How much to feed a puppy by Breed? (All you Need to Know!)

How much to feed a puppy by Breed?

You may be pondering this very question if you recently purchased a dog. Puppies' development and growth depend on a diet rich in protein and fat.

As a result, puppies need food that is not only hypoallergenic but also contains DHA for proper brain and eye development. In this piece, I'll go over some of the basics of puppy nutrition and make some suggestions for the best puppy food to buy by Breed.

How much to feed a puppy
How much to feed a puppy

How much to feed a puppy by Breed? Over 120 Breeds covered!

Puppy feeding chart

Puppy feeding chart
Puppy feeding chart

Affenpinscher Puppy Feeding Chart The Affenpinscher, like a little terrier, has a wiry coat. Some Affenpinschers have a softer coat that is more like hair, despite the breed standard describing the coat as being rough. The coat can be any color, but is most commonly black. The term “Affenpinscher” comes from the German words “affe,” which means “monkey or ape,” and “pinscher,” which means “terrier.”

Afghan Hound Puppy Feeding Chart The Afghan Hound is a stunning and rare canine breed. This dog breed has been around since at least the fourth century B.C., making it one of the oldest. Having an Afghan Hound puppy comes with some dietary considerations. Afghan Hounds, first and foremost, have substantial protein requirements. This necessitates that they consume a lot of meat.

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Akita Puppy Feeding Chart Akita puppies are large, energetic dogs that need a lot of food to maintain their activity level. Puppy food should be high in protein and fat to support their growth. Akitas should be fed three times a day until they are six months old, then twice a day after that. How much to feed depends on the puppy's age, weight, and activity level, so consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations.

Alaskan Malamute Puppy Feeding Chart New puppies, especially Alaskan Malamutes, are always welcome in any household. However, before bringing your new furry buddy home, it is essential that you learn what to feed them. Because of their high energy and active lifestyle, this type of dog need special nutrition. As you plan meals for your new Alaskan Malamute puppy, keep in mind the following:

American Staffordshire Terrier Puppy Feeding Chart The American Staffordshire Terrier is a canine breed that averages between 50 and 70 pounds in size. They have a short, thick coat and are pretty muscly. The Amstaff name is another one associated with this breed. In terms of dog breeds, the American Staffordshire Terrier is among the most sociable and devoted. They are lovely pets for homes. There are a few things to remember when feeding your American Staffordshire Terrier puppy.

American Bulldog Puppy Feeding Chart It is crucial to know how to properly feed an American Bulldog puppy if you consider adding one to your home. American Bulldogs reach their full size between 40 and 80 pounds as adults, but they experience multiple growth spurts in their first year. Up to the age of six months, puppies should be fed three times daily and then twice daily. There is a selection of foods you can give them to eat.

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American Eskimo Dog Feeding Chart The American Eskimo Dog is a beautiful, white spitz breed. They are known for their friendly dispositions and intelligence. One thing that makes them so great is that they are relatively easy to care for. When it comes to feeding your American Eskimo Dog, you should keep a few things in mind.

American Foxhound Puppy Feeding Chart The American Foxhound is a stunning dog breed with a soft personality and a strong sense of loyalty. They are lovely pets for homes. Consider the following information regarding feeding an American Foxhound puppy. Puppies of the American Foxhound breed require a high-quality, balanced diet to ensure their health and optimal development. There should be three to four feedings daily for puppies under six months old.

American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Feeding Chart American Pit Bull Terriers are a large, powerful breed of dog that were once developed for combat. However, they are now well known as devoted pets for homes. An American Pit Bull Terrier is an excellent addition to any family, but before you bring one home, you should familiarize yourself with its specific dietary needs.

Anatolian Shepherd Puppy Feeding Chart Turkey is home to the massive and mighty Anatolian Shepherd, a breed of a sheepdog. They're gentle giants who make excellent pets for kids of all ages. You should know a few things about feeding an Anatolian Shepherd puppy before you bring one home. Growing Anatolian Shepherd puppies have enormous dietary requirements. It's recommended that they eat three to four times a day until they're six months old.

American water spaniel Dog Feeding Chart The American water spaniel is an adaptable breed of dog that does well in both the field and as a household pet thanks to its high trainability and low intelligence. They are a high-energy breed that thrives in environments with plenty of water since they love to swim and retrieve. American water spaniels are low maintenance but still need exercise and a proper diet to thrive.

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How much should I feed my Dog?

How much should I feed my Dog Chart
How much should I feed my Dog Chart

Australian cattle dog
Australian shepherd
Australian terrier
basset hound
bearded collie
Bedlington terrier
Bernese mountain dog
bichon frise
black and tan coonhound
border collie
border terrier
Boston terrier

Puppy Feeding Schedule

bouvier des Flandres
Brussels griffon
bull terrier
Biewer Terrier
cairn terrier
Canaan dog
Chesapeake Bay retriever
Chinese crested
Chinese shar-pei
chow chow
Clumber spaniel
cocker spaniel

How much food to feed my dog

curly-coated retriever
Doberman pinscher
English cocker spaniel
English setter
English springer spaniel
English toy spaniel
Eskimo dog
Finnish spitz
flat-coated retriever
fox terrier
French bulldog
German shepherd
German shorthaired pointer
German wirehaired pointer
golden retriever
Gordon setter
Great Dane

How often to feed a puppy?

Irish setter
Irish water spaniel
Irish wolfhound
Jack Russell terrier
Japanese spaniel
Kerry blue terrier
Labrador retriever
Lakeland terrier
Lhasa apso
Manchester terrier
Mexican hairless

How much should a puppy eat?

Norwegian elkhound
Norwich terrier

Puppy feeding chart by weight age

Rhodesian ridgeback
Saint Bernard
Scottish deerhound
Scottish terrier
Sealyham terrier
Shetland sheepdog

Puppies Food

shih tzu
Siberian husky
silky terrier
Skye terrier
Staffordshire bull terrier
soft-coated wheaten terrier
Sussex spaniel
Tibetan terrier
Welsh terrier
West Highland white terrier
Yorkshire terrier

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