What Human Food Is Good For Dogs

Most people really don't know What Human Food Is Good For Dogs, but don't worry, this post will give you the list of human foods that are healthy for dogs.

Come to think of it! Can dogs actually eat human foods? This has been a frequently asked question by many dog owners. Most dog owners really don't know What Human Food Is healthy For Dogs to consume.

Now let's get things straight!

The truth is Humans and Dogs have different ways of metabolizing foods.

For this key reason, some foods humans eat are not 100% safe and may be very deadly for dogs to eat.

However, there are a lot of human foods, I mean Safe Treats For Dogs that are excellently good and very healthy for dogs to occasionally consume.

But one thing is sure, dogs are happier, healthier and lovelier when they are fed with the right foods or snacks.

Therefore, this post will list and give you the correct overview of Best Human foods that are healthy for your dog to eat. The article will further disclose some of the food your dog may not eat as it might be toxic to their health.

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See List Of Human Foods For Dogs

You can occasionally feed your dog with whole grain or plain white bread, this is very ok for most dogs to eat.

You should checkmate to be sure the bread doesn’t contain other extra ingredients which might be harmful to the well being of your dog. An example of the other ingredients I mean is raisins (natural sugars contained in grapes obtained during drying could be harmful to your dog).

Also evaluate properly the weight of your dog before feeding with bread mixed with other foods as it could add extra calories to your dog's diet and this may lead to weight gain.

Carrots are rich in human foods or vegetables for dogs, they are very safe as dogs treat. Your dogs can consume them in their raw or cooked form, any of these are safe for your dog to eat.

This is a kind of vegetable with a low amount of calories and rich fiber plus a lot of vitamins. So, eating a moderate amount of carrots can be vital for dogs‘ Buccal health.

Why does your dog need Carrots? Carrots (are rich vegetables) with high fiber, vitamins, minerals, and low calories. Carrots are very and extremely good for your dog's teeth.

What to do before feeding your dog with carrots: Carefully wash, cut and pieces the carrots into a smaller form, this will help prevent your dog from choking while crunching it.


Do you really want to deliver the best treats for your dog? Then go with one of the nutritious, best and complete sources of digestible protein and selenium.

Eggs are a huge source of protein and are cheap human kind of food for your dog. Feeding your dog with eggs is a healthy treat and one way to relieve nausea and digest upset in dogs.

Preferably Boiled Eggs!

Boiled or cooked eggs make excellent dietary treats for dogs, hard boiling eggs to a high heat level (160 degrees) can kill the bacteria in it.

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Raw egg whites from Raw Eggs harbors an enzyme known as avidin. Raw eggs may also carry salmonella bacteria which can be transmitted to humans or dog owners are at risk.

Also, note that Biotin is very vital in maintaining a healthy skin & coat. And raw egg whites can lead to lack of biotin which can possibly lead to hair loss, diarrhea, dermatitis, and other issues.


Corn is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, iron, and copper, it also has fewer amounts of calcium. It is one good source of Protein and fiber with low sodium and fat.
Dogs can be fed moderately with corn.

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Sweet potatoes are excellently healthy food for your dog to enjoy but must be fed in moderate amounts.

Dogs can easily digest sweet potatoes, vitamin A is derived from sweet potatoes, which is useful in boosting dogs immunity and visions (eye health).

Always remember that excess vitamin A may lead to musculoskeletal abnormalities in dogs. There do not overfeed your dog with too many sweet potatoes.


Apples are healthy and one of the favorite fruits dogs enjoy chewing.
Always ensure to have the apples, sliced before your dog can eat them.

Apples nourish the dog with a good amount of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, apples are also fiber-rich and this helps your dog's intestinal tract.

2. Grapes and Raisins: Can’t Eat
Never you let your dog eat grapes or raisins.

Some Toxic Compounds are found in Grapes and raisins, these compounds are harmful to dogs. They can cause rapid renal failure and death in dogs.

Even a little sip of grapes and raisins can lead to an ailment in dogs so it’s important to avoid giving them to your dog altogether.

Watermelon is very good and safe for dogs chew, but this must not contain the seeds or rinds.

Allowing your dog to eat Watermelon with seeds & rinds and seeds could be a could lead to choking and this is dangerous to any dog.

Watermelon is pack with nutrients and low in calories, this makes it a healthy fruit for your dog to enjoy.

Peanut butter is one safe and healthy treat you can allow your dog to enjoy in moderate amount.

Also, note that peanut butter is rich in calories and fat and can cause to weight gain in dogs if they are allowed to consume too much.

It is preferable to feed your dog with plain peanut butter without adding other ingredients like salt which could cause harm to your dog when taken in excess.

— Can I add salt to my dog's treat? —

I saw this coming! Therefore, let me discuss it at once before we proceed.


Virtually all human foods contain salt, but it's actually not too good for dogs. However, since salt contains sodium and naturally dogs need sodium to balance their electrolyte, so adding a small amount of salt to your dog's treat is not harmful.

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But what can cause Salt Poisoning in Dogs is when they consume salts in large quantities leading to vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, nausea, seizures and can be fatal in severe cases.

Dogs foods should contain limited salt and also ensure your dog remains hydrated always.


Omega- 3 fatty acids are derived from salmon or salmon oil which makes it a healthy meal for your dog to be treated with.

Do not feed your dog with raw salmon, raw salmon may carry parasites that can infect your dogs (with a salmon poisoning disease) and make them sick.

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Small amounts of Fresh pineapple is healthy for dogs to eat.

Pineapple is a good source of fiber and full of many other vitamins and minerals. Consuming too much pineapple could lead to nausea or even diarrhea, therefore dogs should consume a moderate level of pineapple.

Boiled and unseasoned chicken is healthy and safe food for dogs to eat.

Chicken is an excellent source of protein and your dog needs protein to remain healthy.

You can add chicken to your dog's regular meal. But do not overfeed your dog with chicken to avoid abdominal irritation.

Well cooked and unseasoned Lean meat is healthy and safe for dogs to eat.

Many dog ingredients commonly contain beef and its a good source of protein and other vital vitamins, minerals that are needed for your dog's health and wellbeing.


White rice is a rich source of folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium and has about 90 percent of carbohydrate and about 8 percent of protein.
You can feed your dog with white plain cooked rice, it is easy to digest and helps ease stomach upsets.

Dogs can eat unsalted plain peanuts, it is safe and healthy for dogs when they are consumed in moderate quantities.

Since peanuts carry fat and can cause weight gain & pancreatitis, there should be limits to how your dog eats peanuts.

Dogs should rather be fed with plain peanuts, than salt filled ones.

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You can buy safe and healthy mushrooms from a large-chain-grocery-store

Feeding your dog with plain mushrooms with no additional ingredients remains the best and safest.

Be careful not to feed your dog with toxic mushrooms to avoid mushroom poisoning which can cause the following symptoms:

Abdominal pain.
Yellowing of the skin (jaundice)
Excessive drooling (ptyalism)
Un-coordinated movements.

Moderately feeding your dog with oatmeal is perfect and healthy.

Oatmeal is loved by most dogs, very nutritious and safe. Dogs derive a whole lot of fiber and vitamins from oatmeal.

Do not overfeed your dog with oatmeal as it might lead to weight gain, so plain and unflavoured oatmeal is preferable for your dog.

Blueberries are nutritious, and healthy for dogs to feed on if served in moderate amounts.

Blueberries produce antioxidants which help in fighting diseases, it is also rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals which helps your dog live a healthy life.

Feeding your dog with green peas is safe and healthy.

In fact, green peas happen to be an additive ingredient in many categories of dogs food.

They taste great for dogs and have low calories and rich in nutrients and by this, they become essentially healthy dogs treat.

Canned peas are not preferable for your dog because they may be highly salty which can be dangerous to your dog.

Well preserved and Fresh Green Peas are perfect to feed dogs in moderate amount.

Giving dogs a small amount of celery does not harm but delivers calories, minerals, and vitamins to them.

Note this! Before giving your dog celery, make sure you cut it into smaller pieces to ensure easy digestion and to rule out choking.


Coconut is fantastically healthy for your dog to consume in moderate amounts.

Your dog might be missing so much coconut is occasionally not part of your dog's food.

Though coconut oil is highly rich in fat & calories and overfeeding your dog with it may lead to much weight gain.

Apart from feeding coconut orally to dogs, the oil can also be used directly on your dog's skin and coat, which will contribute a healthy skin for your dog.

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Giving your dog a moderate amount of bananas is not harmful.

Bananas carry many vitamins, fibers, and other minerals. Some dog owners have revealed that bananas can relieve a nauseating dog.

A slice of banana as an occasional treat for your dog will do just fine.

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A moderate amount of oranges would go down well for dog's treat.

Dogs derive low calories and a lot of nutrients from consuming Oranges.

But overfeeding your dog with oranges could lead to stomach upset in most dogs, therefore, a moderate amount is preferred.

Strawberries are healthy and are safe for dogs to eat in moderation.

Strawberries have low calories with a rich amount of fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Always remember to slice them into smaller pieces to avoid chocking your dog.

Before I conclude let me give at least Five Human Foods Dogs Can Not Eat.

They are:

Don't allow your dog to feed on Onions because it is unhealthy to Dogs.

N-propyl disulfide is found in Onions, this is a toxic compound to dogs. It can cause damages to the red blood cells (Anemia) of your dogs which in turns reduces the circulation of oxygen to the body.

Causing symptoms like poor appetite, fainting, weakness in serious cases anemic dogs may need to be transfused for them to live.

Dogs should never eat Avocados. The reason is, Avocado is rich in persin, a very poisonous substance to dogs. Consuming this may result in pleural effusion( accumulation of fluid in their lungs) and also the thorax, when this happens there can difficulties in breathing and death.

Avocado leaves, fruits, bark all contain persin, always remember to keep avocados out of your dog's reach.

You should know by now that dogs should never be a lot to eat chocolate.

The theobromine and caffeine contained in chocolate cannot be metabolized by dogs.

Your dog eats chocolate he may vomit, poo constantly, and even dehydrate which can lead to death.

Do not risk your dog's life by feeding him with any form of chocolate.

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The presence of caffeine in coffee or tea makes it very dangerous for dogs to feed on.

Caffeine can lead to stimulation of your dog's nervous system, and when that happens your dog may experience vomiting, hyperactivity, diarrhea, and seizures etc.

Abnormal heart rhythm and lung collapse may also occur in case of excess caffeine consumption and can result in death.

Do not allow your dog to consume any form of alcohol.

Even a small amount of alcohol may result in ethanol poisoning in dogs and this may be very dangerous to your dog's health.

Finally, Some human foods are healthy and safe for your dog to eat, however, you can learn to gradually introduce these foods to your dog moderately and completely avoid those that are harmful to their overall wellbeing.

Also, try not to overfeed your dogs and be vigilant to watch for adverse reactions if any arises due to the feeds.

Learn to know your dog and keep in mind that all dogs are not the same and react to food substances differently, but make sure to deliver the best healthy feeds to your dog.

Do you have any questions about What Human Food Is Good For Dogs please do so in the comment section below and don't forget to share it with your friends on Social Media.

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