Getting Your Dog’s Nails Clipped (Nails Trimming Guilds)

It is imperative for every caring dog owners to know Where To Get Dogs Nails Clipped to enable them easily to take care of their pet when the need arises.

Generally, nail cutting is a healthy practice that helps you stay away from health challenges, nail trimming aids in disease preventions and control for humans. And for Dogs, it helps in preventing injuries or infections that may pop up as a result of leaving them to overgrow.

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Recent studies show that many dog owners or handlers neglect the benefits of cleaning and trimming down overgrown nails of their pets.

You might be causing your dog pains by neglecting to cut his long nails in a timely fashion, your inability to trim the nails will likely result in your dog gnawing its nails until they break down, or they may simply snap off as the pet walks. While this may not seem all that bad, you will want to avoid this for several reasons.

We all know that dogs make their handlers or owners happy all the time, with their unceasing energy and their happy attitudes. And as owners or handlers the little return we owe them is by returning that favor. There are a lot of ways we can actually love and help our best friends live a more comfortable and healthy life.

For instance, helping your lovely dog have a warm bath may barely take half an hour of your precious time, but doing this can actually make your pet happy for the next few weeks. Apart from this example, there are several other ways to groom your dog and show him you care. So in this post, I will be talking about one of the simple ways you can show love and care for your pet and that is How To Cut Dog Nails That Are Too Long.

Just before we proceed! Lets quickly look at the importance or essence of Dog Nails Trimming.

As humans, we have the time and ability to cut our nails by ourselves once we notice it is overgrown. Unfortunately, our dogs don’t have the power to do so on their own. Except when they engage in nail snapping and consequently a snapped nail can lead to severe bleeding and pain and may result in infection if not taking care of.

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Canine nails, just like humans, continuously grow until they break or are trimmed. Since domestic dogs do not wear down their nails naturally from traveling and hunting just like Wild dogs do, this responsibility is needed from the owner.

The pet handler should be able to tell his dog’s nails long and due for trimming. You can identify extremely overgrown dog nails by their pronounced visibility, unusual walking patterns and by the clicking sound they make when walking on the floor or tiles.

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Why Is It Important To Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

Overgrown or too long nails in dogs can affect their walking ability or gait. The ability to walk or run properly can be altered due to severe pains as they walk each step. If your doing keeps avoiding walking, you might want to check for overgrown nails resulting in pains causing him to avoid walking.

Overgrown nails potentiate vulnerability to chipping and breaking especially during walking or play times. This can result in painful injuries might call for the attention of a veterinarian.

Long nails can cause the foreleg joints to realign making the dog’s feet appear flatted or splayed.

The dog can get an infection it tears his toenails during playtime causing severe pain and inability to walk fine.

So far, do you see how important it is to timely take care of your dog’s nails? Now, Allow me to take you through the main steps involved in Dog Nails Too Long Surgery or cutting your dog’s nails.

Dog Nail Anatomy [What Really Makeup Dog Nails]

Canine nail anatomy

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The structure of the dog’s nail is made up of a hard outer layer (shell) and a central soft cuticle comprising of blood vessels and nerves. The cuticle is mostly referred to as the “quick” of the nail. Cutting the cuticle or quick by any chance will cause the nail to bleed and the dog begins to have pains within the area.

Seeing the quick is very easy on Light-colored nails, however, may dog breeds have the black -colored nails, making it impossible to visualize the cuticle.

Safest Ways To Trim Your Dog’s Toe Nails

Most dog owners are actually afraid of “quicking” or hurting their dogs during nail trimming and this is one reason why they avoid the procedure. Because of fear, many owners don’t engage in nail cutting, but you may be surprised to know that long nails can make it very hard for your dog to take a walk or even run around.


Long nails can cause it, that your dog’s paws are extremely painfully positioned during walk due to nails arching the foot. But cutting canine toenails short is like a big cure or relieve for a dog whose hind-end over-used, weak and painful.

Identifying Dog's Paws
Dog’s paw

The process of cutting dog’s nails is a bit painful but one of the best ways get how to clip dog nails when the dog is scared is by removing fear from your dog, you train him from a very tender (puppy) age to be free and comfortable with the nail filing process.

But if at all you still have fears or you are not comfortable trimming your dog’s nails, kindly locate Where To Get Dogs Nails Clipped Near Me and let your vet or groomer take care of this on regular bookings. But most people practically use to sedating a dog for nail cutting, this is not a bad idea though.

What Tools Do I use To Trim My Dog’s Nails?

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Here are some tools that are required for dog nails clipping procedure. Canine nail trimming can be safely done with the use of trimmers (clippers).

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The Four Core Types Of Dog Nail Trimmers Are:

1. Guillotine Style Trimmer
2. Scissors Style Trimmer
3. Small & Medium Pliers Style Trimmer
4. Large Pliers Style Trimmer

Four Core Types Of Dog Nail Trimmers
Four Main Types Of Dog Nail Trimmers

We have many different types of Dog nail clippers (trimmers), but listed above are core main types that are made very sharp and designed for safe use. They should have a concave cutting edge, this will help overcome crushing the nail. Avoid using poor quality trimmers if you don’t want to crush the nail.

For nails that are moderately long, you can simply file them or make use a pumice stone to remove the tips.

Other Equipment You Can Use:

Having Tissue, paper towels, and cotton balls in place for nail clipping will be very helpful. Having Power Rotary Tool Or Metal Hand File will help you smoothen the rough edges after the nail is being trimmed.

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Quick Guilds To Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

1. Do not cut yet ones you gently hold your dog’s paws and then bring in the clippers. Give Yor dog delicious treats and Shower him with praises.

2. Grab Your dog,s Paws firmly this time and trim (cut) the nail below the quick. The cutting should be angled at 45 degrees which helps in trimming off bit by bit and gradually you can safely trim the nail to the guide.

Nail Cutting Angles for dogs

3. Keep Trimming, don’t stop until you can see the white inside the nail, having small black do in the center.

Remember: Do not engage in an aggressive dog nail trimming, try your best to make the whole process positive and fun, in fact, start by giving some delicious treats, don’t force it on the dog and trim all the nails at once. Begin with just one at a time, then reward and continue later if you observe that your scared or your pet is nervous.

Cutting tips for dog nails

Ensure to hold the handle of the nail clipper flat against the toe pad and then cut straight across the nail, this will make the nail sit just above the ground.

Dogs nail cutting guild

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What If You Accidentally Bleed Your Dog’s Nails?

The moment you noticed you have clipped your dog’s nails, fastly use a clean bar of soap and run it on the injured nail or kindly use styptic powder (E.g Kwik Stop) should stop the bleeding as quickly as possible.

Call A Professional: Don’t try too hard if you are afraid or think you can’t go on with the procedure, or If you notice that your dog is biting or fighting you so hard, please don’t proceed further with the nail clipping, kindly hire professional vets or groomers to take care of the Nervous dog. Charge for the services may not be much and may involve sedation to trim the dog’s nails.

How To Trim Nails Of A Nervous Dog

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Can I Cut My Dog’s Nails With Scissors? See More Nail Cutting Tips

  • Dog nails should never be clipped in a dark room, it should be done outside or in a lit room.
  • Nail anatomy is better appreciated on pigmented nails than white ones.
  • Do not clip across the finger, remember to keep the trimmer blades closely parallel to the nail.
  • Don’t squeeze the Paws, it is painful and hurtful.
  • You can easily identify the insensitive nail part as it appears like a chalky ring around the sensitive quick.
  • Be sure to separate the toes when trimming with your fingers and gently grab the paw.
  • Don’t forget to keep a delicious treat around and ensure to make the process fun-filled.

Handling Deformed Or Old Dogs Nails.

If you are having the feeling that you can cut dog nails with human clippers, you might be getting things mixed up. Handling older dogs nails require some carefulness because they tend to have longer, harder nails and quicks this makes cutting more complex.

The best time to get a softer nail Clipping should be after bathing, this will solve the issue of nail hardness and enabling you to cut them properly without inflicting injuries to your dog.

NOTE: Anytime you clip your dog’s nails ensure you have the necessary treats required to make the procedure smooth and fun. It will be better to trim bit by bit, try not to be a hero by forcing and cutting all the nails at once.

How Often Should I Cut My Dog’s Nails?

Remember that different canine breeds often have dissimilar types of nails and growth rate. The rate at which your dog’s nails will grow might be slower or faster and different in shapes. This determines the need or how often your dog gets his nail trimmed.

Frequently checking your dog’s nails to see whether or not they will they are due for clipping or trimming will help you in taking care of it. You have to also monitor and observe your dog closely for scratching sounds, if your pet begins to scratch against the floor or start hurting you when he plays with you then know it is due time for clipping.

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Trimming your dog’s nails twice in a month is not a bad idea, you can increase this if your dog’s nails grow too fast. Also, watch for difficulty in motion or if his movement is hindered by the length of their nails if so then there is a need to trim nails.

Quick Recap: Safe Ways To Trim My Dog’s Nails.

  • Provide the necessary treats you need.
  • Use sharp cutting equipment.
  • Don’t force it, start by steadily and gently holding the dog’s foot.
  • Cut off a small part of the end of each toenail and increase bit by bit.
  • Tackle and stop any bleeding immediately.
  • See a professional if you think you can’t finish the process when your dog disagrees.


Cutting your dog’s nails is one of those ways you can show love and care to him, in fact, the process is easy, simple and shouldn’t be a painful one if you carefully follow the tips written in this post.


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