Best Places To Get Dogs Nails Cut Near Me

10 Dog Trimming Places Near Me

Every human is born with the desire to look good and have sort for several ways to accomplish this desire. Creative hairstyles, makeovers, and designer wears are just some methods humans employ to improve their looks. They have the desire to be eye-catching themselves and yearn to make their loved ones and valuables match their attractiveness. For this reason, even their pets are included in their grooming schedule.

Places I Can Get My Dog's Nails Clipped

Because pets are dear to many, their general welfare, health, comfort, and grooming are prioritized. These pets are regularly taken for grooming sessions in different places, while some owners prefer to handle them in their homes.

These grooming sessions may include ear cleaning, nail trimming, coat and fur trimming, washing, and styling. While an experienced owner can handle these sessions, professional groomers are in the best position to handle grooming services.

Where is the Best Place to Get My Dog's Nails Trimmed?

Professional nail groomers are best to trim a dog's nails because of their advanced training, experience, sophisticated materials, broader knowledge of products, and the additional services they render. However, groomers should be chosen appropriately as only the best can offer premium services that can benefit a dog and owner.

This article will discuss the best nail trimming places that can provide first-class grooming services for the above reasons. But before considering that, the dangers of choosing under-trained nail groomers and handling nail grooming sessions at home will be discussed.

Are There Dangers in Grooming My Dog's Nails At Home?

Although many people successfully trim their dog's nails at home, it is sternly not advised for inexperienced owners. For many first-timers, the tendency of nervousness, a trembling hand, and lack of confidence is high. These behaviors may pose significant risks to a dog.

A dog may whimper due to pain, become aggressive, or sustain injuries due to over cutting nails or quicks. Many dogs may react to nail trimming aggressively when they are not accustomed to someone touching or holding certain parts of their bodies. Uncomfortable positions while cutting may also cause resistance or aggressiveness.

Besides, inexperienced users may spend too much time trimming a dog's nails, resulting in impatience. Because all are prone to mistakes, even experienced owners that might have held many grooming sessions with confidence and expertise may lack the medical knowledge should an injury occur.

These injuries may result in excessive blood loss, extreme pain to the dog, and, if left untreated, infection.

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Should Any Pet Groomer Trim My Dog's Nails?

Since there are dangers in grooming a dog's nails at home, it does not mean everyone that operates a pet shop is a groomer.

Although it's normal for them to tame a pet for treatment, even vets are not groomers themselves. Groomers are skillful with handling pet care equipment and getting pets to wait through a session. An under-trained groomer may pose as much threat to a dog as a first-time owner.

While one who claims to be a groomer may have several advanced pieces of equipment in his possession, he may be inept using them. If not handled with care or unprofessionally, these pieces of equipment are sure to inflict wounds on the dog or user.

How Do I Recognize a Professional Nail Groomer?

As stated earlier, one who claims to be a groomer may have several advanced pieces of equipment in his possession but is incompetent. How then are professional groomers recognized? Here are some qualities of a professional pet nail groomer.

Health and safety are prioritized:

Professional groomers guarantee the health and safety of your dog. Be sure that the dog is comfortable with their handling before commencing on any nail grooming session. This step ensures the reduction of accidents.

Since accidents cannot be totally reduced and may occur even with the most meticulous groomers, managing the incidents must be to the dog's safety and welfare. Groomers must be honest to tell precisely the nature of the accident, if any, should occur. Professional and safety-conscious groomers must stick to rendering services only to users whose pet's vaccination records are up-to-date.

Pets should be quite calm after each schedule:

It's a good sign if a pet shows signs of comfort and trust following an appointment as the groomers. Although many pets feel uncomfortable for the first time at a pet salon due to animalistic instincts, constant displays of discomfort is a hint of an unprofessional groomer. Pet groomers should understand a pet, care for it, and be patient with it.

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A salon should exude the groomer's professionalism:

Upon the first arrival, a salon must emanate the groomer's professionalism. The environment must be clean, neat, and must smell sweet. Any salon you choose must tip you of the kind of services you will receive from the groomer.

Groomer must be conversant with your pet breed:

A professional groomer must identify your pet breed even though it is the first time. Due to different dog breeds' distinct behavioral makeup, there are divergent manners of approaching pets for treatment. A groomer that is unable to identify your dog's race should have no dealing with it.

The groomer should be certified and educated:

Like no human will take the risk of being treated by an uncertified or unlicensed medical practitioner, one should not risk leaving a pet in an uncertified or uneducated care groomer. In areas where the license is a prerequisite for groomers, a groomer license must be valid.

Since you can identify a professional nail groomer who can guarantee your dog's safety and well-being, are there recommended places to take a dog for his nail trimming?

10 Places To Trim My Dog's Nails Near Me

There are several pet grooming salons with good groomers. However, some of the best around you have been sorted out in this article. These salons are selected based on their groomers' professionalism, the environment of the salon, and customer reviews.

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S.F. Woof Times

Address: 3564 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco, California, U.S. A

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The S.F. Woof Times is a professional grooming salon that also offers dog walking and pet-therapeutic services. The salon is reputable for its groomers' ability to keep dogs comfortable, grooming skills, comprehensiveness, and affordability.

S.F. Dog Parlor

Address: 9, Leland Avenue, San Francisco, California, U.S. A

SF Dog Parlor is a grooming salon that carries out all aspects of pet grooming, including nail trimming. According to many reviews, staffs are friendly, adept with grooming, and affordable.

Modern Pet Salon (MPS)


MPS renders home services after booking an appointment online, but can also offer salon services at Ballantyne and Weddington, North Carolina. In an environment very familiar to your dog and with you around, it tends to be calmer. MPS staffs are very professional and experienced groomers. MPS has successively won 6 Angie's List Super Service Awards from 2012-2017 and Best Dog Groomers in Charlotte Award in 2016 & 2018. The description of the job determines Their prices.

Happy Dog Grooming Salon

Address: Harvey, Michigan

Happy Dog Grooming salon has a reputation for being patient with dogs and friendly to their owners. Since their founding in 2003, they have built a legacy of quality.

Dog Grooming and Daycare Hoboken – Playful Paws USA

Address: Hoboken, New Jersey

Playful Paws Dog Grooming Salon offers a range of pet grooming services, including nail grooming. The grooming sessions are held by a particular groomer from beginning to end so that the dog will become familiar with them and feel calm.

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Wiggles Pet Spa

Address: Los Angeles, California

The groomers in Wiggles are professional dog lovers. Apart from rendering valuable services on your dog, they take personal interests in it. The prices are also fabulous, considering the services they provide.

The Dog Salon

Address: Charlotte, North California

The Dog Salon specializes in grooming dogs and has been in existence since 2005. They have an enthusiastic and brilliant team of groomers that offer one of the best nail grooming services. They also have a provision for mobile grooming and home service.

Bark Street Pet Groomers and Spa Home

Address: Charlotte, North Carolina

Bark Street is another grooming salon that focuses on dogs. For about eight years, they have built a reputation in Charlotte. Their groomers are very professional, safety-conscious, and friendly. They also boast of a pleasant and always neat environment.

Whiskers Dog Spa

Address: Charlotte, North Carolina

Even before the coronavirus outbreak and government order of face masks, Whiskers order their clients to put on nose masks within the premises to avoid the inhalation of hairs and other microscopic materials that could be harmful. Their staffs also possess excellent communication skills and a fantastic time management rate.

A Dog's Best Friend

Address: Charlotte, North Carolina

In this salon, the staff is trained with unique methods to approach dogs of various breeds. Many dogs feel very comfortable with the team, and clients feel satisfied with the services they render.

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10 Walk In Dog Trim Near Me

Before saying a big “YES” to that burning urge of purchasing a dog, ensure that you don't skip the part where you have to learn how to take care of it. It's important that you understand the needs of the dog and subsequently provide those needs — emotional and physical. This basically means creating a safe home for the dog, providing clean drinking water, nutritious food, and whatnot.

In addition, just like little children need your spare time for some fun activities, dogs also are made
happy by indulging in good playtime. Also, make it a routine for your dog to partake in plenty of
exercises and ample stimulation for its entire mind. You have to be ready for the responsibility that
comes with owning a dog.

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Another important role a dog owner has to play in ensuring that his/her dog is always healthy is
finding the Dog Nail Clipping Service NEAR Me to do some of the jobs. In this article, we'll have
our focus on one area — walk in dog trim near me.

We have taken out time to research and found out the various dog nail clipping service near me,
where to get dog nail clip near me, PetSmart walk in nail trim, mobile dog nail clipping service and

So, our objective is:

At the end of this article, you will have known several shops where you can get a Dog Nail
Clipping Service for your dog. Sit tight as we touch the area listed in the previous paragraph.

Ready? Let's dive in.

Walk In Dog Trim Near Me
Wait! It's clear that you're already wondering, “what's the importance of cutting dog nails?”

Yeah! We're aware of how much you really want to get an answer to that question.

Well, congratulations!
You're just a paragraph away from the importance.

Importance Of Canine Nail Trimming Near Me

A lot of humans out there are concerned about, most times, doing their pedicure and manicure in
order to keep their hands and feet neat. This also is one thing dogs have to undergo, even though
they don't get a good experience from having their nails trimmed.

We haven't answered that question, right?
We're almost there.

Having the nail of your dog at the proper length is not about the look. If you fail to care for the nail of
your dog, you can push them into the risk of becoming unhealthy and overall discomfort.

Now, here's the importance:
• If the nails aren't trimmed, they can break and split: this can be very painful for the dog.
• Failure to trim the nails can lead to serious infection.
• The nails may become caught in that carpet of yours, or other surfaces around and outside the house.
• Make running or walking difficult.
• If the nails are not trimmed, they can easily damage irreversibly the paws or legs.
Aside from the importance, another facet that must be known is the “WHEN.” You might want to ask
this also How regular do I trim my dog's nails?”

How Often To Clean/Cut The Nails Of Your Dog

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The rate at which the dog's nails grow would determine how often you have to take care of your
dog's nails by cutting it. The fastness of the growth of your dog's nails sometimes slightly differs
between breeds.

According to Head of Veterinary Medicine at Petco and Dr. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM,
your dog's nails should be cut at least once per month — this is what they both recommend.
Have you noticed the nails of your dog clacking on your floor or becoming too long? If yes, then it's
time you pick up your dog nail clipper and take them off.

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You've, you have just made it to that point where we give you recommendations for the reliable
Dog Nail Clipping Service NEAR Me.

Best Dog Nail Clipping Service NEAR Me

Someone once met us with these words, “I haven't been getting the nail clipping thing on my dog; I
seriously have not heard of any of such service out there. I don't know if such exists.”

The answer to that is “YES.” There are people who offer nail clipping as a service — and I failed to add, this person who sent us a mail lives in the United States Of America.

For the benefit of that single reader and others out there who don't know that people offer such
service, we have a few Dog Nail Clipping Service NEAR Me, Where To Get Dog Nail Clip Near, and even Mobile Dog Nail Clipping Services Near Me outlined so you don't go through the fear of “not getting it right,” while trying to do it yourself.

Note: It's strictly for people who reside in the United States.
Let's cut to the chase.

REX Seattle Pet Grooming & Spa (Pet Groomer In Seattle, Washington)

REX Seattle Pet Grooming & Spa is a 4.4 stars shop that offers a nail clipping service. This shop
has over 100 positive reviews.

Location: 1402 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, United States
Services: Pet Groomer, Dog Ear Cleaning, Dog Nail Trimming, Dog Grooming, Pet Supplies, Flea
Bath, Tooth Care, and Self-service Dog Wash.
Friday – 10am–5pm
Saturday – 10am–5pm
Sunday – 10am–5pm
Monday – 10am–5pm
Tuesday – 10am–5pm
Wednesday – 10 am–5 pm
Thursday – 10 am–5 pm
Call: +1 206-467-4440

Petco Grooming (Jasmine Estate, Florida)

In Florida is another shop (Petco Grooming) where one could get the service of nail trimming. A 5.0 stars customers-review brand with over 50 reviews.
Location: 9638 US-19 North, Port Richey, FL 34668, United States (Located in Petco)
Services: Pet Grooming (Including nail trimming and lots more).
Friday – 9 am–7pm
Saturday – 9am–7pm
Sunday- 10am–6pm
Monday – 9am–7pm
Tuesday – 9am–7pm
Wednesday – 9am–7pm
Thursday – 9am–7pm
Call: +1 727-847-9140

The Dog Shop – Quality Grooming

The Dog Shop – Quality Grooming is a pet grooming shop located in Vancouver, Washington. This
brand has 4.7-star rating under the review summary section.
Location: 212 NE 164th Ave #7, Vancouver, WA 98684, United States
Services: Pet Groomer, Breed Trimming, Day Care, De Matting, Dog Flea, And Tick Treatment,
Dog Grooming, Dog Teeth Brushing, Dog Nail Trimming, Dog Full Service Grooming, Hair Cut,
Nails Clipped, Doggie Daycare, and Summer Cut.
Friday – 8:30am – 6pm
Saturday – 8:30am – 6pm
Sunday – Closed
Monday – 9am – 5pm
Tuesday – 9 am – 5 pm
Wednesday – 9 am – 5 pm
Thursday – 9 am – 5 pm

Call: +1 360-313-6445

Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming

Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming is a Broomfield, Colorado based dog grooming brand
that also offers the dog nails grooming service. This brand has over 90 reviews with 5.0 star
reviews dominating.
Location: 1100 US-287 #1400, Broomfield, CO 80020, United States
Services: Pet Supply, Pet Grooming (Including Dog Nail Trimming and whatnot)
Open DAYS:
Friday – 9 am–8 pm
Saturday – 9 am–8 pm
Sunday – 10 am–6 pm
Monday – 9 am–8 pm
Tuesday – 9 am–8 pm
Wednesday – 9 am–8 pm
Thursday – 9 am–8 pm
Call: +1 720-739-9274

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Dirty Dog DIY Pet Wash & Pawstry Shop llc

Dirty Dog DIY Pet Wash & Pawstry Shop llc is a pet grooming brand that offers most services to
see to the wellness of your dog. This brand has over 110 reviews with 5.0-star reviews dominating
(Berlin, CT, United States).
Location: 162 Mill St, Berlin, CT 06037, United States
Services: Pet Grooming, Dog Grooming, Dog Boarding, Self-service Dog Wash, Nutritional
Counseling, Pet Adoptions, and Non-Aesthetic Dental Cleaning.
Friday – 9am – 5pm
Saturday – 9am – 5pm Sunday – Closed
Monday – 10am – 7pm
Tuesday – 10am – 7pm
Wednesday – 9am – 5pm
Thursday – 9am – 5pm
Call: +1 860-829-9274

Top-Notch Pet Spa

Top-Notch Pet Spa is another pet grooming shop you'd want to visit. This brand has over 157
reviews with more of 5.0-star reviews.
Location: 8521 Cantilever Way #103, Raleigh, NC 27613, United States
Services: Dog Grooming and Pet Spa.
Friday – 7:30am – 6pm
Saturday – 8am – 5pm
Sunday – Closed
Monday – 7:30am – 6pm
Tuesday – 7:30am – 6pm
Wednesday – 7:30 am – 6 pm
Thursday – 7:30 am – 6 pm
Call: +1 919-307-8168

Petsmart Walk In Nail Trim | Walk In Dog Trim Near Me

Dogma Grooming & Pet Needs

Dogma Grooming & Pet Needs is a brand, just like the other brands, that doesn't rest until they
meet customer satisfaction. This brand has over 168 reviews with more of 5.0-star reviews. (Pet
groomer in Richmond, Virginia)
Location: 3501 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221, United States
Services: Pet Groomer, Dog Anal Gland Expression, Dog Ear Cleaning, Dog Bath And Blow Dry,
Dog Grooming, Dog Full Service Grooming, Dog Nail Tripping, Dog Flea, And Tick Treatment, Dog
Teeth Brushing, Dog Grooming And Styling, Cat Ear Grooming, Cat Nail Trimming And Rabbit Nail
Open DAYS/TIME: Friday – 8am – 6pm
Saturday – 9am – 5pm
Sunday – Closed
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 8 am – 6 pm
Wednesday – 8 am – 6 pm
Thursday – 8 am – 6 pm
Call: +1 804-358-9267

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Firehouse Pet Shop & Grooming- Delivery and Curbside Available

Are you in the city of Wenatchee, Washington? Then, this is a pet grooming shop close to you.
This brand has over 400 reviews with 5.0-star reviews topping the review chart.
Location: 17 S Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
Services: Pet Grooming
Friday – 9am – 7pm
Saturday – 9am – 6pm
Sunday – 10am – 5pm
Monday – 9am – 7pm
Tuesday – 9 am – 7 pm
Wednesday – 9 am – 7 pm
Thursday – 9 am – 7 pm
Call: +1 509-668-7387

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Health Mutt

In Tampa, Florida? Try Health Mutt.
Location: 6116 N Central Ave, Tampa, FL 33604, United States
Services: Pet Grooming


Friday – 9am – 8pm
Saturday – 9am – 6pm
Sunday – 10am – 5pm
Monday – 9am – 8pm
Tuesday9am – 8pm
Wednesday – 9am – 8pm
Thursday – 9am – 8pm
Website: https ://
Call: +1 813-231-3137

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Celebration

Are you in celebration, Florida? We recommend Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Celebration. A
brand with over 150 reviews.
Location: 671 Front St #120, Celebration, FL 34747, United States
Services: Pet Supplies, Veterinary Services, Health Certificates, Doggie Day Care, Dog Boarding,
Dog Care and Dog Grooming.
Friday -9 am – 9 pm
Saturday – 9 am – 9pm
Sunday – 10 am – 6 pm
Monday – 9 am – 9 pm
Tuesday – 9 am – 9 pm
Wednesday – 9 am – 9 pm
Thursday – 9 am – 9 pm
Call: +1 321-939-2253

One Lucky Dog Grooming & Boutique St. Pete

Reside in St. Petersburg, Florida — and you own a dog? Then, One Lucky Dog Grooming &
Boutique St. Pete is one of the places you can stop by to take care of your dog. This brand has
over 150 reviews, mostly from satisfied customers.
Location: 5320 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33703, United States
Services: Pet Groomer, Dog Anal Gland Expression, Fluff Dry, Pet Care, Breed Specific Haircut,
Shave Down, Shampoo Bath, and Spar Package.
Friday – 8:30 am – 6 pm
Saturday – 8:30 am – 5 pm
Sunday – 12 – 5  pm
Monday – 8:30 am – 6 pm
Tuesday – 8:30 am – 6 pm
Wednesday – 8:30 am – 6 pm
Thursday – 8:30 am – 6 pm
Call: +1 727-527-5825

Kriser's Natural Pet

Another place in the US where you can get your dog trimmed to your taste, and it's located in the
City of Fort Collins, Colorado. Did you drop by at Colorado? You can use the services of Kriser's
Natural Pet.

This brand has over 150 reviews with more positive reviews.
Location: 3531 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States
Services: Pet Supply Store, Pet Grooming…
Friday – 10am – 6pm
Saturday – 10am – 6pm
Sunday – 10am – 6pm
Monday – 10am – 6pm
Tuesday – 10am – 6pm
Wednesday – 10am – 6pm
Thursday – 10am – 6pm
Call: +1 970-223-4059

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If you just dropped down the USA, and you absolutely don't know where to give your dog a treat, the
shops above can perform the work. Before picking out those areas, we had already gone through
the reviews to be sure that people got satisfactory with their services.

In summary, we touched on the importance of dog trimming and we said:
• If the nails aren't trimmed, they can break and split: this can be very painful for the dog.
• Failure to trim the nails can lead to serious infection.
• The nails may become caught in that carpet of yours, or other surfaces around and outside the
• Make running or walking difficult.
• If the nails are not trimmed, they can easily damage irreversibly the paws or legs.
At this juncture, we are sure that we have covered the objective of this article.

If you couldn't find your state in the US, contact us and we'll make research and send you the
name and address of a reliable dog grooming brand located around you.
Thanks for reading, if you find this article useful please kindly share with others who may need this information.

Where To Get Dog Nail Surgery Done?

Here is a list of Veterinary Hospitals where you can surgically remove your infected dog toenail or clip his nails.

Top 10  Veterinary Hospitals For Nail Surgery And After Care.

1. Casey & Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital 

2. Animal Medical Hospital  Animal Medical Hospital 

3. Raleigh, NC animal hospital 

4. Mount Vernon Animal Hospital 

5. Crawfordsville Veterinary Clinic 

6. Decatur Veterinary Hospital 

7. Decatur Veterinary Hospital

8. Red Bank Veterinary Hospital

9. Falmouth Veterinary Hospital 

10. Tama Veterinary Hospital 

Food & Supplements For Healthy Dog Nails

You know dogs use their nails to do almost everything. Digging, Biting, Scratching, Chewing and Grabbing. So because of these canine nails are prone to break, split, pull off and being infected.

So to maintain healthy, strong and fine dog nails, here are some food and supplements that will help you.

  • Get Advice from your veterinarian
  • Fish oil: Contains Omega Fatty Acids good for healthy nails.
  • Biotin: For Brittle nail correction.
  • Tippy Toes: Nail Supplement for Dogs – Dietary Supplement for Shiny Coat Strong Nails and Healthy Itch-Free Skin – 60 Delicious Chewable Tablets With Essential Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Excellent and balanced Dog Foods.
  • Regular and careful trimming.


Dogs' nails must be trimmed to boost not only their foot health but their general welfare. However, nail trimming can be done at home by an experienced owner; it is best if a professional pet groomer handles it.

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