Cutting Black Dog Nails (Tips For Trimming Dark Dog Nails)

Cutting Black Dog Nails Without Hurting The Quick

It is likely nothing unexpected to dog owners that dogs have gotten human-like attributes and have been really esteemed friends, popular for their devotion and apparently consistently ready to put smiles on the faces of their owners.

So, it is no longer news that dogs can read facial expressions, communicate jealousy, show compassion, watch TV and utilize their regular capacities to help individuals make decisions.

In contrast to different pets, dogs are happy to impart their joy and bitterness to individuals while lots of people treat them like family.

However, if you have been battling with taking care of your dog, especially the aspect of grooming their nails, then say no more, because I’ll be sharing secrets on how you can take good care of your dogs and make them feel better, starting from now.

These secrets used to be top ones but you can now have them for nothing. Firstly, we’ll be looking at ways to clip dog nails that are black without hurting the pup.

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Steps To Clipping A Dog’s Nails That Are Dark

Just as individuals, dog’s nails develop continually and need ordinary sections. If you don’t stay aware of your dog nails, they will keep on developing into the pads on their feet, which is amazingly agonizing.

How To Cut Black Dog Nails
Extremely Dark Dog Nails Pictured

As a matter of first importance, monitor and keep your pet’s nails at a normal level to improve his wellbeing, never utilize human scissors. They are made for the level, meager nails of people, not the barrel-shaped thick nails of dogs.

They will smash part and chip your dog nails. The best clippers for most sizes of dogs are guillotine style. A popular kind of clipper that is suitable for smooth trimming of nails.

Ways To Clip Dark Dog Nails

  1. Start by making your dog comfortable with having his paws handled. When he is calm and relaxed, start gradual stroking of the paws, this is to enable your pup to get used to his paws being handled by you.
  2. If your dog is uncomfortable with having his paws touched, continue stroking them from time to time when he is relaxed several times a day, always giving it a treat at the same time.
  3. Once he is okay with stroking, take his paw in your hand and give him a treat. Do this frequently until it readily allows you to hold his paw for a few seconds at a time.
  4. Then move on to lightly squeezing the paw to push the nails out, again giving him a yummy treat every time.
  5. Begin by gently introducing your dog to the clipper. Give your pup a treat when you show him the clipper.
  6. Then touch the clipper to your dog’s paw and give him a treat. Do this several times, then gently tap your dog’s nail with the clipper and give him a treat

REMMEMBER: Do these once a day for a few days before you try to clip any nail.

Clipping Black Dog Nails

Trimming your dog’snails isn’t only a piece of grooming yet it’s significant for your pup’s overall wellbeing also.

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Untrimmed nails can cause an assortment of issue including broken nails that are agonizing. Many dog owners are a little disheartened by the thought of trimming their dog’s nails–and a lot of dogs aren’t too excited by the process either.

Behind the logistics of trimming roughly 20 nails on a squirming dog, there are still questions like:

How often should you trim your dog nails that are black?
What nail trimming tools do you need for black dog nails?
How do you help your dog feel better about getting their nails trimmed?
Why should you avoid letting your dog’s nails get too long?

We’ll tackle these questions, all you have to do is read on. But first, let’s look at:

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4 Factors That Affects Dog Nail Growth And Trimming Frequency.

Here are four factors that affect dog nail trimming frequency and growth.

1. The type of surface your dog spends most of their time on: are they indoors mostly and only touching carpet? Outdoors on grass or dirt? Or do they go for different walks on asphalt or concrete?

2. How much time their feet actually spend on the ground: do they spend most of their day in your arms or on the couch? Or do they get around on their own?

3. What they eat: your dog’s nutrition, especially the balance of certain minerals and vitamins can have an impact on the health and growth rate of your dog’s nails.

4. Certain health conditions: dogs can get nail infections, auto-immune disorders, and tumors that can affect the health and growth rate of their nails.

How Often Should You Trim Your Dog’s Nails

It is advisable that you have your dog’s nail trimmed as often as it takes to prevent the nail from touching the ground when they are standing.

This demands you to always keep a close watch on your pup’s nails to know when they are getting longer than normal for quick clipping.

What Nail Clipping Tools Do You Need For The Procedure

The nail trimmers for cutting your dog’s nail are as follows:

– Scissor style trimmer.

– Epic nail trimmer


However, for some dogs, you may find out that it is easier to grind their nails rather than trimming them, or trim them and then finish the process with a grinder to smooth off the edges so they don’t snag and rip.

Nevertheless, grinding can sometimes be easier for dogs since you can take it more slowly which reduces the chance of cutting the nerve or blood vessels. It’s a great choice to trimming a dog’s nails who hates it.

Using a grinder also means it’s easier to trim closer to along quick, which helps the quick recede over time. This is important for dogs with long nails that are uncomfortable for them. You can only cut their nails so far depending on where the quick is and might need to push that quick back with frequent grinding or trimming.

Therefore, when shopping for a nail grinder for dogs, purchase that has alterable speed(so you can have more control over how many nails you’ve taken off) and perfectly one that is relatively quiet.

The most commonly used grinder is Dremel Nail Grinder, which uses a rechargeable battery so you can stay cord-free.

Rechargable Dremel For Dog Black Nail s
Dremel For Dog Nail Grinding

If you decide to go grinding route, be sure to trim the fur on your dog’s paw before using the grinder so the fur doesn’t get caught up in the moving pieces, which could cause severe pain and injury to your dog.

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For dog owners with long hair, make sure you pull your hair back when grinding your dog’s nails. Long hairs can get caught and wrapped up in a Dremel so easily.

And also, if you have a very furry dog, you can also cut small slit of baby/toddler sock and slip them over your dog’s paws exposing just the nails so they are easier to grind and trim.

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How To Train Your Dog To Accept Nail Clipping

One of the working ways to get this work is by introducing subtle clipping while your dog was still a puppy and doing this constantly will make your pup get used to the procedure at any age.

If your dog ever gets too stressed and resists the procedure, don’t persist but rather take a break, reassure and play with it, and try again later.

Perhaps going slowly and doing just one nail at each session is an important breakthrough.

Why You Should Prevent Your Dog’s Nails From Overgrowing

1. Long nails can actually be painful when they strike the pavement or floor with each step.

2. Long nails can make it difficult for your dog to have a good grip as they walk along slick floors like hardwood, linoleum, and tile.

3. Long nails are more likely to get hung up on things and torn off.

4. Long nails can curl and grow into your dog’s skin or paw pads, resulting to infection and pain.

5. And then there is damage that long nails can do to your floors, furniture and your skin.

Did You Trim Your Dog’s Nails Too Short? (Do This)

If you trim your dog’s nails too short-which most people, including professionals, have done, you will want to have something on hand to stop the bleeding. You might hear this is referred to as”quicking” your dog’s nails.

This happens when you trim the blood vessel called the quick and it happens more regularly with dogs that squirm a lot when trimming a dog’s with dark nails, so always keep your emergency kits handy to stop the bleeding just in any case.

Thankfully, you can use a styptic powder like kwik stopper (a blood vessel accelerant that you should have in your dog’s first aid-box), corn starch can also be used if available. Get some amount and get it pressed on to the nail and hold for a few minutes to stop nail bleeding instantly.

Of course, with patience, care, and a well-behaved dog, you are less likely to need all these mentioned above.

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Six Special Steps To Trim Dog’s Black Nails Properly

(A) Assemble Supplies: Assemble what you’ll need, high-quality pair of trimmers and some styptic powder such – as Kwikstop, Cutstop, styptic pads or other products to stop bleeding if you nick the quick.

(B) Find A Good Dried Place: You may want to sit on the floor with your dog, holding him on your laps, or have someone hold your him on a table.

(C) Hold Your Dog’s paw firmly and push on his footpad to extend the nails. Locate where the quick ends.

With clear or light nails, it’s easy to see the pink color where the quick ends. This is why trimming black dog nails is complex. But finding the quick and gradually trim is key.

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(D) Use a nail trimmer for dogs: Use a nail trimmer for dogs to cut the nail below the quick on a 45-degree angle, with the cutting end of the nail clipper towards the end of the nail.

(E) Use a nail file: In some cases, if the nails are brittle, the cut may tend to split the nail. In these cases, file the nail in a sweeping motion starting from the back of the nail and following the curve to the tip. Several strokes will remove any burs and leave the nails smooth.

Have some rest and then resume with some yummy treats for your best friend.

(F) Tackle Any Bleeding With Styptic Powder: If the quick injured by an accidental cut, wipe off the blood and apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

How To Trim Black Dog Nails Without Injuring Your Pup

Black nails are somewhat more testing in light of the fact that the brisk isn’t plainly obvious from the side.

If you happen to have a young dog with hooked nails, you can safely trim off the hook without risk of hitting the quick. If your dog doesn’t have hook nails, you need to pay very close attention to the cut surface of the nail to know when you’ve cut close enough.

Initially, the cut surface will show a white or gray center, but as you get closer to the quick,this center will turn black and eventually pick immediately before reaching the quick. However, if you feel unsure about cutting your dog’s nails, talk to your veterinarian for support.

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How To Groom Black Canine Nails

Nourishment, safehouse, exercise and an ordinary visit to the veterinarian are some of the fundamental considerations bundles that go with dog possession.
However, there is one more important of proper dog care that must not be neglected and that is grooming. Grooming of your pup’s responsibility.

Five Ways We Can Groom Our Dogs

1. Bathing: Bathing is one of those things that the earlier you start the better. It builds trust, creates and maintains a bond.

Easy Ways To Bath A Dog
Keep Your Dog Clean & Healthy By Bathing Him

2. Brushing and General Hair Maintenance: The amount of brushing a dog’s hair needs is directly proportional to the dog’s hair. This is a mathematical principle that was originally formulated by Albert Einstein.
If you have a dog with short hair, once a week might be enough, but if he has long hair, once a day might be a minimum requirement.

How To Brush Dog Hairs Properly
Brushing Your Dog’s Hair Makes Him Look Good & Increases Bonding

It is advisable to purchase a brush with softly rounded tips specially constructed to protect a dog’s sensitive skin.

3.Mouth Maintenance: It is necessary to brush and clean your dog’s teeth on a regular basis. Doggie toothpaste is available and it tastes so good that most dogs will just love having their teeth brushed on regular occasions.

Dog Mouth Washing Techniques
Wash & Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly To Boost His Overall Health

4. Cleaning the Ear: Cleaning of dog’s ear on a regular basis with cotton balls and just a bit of mineral oil is important.

Best Ways To Clean Your Dog's Ears
Your Pup’s Ears should be checked and cleaned regularly

5. Remember The Paws: One area in a dog’s body that can easily be overlooked is the paws.  You may need to trim its nails once in a while, but it is also important that you remember to check between the pads to make sure your dog has not picked up thorn or pebble or a small piece of glass from somewhere.

Where To Get Dogs Nails Clipped
Getting Your Dog’s Nails Clipped Is a way to prevent splits/injuries

The undersides of a dog’s paw are soft and vulnerable, so you also need to occasionally check to make sure it has not suffered some kind of cut or injury that might need treatment with antibiotics.


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