not excited to welcome you home with those lovely greetings.

– Storms your waste bin and messes up your home.

– He is violent and exhibits destructive behaviors.

– He Smacks Your Leg.

– He chews up your shoes.


Signs Your Dog Hates You

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