When Can You Trim A Puppy’s Nails

When Can You Trim A Puppy's Nails?

Everybody cherishes puppies, we know. It's deductively demonstrated that they're heart-meltingly charming. Be that as it may, there's something else entirely to the little fur babies than simply those delightful young puppy eyes.

You can even learn how to trim 2-week old puppies nails in seconds and apply it at home, but before that, I'll be letting us know when to trim your puppy's nails and also how to trim them. You'll be astonished that It's not as difficult as you think.

Evidently, cutting a puppy's nails can be”ruff, “yet ideally, this article can make it somewhat simpler for both of you. Take care and have fun!

When Exactly Can A Puppy’s Nails Be Trimmed

The principal recommendation is this: start early. Try not to hold up until your young puppy is a

half year old to trim his nails. Start cutting the primary week you bring him home, regardless of

whether there's isn't a lot to trim, just go ahead and initiate the nail trim week after week to get your puppy used to nail clips.

Let's take a look at trimming/cutting your puppy's nails.

Getting Start With Cutting Your Puppy’s Nails.

Most puppy owners fear to cut their puppy's nails. It looks troublesome. The truth is the nail cutting/trimming isn't troublesome if you know how to properly do it.

Here are a few hints you should have in mind.

-Puppies can get sketchy around new objects and experiences. To bring down your puppy's dread or volatility, acquaint him with the procedure when you bring him home. That implies massaging and playing with his feet, and introducing to him the nail trimmers.

-Ask your vet or groomer to show you the ropes and ask them to recommend a good pair of trimmers to use.

-There's always a chance you might accidentally cut your puppy's nails a little short. Be prepared by having some styptic powder at hand.

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Steps To Trim A Puppy’s Nails Properly.

Step – 1

Hold a paw firmly in one hand. (It will help to hold your puppy close to your body with that arm.)

Place your thumb on top of the foot and fingers underneath to spread the toes.

Step – 2

With the nail clippers, on the other hand, snip the nails one at a time with short, decisive strokes.

Clip right where the nail starts to curve; the quick usually hasn’t grown past that. If it has, the nail will bleed when cutting but don’t panic(though puppy may be unhappy because cutting the Quick hurts).

Simply use your finger to apply a pinch of styptic powder to the end of the nail and apply pressure. Hold it for about 30 seconds or until the bleeding stops. Read How To Stop Dog Nail Bleeding In 1 Second

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Step – 3

Once you have trimmed each nail, file the nails with an emery board to remove sharp edges. Normal puppy nails should be intact all the way into the foot, not bleeding, cracked or split.

Step – 4

Without a doubt, your puppy will wiggle, whine, even yelp when you trim its nails. Don’t be alarmed by this behavior. Talk quietly and soothingly, and hold your puppy firmly. Praise him lavishly when the job is done, and give him some yummy treat.

You want the puppy to remember each nail trimming as a positive, fun experience!

Keeping Your Puppy's Nails Short Naturally.

Exercise is a decent method to help keep your little dog's nails shorter. At the point when he is

prepared, taking strolls on associate strolls will keep them shorter as his paws brush against the concrete.

However, remember, this won't really keep your puppy's nails100 percent trimmed but might enable you to go longer between cuts.

Exercise is a decent method to help keep your little dog's nails shorter
Exercise is a decent method to help keep your little dog's nails shorter

To keep your little puppy's nails sound, you have to trim them by clipping or filing them about

Once per week. If your puppy's nails grow excessively long, they can drive his foot out of

Position and the nails can split or break if they hit on something.

This takes us to the method of nail trimming.

Proper Way To Cut Dog's Nails (Safe & Stress-less Vets Trimming Approach)

Some Vet Approved Methods Of Puppy’s Nails Trimming.

You can trim your puppy's nails with a clipper or with a file.

Clipper: the best sort of clippers resembles a guillotine. Truly, this clippers is perfect since it disconnects the nail and steadies your cut. Ask a veterinarian, groomer or pet-store Representative about the instruments. 

When cutting your little dog's nails, you need to cut the tip, at the point, it begins to twist. If your puppy has a dewclaw(a nail that rides high on the back or front paw), remember to trim it.

-File: a puppy’s file is simply sandpaper-like material on a stick or rotating tool that files your

Dog’s nails rather than cut them. Filing prevents you from cutting deep into the puppy nails.

Request that somebody pet your puppy while you get acquainted with utilizing the file. File in five seconds interval, praising and treating your dog in between.

Dog Nail File
Use Dog Nail File to smooth out rough edges after clipping with a trimmer

Note: in the case of clipping or filling your puppy's nails, position yourself alongside your pup,

Not forward-looking(that position can seem fierce and surprising). Use treats to make a positive relationship with this movement.

Puppy’s Paw Conditioning

In case You're perusing this before you needed to cut your little dog's nails, you can avoid issues before they start. To abstain from having a clipper-phobic puppy, make paw dealing with part of each positive collaboration from petting to treating, by following these steps.

  1. Simply handle your puppy's paws. Once in a while, during the day, go to your puppy, handle his paws and call him “good boy”. Have much hand-on-paw contact as possible for 14 days. Do not clip at this stage.
  2. Swipe some peanuts across the refrigerator at your puppy's eyes level. As he licks, rub his paw with the clipper.
  3. Don't cut the nails just yet. Open and shut the clipper to acquaint him with the sound.
  4. Try one cut. Just one by placing the edge of the clipper over the top of the nail and quickly squeezing the handle.
  5. The next day, try two nails and then three.
  6. Don't scold your dog if he protests. Just take a break and slow down. Consider the alternative filing instead of clipping.
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Remember: white nails show the quick which you must avoid. If your puppy has dark nails, you need to take precautions. You can ask your veterinarian or groomer to give you guidance.

Nail clipping sounds like a production, but in the long run, you'll be happy you took the time to do it right. Anyone who has cut or frightened his/her puppy by being too rough can tell you that having a clipper-phobic puppy is a nightmare.

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Trimming Tools Clipping Puppy's Nails.

They include:


2.Nail scissors.

3.Standard Nail Clippers.

4.Guillotine Clippers.

Puppy Nail Trimming/Cutting By Age.

There is no age for trimming/cutting puppy's nails. Start immediately as soon as you bring them home and then continue trimming weekly.

There will not be much to trim at the beginning, but that’s OK. But it is best to start so young as to get your dog familiar to the process of nail clipping.

Some Common Questions About Puppy Nails & Answers

I’m going to go over some common questions about puppy nails that may seem worrisome for puppy owners.

These questions include:

-When should I first trim my puppy's nails?

-Are my puppy's nails too long?

-How do I grind my puppy's nails?

-What if my puppy doesn't like her nails trimmed?

-How do I stop my puppy's nails from bleeding?

-How fast do puppy nails grow?

-Why are my puppy nails white/black?

-Do puppy nails fallout?

-Can I paint my puppy's nails?

We are going to start with the first question.

When Should I First Trim My Puppy's Nails?

Start trimming your puppy as soon as you bring them home, this will help get him used to the process of clipping. Most puppy owners don’t look forward to nail trimming.

Also, they are afraid of cutting the quick and causing the puppy's nail to bleed. And sometimes people are afraid of the wriggle wiggles of their puppies. But nail clipping doesn’t have to be hard if you know how to do it.

Are My Puppy’s Nails Too Long?

The correct dog nail length is when your dog’s nails are not touching the ground when they are

Standing. If your puppy’s nails click on the floor then they are too long and are due for clipping.

Cutting Black Dog Nails (Tips For Trimming Dark Dog Nails)

How Do I Grind My Puppy's Nails?

Grinding a puppy’s nails is an alternative to clipping and if you plan on using this option as your dog gets older it’s a good thing to work on after about 12weeks.

Nevertheless, remember you should be clipping your puppy's nails about once a week before this;

Rechargable Dremel For Dog Black Nail s
Dremel For Dog Nail Grinding

Here’s how to do it.

1. Start with as lower speed.

2. Gently squeeze the pad to extend the nail.

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3. Apply just enough pressure(no need to push hard) to grind down the nail at an even rate.

4. Work the grinder around the edge of the nail to round the surface.

5. Take just the curved tip-off.

Tip: When using a grinder don’t stay on any one nail for more than a few seconds to avoid heat buildup.

What If My Puppy Doesn’t Like Her Nails Trimmed?

There are many tricks that make it easier to do nail clipping and with a puppy, the easiest way to get her familiar to nail trimming is to spend time everyday handling her paws. You can also give her a treat each time you clip a nail so she starts getting used to the process.

How Do I Stop My Puppy Nails From Bleeding?

To stop your puppy's nails from bleeding it’s a good idea to have a styptic powder on hand to aid in clotting. However, If the bleeding continues, then take your puppy to the veterinarian.

Dog Nail Bleeding After Cutting solution
Styptic Power

How Fast Do Puppy Nails Grow?

Like human hair or nails, puppy nails grow at varying rates depending on the breed, diet, and particular puppy’s genetics. But because puppies are growing so fast, their nails grow right along with them and often grow faster than adult dog’s nails.

Why Are My Puppy’s Nails White/Black?

Your puppy’s nails may be white or black and can sometimes be brown. The coloring of the nails depends on the characteristics of the breed. If your puppy has brown or black nails you need to take extra care in trimming them.

How To Trim Extremely Overgrown Dog Nails At Home

Do Puppy Nails Fall Out?

They can, but it’s for the same reasons that human nails are lost–because of damage. If your puppy loses a single nail, then it’s not much to worry about. But if they start losing nails on a regular basis or if a nail becomes infected, you need to take them to see a veterinarian.

Can I Paint My Puppies Nails?

Puppy Nail Polishing
Beautiful Puppy Nail Polish

Yes. But you should use a special dog nail polish that is free from the chemicals in human nail polish. Just make sure to keep a hold of them until it’s dry so they don’t lick it off.

Why Are My Puppy’s Nails Peeling?

There are several systemic issues that can cause your puppy’s nails to peel. Many times peeling nails means your puppy isn’t getting enough fat in their diet. But it can also be symptoms of a more serious condition like:

1.Congenital disorders.


3.Too much growth hormone.

4.Immune system diseases.

5.Trauma to the nail.

6.Bacteria or fungus Infection.

If your puppy has a single peeling nail, then it is probably related to trauma to the nail and will

Most likely heal as the new nail comes in. If there are multiple nails affected, take your puppy to the veterinarian.

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In conclusion, When you groom your puppy, you are setting him up for good health. You’re also learning a great lesson in patience and animal care when you do it yourself! Keep in mind, though, that professionals are always here to help if you can’t groom your furry friend by yourself.


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