Dogo Argentino Growth Chart (Weight Chart & Size Chart)

Have you recently purchased a Dogo Argentino and are unsure about its weight? A Dogo Argentino weight chart details the various weight categories for your puppy at various phases of development.

Adult female Dogo Argentinos often weigh between 71 and 77 pounds, while male Dogo Argentinos typically weigh between 88 and 99 pounds.

Dogo Argentino Growth Chart
Dogo Argentino Growth Chart

Assuring that your puppy maintains a healthy weight throughout their life will protect them from health problems associated with obesity.

This page will teach you on what to expect with Dogo Argentino Growth Chart, as to your puppy matures, the health problems to which they are genetically predisposed, and much more!

When Do Dogo Argentino Stop Growing?

Due to their size, the Dogo Argentino reaches mature weight and height between the ages of 16 and 18 months.

The first seven to eight months of a Dogo Argentino puppy's life are marked by rapid physical growth, which slows as the puppy fills out and gains muscle mass.

Puppies of the Dogo Argentino reach mental maturity around the age of two years, though some may retain puppy behaviors for an additional year.

Certain factors including genetics, health, food, and physical activity can all affect your puppy's growth rate.

Dogo Argentino Growth Pictures

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Dogo Argentino puppy
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Dogo Argentino puppy

What is the Standard Dogo Argentino Size

Dogo Argentinos are huge canines that reach a normal shoulder height of approximately 24 to 27 inches. Males are typically slightly taller than females by around an inch. Typically, the breed weighs between 80 and 100 pounds.

Dogo Argentino Weight Chart

Here is the weight chart of a Dogo Argentino:

AgeWeight (kg)Weight (lbs)
3 Months14.3 – 15.7 kg31.5 – 34.4 lbs
4 Months18.8 – 20.4 kg41.4 – 45 lbs
5 Months22.7 kg – 25 kg50 – 55.1 lbs
6 Months26.7 – 28.9 kg58.9 – 63.8 lbs
7 Months30 – 32.4 kg66.1 – 71.4 lbs
8 Months32.1 – 35.2 kg70.7 – 77.6 lbs
9 Months34.3 – 37.6 kg75.6 – 83 lbs
10 Months35.8 – 39.5 kg78.9 – 87.1 lbs
11 Months36.5 – 41.3 kg80.5 – 91 lbs
12 Months37.8 – 42 kg83.2 – 92.6 lbs
Dogo Argentino Weight Chart

Dogo Argentino Growth Chart – What To Expect
Dogo Argentino Weight Chart by Age

Dogo Argentino Weight  1-2 weeks

This is the neonatal stage, during which the puppy is entirely reliant on the mother for warmth due to their inability to control their body temperature.

Additionally, they rely on mother's milk for sustenance, as colostrum contains antibodies and other compounds that aid in the puppy's immunological development. At this point, the puppy is blind, deaf, and unable to crawl.

At two weeks, your puppy should receive deworming treatment because of their susceptibility to worms.

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Dogo Argentino Weight 3-12 weeks

This is your puppy's most formative stage, and what they learn during this time can have a lasting impact on their lives. This is the socialization stage, and you must introduce them to other canines and people during this time.

You can begin weaning your puppy at four weeks of age, and they can be completely weaned between six and eight weeks. They can be moved to a new home at eight weeks and should have had their vaccines.

Dogo Argentino Weight 4-9 months

This is the juvenile stage, during which the majority of their organs develop and their growth rate begins to decelerate.

This is the time to begin introducing your puppy to a training program that will help them develop their physical and social abilities, as well as their obedience.

Your puppy achieves sexual maturity at the age of six months, which is an ideal time to spay or neuter them. Your puppy will demonstrate dominance and a desire to be the leader in your home at this time.

Dogo Argentino Weight  10- 18 months

This is the stage at which your puppy attains physical maturity and becomes an adult. Transition your puppy to adult food at the age of 16 months, as they now require fewer calories.

They do, however, require a great deal of cerebral stimulation and physical exercise throughout this time period.

Continue socializing and training your puppy for their health and longevity.

What is the Full Grown Dogo Argentino Weight?

Dogo Argentinos are huge canines that reach a normal shoulder height of approximately 24 to 27 inches. Males are typically slightly taller than females by around an inch. Typically, the breed weighs between 80 and 100 pounds.

How To Weigh Your Dogo Argentino Puppy?

If you want to maintain track of your Dogo Argentino's weight, you must first learn how to weigh him properly.

To begin, you should be able to weigh your Dogo Argentino at home if he is a puppy or if you are just large enough to hold him. This can be accomplished with a standard bathroom scale.

To begin, weigh yourself and record the result. Then, while standing on the scale, pick up your dog and hold him. The difference in weights represents your dog's weight.

If your dog is too huge to carry, you can either invest in a dog scale, which can cost upwards of $100, or contact your veterinarian. The majority of veterinarian offices will enable you to use their scale.

Unless there is a health problem, you can weigh an adult Dogo Argentino once every six months. Once a week is sufficient for a puppy to ensure he is growing normally.

Information on Dogo Argentino
Information on Dogo Argentino

What Is A Dogo Argentino’s Neck Size?

To determine the neck size of your dog, use a soft and flexible tape measure to determine the neck size of your dog where her collar naturally falls. Then, put two fingers between your dog's neck and the tape measure to ensure that the dog collar fits snugly but comfortably. Dogo Argentino's average neck circumference is between 20 and 26 inches.

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How Big Do Dogo Argentinos Get?

Are you curious about the size of your Dogo Argentina as an adult? Speak with your breeder to obtain information about your puppy's parents so that you can determine the adult size of your dog.

This is because parents are the best indicator of a puppy's adult size.

Another approach to determine the size of your puppy is to examine their paws. If they are unusually little, your puppy will almost certainly grow up to be a smaller dog.

Male Dogo Argentinos weigh between 88 and 99 pounds and stand between 24 and 27 inches tall, while female Dogo Argentinos weigh between 71 and 77 pounds and stand between 23 and 25 inches tall.

Factors That Affect Dogo Argentino Puppy Growth 


Genetics has a significant role in determining your puppy's growth pace. Physical characteristics can be handed down from parents to puppies.

As a result, if the parents of your puppy are shorter than normal, the likelihood of your puppy being shorter as an adult is considerable.

Male Dogo Argentinos are often larger and heavier than their female counterparts.

Diet & Nutrition

Depending on the size and age of your Dogo Argentino puppy, you must feed them a diet that is specifically designed for their digestive demands throughout their life.

Due to the size of Dogo Argentinos, ensure that the food you purchase is formulated for large dogs.

Consult your veterinarian to choose a feeding regimen and the best food for your Dogo Argentino puppy's growth. Apart from lean protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, you should provide fresh, clean water for your puppy.

Physical Activity & Health

Due to the athletic, strong, and energetic nature of the Dogo Argentino, they have a lot of stamina and require frequent training.

Adult Dogo Argentinos require at least an hour of daily activity, but 90 minutes is preferable. Walking, jogging, weight lifting, fetching, and hiking are all excellent exercises for your puppy.

Consult your veterinarian and breeders to learn if your puppy is susceptible to any inherited health problems.

Common Questions about Dogo Argentino

At What Age Is A Dogo Argentino Fully Grown?

Puppies normally weigh between 28 and 34 pounds at three months of age. By six months of age, the puppies will weigh between 52 and 64 pounds. By 19 months of age, Dogo Argentinos are completely grown.

How Long Are Dogo Argentinos Pregnant?

From the first mating, the gestation period is believed to be between 55 and 72 days.

How Many Puppies Do Dogo Argentinos Have?

Dogo Argentino litters are often large, averaging around 8-10 puppies.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Dogo Argentinos?

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Dogo Argentinos?
What Is The Life Expectancy Of Dogo Argentinos?

The dogo Argentino has a lifespan of between ten and fifteen years. The Dogo Argentino has a few health issues that can be concerning, particularly if you are not careful about who you purchase from. There are several of them, including hip dysplasia, autoimmune thyroiditis, and deafness. Additionally, the breed may be prone to allergies or other skin conditions.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Dogo Argentino?

A puppy typically costs between $1,000 and $4,000, providing it is purchased from a reputable breeder. Certain canines might cost up to $8,000 if they come from an exceptional bloodline.

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How To Help Your Dogo Argentino Lose Weight If He Is Overweight 

As with humans, exercise is critical for your overweight dog's health. Increased movement helps your dog burn off excess energy (and calories consumed). Avoid panic! Exercising your pet does not have to include marathons or lengthy hikes.

Regular walks and the opportunity to run and play safely off-leash. Even creating a stimulating indoor environment that encourages your dog to exercise on a regular basis can help. Bear in mind that different breeds require varying amounts of exercise, so visit your veterinarian, breeder, or your dog's breed standard for recommendations on recommended activity levels.

Distinguish Begging from Hunger

Begging is not necessarily motivated by a desire for more food; it is also used to gain attention. (And, by rewarding the behavior, you reinforce and encourage it to continue.) If your dog begs, do not automatically assume he is hungry. Trust your instincts and keep track of the date and time of your last meal. 

If your dog is prone to begging and you are prone to succumb to those puppy dog eyes, choose a high-protein meal with a fiber blend to help control your dog's hunger and voluntary food consumption. In this manner, you may feed your dog with the assurance that he will feel fuller and content for a longer period of time.

Restriction on treats and table scraps

Even when our dogs are not begging, many of us provide an excessive amount of treats and table scraps. Dogs are not required to share our food! Consider treats and scraps for your pet in the same way that you would candy for children to help you keep them in check. If you're going to utilize snacks for training, choose low-calorie, low-fat ones and keep the portions small. 

As an alternative, keep in mind that clickers are excellent for reinforcement and they have no calories! After all, a few extra pounds can make a significant impact in the lives of dogs, which are significantly smaller than humans (Even the colossal breeds!). Therefore, focus on a balanced diet and resist the temptation to “reward” them with extra.

Customize Your Dog's Diet

Not all weight-loss foods are created equal, which is why it's critical to match your dog's nutrition plan to their unique needs. Choose a brand that caters to your dog's unique needs, whether they be weight control, dietary sensitivities, or illnesses.

Conclusion Dogo Argentino Growth Chart

Understanding your Dogo Argentino's developmental stages is critical for their proper growth. Knowing when to wean, train, and vaccinate them will help you adjust to your new role as a parent.

Certain factors, like health issues, food, and physical exercise, can limit your puppy's growth.

It is recommended that you routinely check the weight chart and consult your veterinarian for specific guidance on how to best care for your puppy in terms of feeding, exercise, and necessary medical check-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly does Dogo Argentino grow?

Puppies normally weigh between 28 and 34 pounds at three months of age. By six months of age, the puppies will weigh between 52 and 64 pounds. By 19 months of age, Dogo Argentinos are completely grown.

What breeds combine to form the Dogo Argentino?

Martinez developed the Dogo by crossing Cordoba fighting dogs with mastiffs, bulldogs, bull terriers, and boxers. Additionally, the Great Dane, Irish wolfhound, and English pointer contributed genes. The breed was introduced to the United States in the 1970s and is very uncommon now.

How far can an Argentine Dogo jump?

While the Dogo Argentino breed is fairly huge, it is capable of sprinting up to 25 mph and jumping approximately six feet high.

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