How Much to feed a Pointer Puppy? [Answered]

If you've recently acquired or are considering adopting a German Shorthaired Pointer, you may be wondering how much food your puppy should consume.

But, how much to feed a pointer puppy?

Because dogs are still growing creatures, it is a typical concern among new dog owners, whether experienced or not.

It's natural to be concerned about how much a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy should be fed, but we have the answers.

We've divided it into weeks to assist you in feeding your puppy a healthy amount of food, and we'll even suggest the types of food you should feed your puppy.

Here's everything you need to know about it.

Puppy German Pointer Pet - Free photo on Pixabay
How Much to feed a Pointer Puppy?

How Much Should A Pointer Puppy Eat?

The amount of food your German Shorthaired Pointer puppy should eat varies based on the type of food you're feeding him.

If you're feeding a meal that's suitable for all ages, your puppy will require more calories than an adult dog.

You should feed your puppy three times a day until he or she reaches the age of six months.

After 6 months, you should be able to get by with simply a morning and evening meal.

Pointer Puppy Feeding Chart

image 4
Cups per day according to Dog's Weight
Feeding Chart 3
Pointer Puppy Feeding Chart

How Much To Feed A Pointer Puppy?

We have compiled a reference document for you that will assist you in determining how much food your puppy should be eating, how frequently it should be eating, what to look out for, and what you should realistically expect when it comes to feeding your puppy.

Keep in mind that some of this will depend on the food that you feed your puppy, since pups need a high-calorie intake to sustain their growing bodies and some of this will depend on the food that you give your puppy.

It is essential to keep in mind that these are working dogs, which burn a lot of calories during the day and will, as a result, require more food than they would normally consume.

2 Week Old German Shorthaired Pointer 

Your German Shorthaired Pointer puppy should not be eating anything other than his mother's milk until he is two weeks old.

The puppies will be quite close to their mother at this period, and she will be providing all of their dietary requirements.

If a puppy and its mother have a feeding problem, it's best to contact your veterinarian to find out what kind of food a puppy that young requires.

Otherwise, leave the puppies with their mother and refrain from feeding them at this time.

4 Weeks Old German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Your puppy will still be living with and reliant on his mother by the time he is four weeks old.

The puppies will begin to mill around and put some distance between themselves and their mother at this point, although they are unlikely to be weaned at this time.

If the mother is avoiding the puppies, you can try giving your dog a little amount of puppy chow, but it's too early to presume that the dog will be able to eat anything on a regular basis.

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6 Weeks Old German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Your puppy should be busy and moving away from his mother around 6 weeks of age.

As the puppies move to being weaned, the mother is most likely moving away from them.

They may still rely on their mother's milk to some extent, but this is a good time to introduce puppy chow to them.

At this point, they won't require much, so merely give them a quarter of a cup once a day.

You can gradually increase the amount if the puppy eats it up.

8 Weeks Old German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Puppies should be entirely weaned from their mothers by the age of eight weeks, as this is when they will be rehomed to new families.

Because your puppy will no longer be able to survive on milk, you will need to feed him three times a day.

The amount varies, but you should anticipate to feed your puppy 14 to 12 cup per meal.

Some of this will be determined by the food, while others will be determined by your puppy's hunger.

10 Weeks Old German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

When your puppy reaches the age of ten weeks, he is about to embark on a major growth surge.

You should still feed your puppy three times a day, at a rate of roughly 12 cup per meal.

If your puppy appears to be too thin, you can increase it little; if your puppy appears to be acquiring too much weight, you can reduce it slightly.

Always feed your puppy the same food, and make sure it's puppy food.

12 Week Old German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

At the age of 12 weeks, the German Shorthaired Pointer has a massive growth surge.

If your puppy's weight starts to rise, don't be startled.

Your dog will require food to compensate for the calories lost due to rapid growth.

You should continue to feed your puppy three meals each day, but increase the amount slightly to ensure that he gets all of the calories he need.

At this point, your puppy's body shape will be more apparent, making it easier to keep track of his weight.

Pointer Puppies’ Best Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Sport

Purina Pro Plan Sport is our top pick for the best dog food for German Shorthaired Pointer puppies.

Because it is made up of 30% protein and 20% fat, this is a food that has been created to increase strength and endurance.

The balance is beneficial for muscle development and for keeping them running.

The diet has also been supplemented with glucosamine, a joint-friendly amino acid, as well as minerals and antioxidants.

It is designed specifically for working dogs or sporty dogs who require a lot of activity.


  • Glucosamine
  • Protein content is 30%.
  • Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.
  • Minerals and vitamins
  • Working breeds will love it.


  • Grain

American Journey Through All Stages of Life

The American Journey All Life Stages dog food is the runner-up food that we determined to be one of the finest dog foods for German Shorthaired Pointers.

This is not puppy food, but it should be suitable for dogs at any stage of their lives.

We appreciated that the meal is grain-free and high in amino acids, which is good for your dog's health.


  • Grain-free
  • Excellent flavor
  • Omega fatty acids are essential fatty acids.
  • All ages will enjoy it.
  • All breeds will work


  • To compensate for the calories generally found in puppy food , you will need to feed your puppy more of this.
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Nature's Balance Limited Ingredient Diet

Another excellent option for German Shorthaired Pointers.

This is a fantastic food for a variety of reasons, but maybe the most important is that it is produced with few ingredients, making it a good choice for dogs with allergies.

The dog food's first ingredient is salmon, indicating that it is a fish-based product.

If your dog doesn't like fish, this might not be the best option, but if your dog isn't picky, it's a terrific option.


  • Easily absorbed
  • The first ingredient is allergen-free salmon.


  • High-quality, good-tasting Cons:
  • Picky eaters might not like it.

Purina Pro Puppy Large Breed

Another fantastic alternative for German Shorthaired Pointer puppies is Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Breed.

It's a nutrient-dense recipe with built-in probiotics that's easy to digest.

Because of the probiotics, you must be cautious when storing it to avoid killing the live probiotics.

The dish is also high in omega-3 fatty acids and DHA.


  • Probiotics abound
  • Large breeds will love it.
  • Recipe with lots of protein
  • DHA-rich foods
  • Support for the brain


  • Because of the live probiotics , it must be kept in a cool, dry location.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Large Breed Puppy

Purina ONE SmartBlend Large Breed Puppy is our last pick for the best puppy food for German Shorthaired Pointers.

This is a delicious dish that will please even the pickiest eaters, thanks to the protein-rich, delicate morsels.

This is a large breed formula with a lot of protein to help your puppy's muscles expand.

It also contains a lot of antioxidants and is easy to digest.


  • Vitamin-packed
  • Nutrition that is completely balanced
  • Easily absorbed
  • Protein-rich
  • Designed for huge breeds.


  • If your dog suffers from allergies, this is not a suitable option.

How Much Do Pointer Puppies Grow Each Week? 

How Much Do Pointer Puppies Grow Each Week? 
How Much Do Pointer Puppies Grow Each Week? 

You might want to know how much a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy can grow in a week because puppies develop so quickly.

The amount your puppy gains is mostly determined by how big he or she is at the start and whether the puppy is male or female.

Puppies can grow anywhere from half a pound to a full pound in a week, depending on their stage of development.

Switching From Pointer Puppy Food To Adult Food 

Your dog won't be able to live on puppy food indefinitely.

Adult dogs should not eat meals with as many calories as puppy food, therefore you'll have to plan on switching your dog.

Around the one-year mark, most dogs will begin to switch.

There's no need to keep feeding your puppy chow if he hasn't finished growing.

Change the diet gradually, gradually adding the new food while reducing the amount of puppy food.

You should be able to wean yourself off the old cuisine in about a week.

What If My Pointer Puppy Won’t Eat?

You should be concerned if your puppy isn't eating as much as you believe he should.

The first thing to look for is whether the puppy is refusing to eat or simply eating less.

It's possible that he's outgrown his growth spurt and now requires less.

Your dog's food may also be finicky, or you may have recently changed it.

However, if your dog appears to be refusing to eat at all, you should contact your veterinarian to ensure that everything is in order.

What Nutrients Does A Pointer Puppy Need? 

Dog German Short-Haired Pointer - Free photo on Pixabay
What Nutrients Does A Pointer Puppy Need? 

German Shorthaired Pointers are working dogs, so keep that in mind.

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They are working dogs by nature and make excellent family pets.

As a result, your dog's diet should be high in protein and fat.

To make up for all of the calories he'll be burning, your puppy's meals should contain at least 20% protein and 8% fat.

Should You Feed A Pointer Puppy Supplements?

While supplements are widely available for both humans and canines, you may be wondering if they are the right decision for you.

The truth is that you should see your veterinarian before giving your dog any supplements.

The meal you're feeding your puppy should provide all of the nutrition he or she requires.

If you suspect something is wrong, speak with your veterinarian and describe the issue before trying anything.

How Much Water Should A Pointer Puppy Drink? 

Your puppy should have unrestricted access to water so that he can drink it whenever he wants.

You'll have to keep an eye on your puppy to make sure he's getting adequate food.

The amount required for older puppies is mostly determined on their weight.

When you're trying to housebreak your puppy, it's fine to remove the water dish at night.

How Much Exercise Does A Pointer Puppy Need A Day? 

German Shorthaired Pointers are active dogs who require a lot of daily activity.

Because he will have a lot of energy to burn, you should expect to have to exercise your German Shorthaired Pointer for an hour every day.

When the dogs aren't properly exercised, their nasty behavior manifests itself in their restlessness. Before you adopt, you must be ready to do so.

Pointer Background Information


Pointers have been pointing for generations, and their name is also their work description.

Prior to the invention of guns, British pointing dogs pursued hares alongside coursing hounds.

The hounds would chase after the Pointer, who would find and signal prey.

With the rise of wing-shooting in the 1700s, the Pointer evolved into a loyal and hardy gundog.

Pointers have few counterparts when it comes to pointing and recovering game birds, and their enthusiasts claim that no dog does it better.

Frequently Asked Question Pointer

How much should an 8 week old GSP eat?

Because your puppy will no longer be able to survive on milk, you will need to feed him three times a day. The amount varies, but you should anticipate to feed your puppy 14 to 12 cup per meal.

What do you feed a pointer puppy?

Fresh foods such as chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, or sweet potato should be prioritized. Cooked brown or white rice is an excellent source of fiber and hydration. If your GSP has a sensitive stomach, stay away from peas and potatoes. Avoid onions and garlic, and don't season your dog's food with spices like you would your own.

How much food do German shorthaired pointers need?

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a medium to large-sized dog that is energetic and lean-muscled. An adult dog can consume 2-3 cups of high-quality food each day to have enough nutrition, but if the dog food contains a lot of filler, it may need 4-5 cups.

How much should a 12 week old GSP eat?

While actively growing, I recommend 1 to 1/2 cup of food every 10 pound of body weight per day. Three times a day for the first three months, then twice a day after that.

How much do you feed a pointer?

2 to 3 cups of high-quality dry food each day, divided into two meals, is the recommended daily quantity.

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