Can I Paint My Dog’s Nails With Human Polish?

Can I Paint My Dog’s Nails With Human Polish?

I Painted My Dog’s Nails Human Polish is this harmful?: For many years and still counting, dogs have been unmistakably tagged as man’s most favorite pet. They are known and loved by their owners for their loyalty, security, and companionship. On the part of the dogs, they are most contented and comfortable with the feeling of belonging to a secure social environment.

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Scientifically, dogs appreciate been caressed, stroked, and patted. These traits may be caused by the number of neural endings attached to dogs’ fur. In many ways, these dogs are beneficial to the human race even in the ways we do not know that they are.

For example, spending time with a dog increases the oxytocin hormone also called the ‘love hormone’, one which plays a factorial effect in emotional qualities such as trust, selflessness, and bonding. In other research, dogs react more rapidly to a human’s body language than other humans. Therefore, the attachment shared between dogs and humans is of the highest degree.

Due to the above reasons, many people have thought it wise and beneficial to take good care of their dogs. Just like humans in modern times have modified their body by means of incredible hairstyles, tattoos, piercings, and many others, dogs have been modified or groomed by their owners in the most implausible ways ever. Some have done this in ways like wearing for the pet expensive apparel, beautiful accessories such as bowls, collars, and caps.

Painting Dog Nails with Human Polish
Dog Nails with Beautiful Polish Designs

They have groomed their dogs by shampoo washing, fur shaving, claw trimming, and other grooming activities. Some others have styled their dog’s fur and dyed their colors, others have well-trimmed their dogs’ nails and painted them; all for the reasons of grooming and beautification.

On this note, what is used to beautify a dog may either positively or negatively affect the welfare of a dog. Hair dyes if toxic can cause respiration problems for the dog, necklaces if too heavy as well as thick clothing during hot weather may cause irritability for the dog.

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In the same way, nail polishes may be dangerous to a dog’s health, how? Why? In the course of this article, these questions will be reviewed.

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Can My Dog’s Nails Be Polished?

A good deal of might have wondered how possible it is to paint or polish a dog’s nails. Well, a dog’s nails can be polished and some owners have shown off the colorful art of painting their dogs’ nails on the internet.

During this procedure or grooming session, it is advisable to be very careful as touching a dog’s claws may cause irritability under which even the most well-behaved dogs might be tempted to scratch.

What Kind Of Nail Polish Should Be Used To Polish My Dogs Nails?

Some have experimented using human nail polish to groom their dog’s nails and in fact, nail polish for humans may appear beautiful and just as well as those of a dog. However, based on recommendations from vets and groomers, a dog’s nails should be polished with a dog’s nail polish and not that of a human.

Why Should A Dog’s Nails Be Polished Only with That of A Dog?

As a human will not take in a dog’s feed, multivitamins, additives, or apply a dog’s nail polish on his nails, a human’s nail polish should not be used instead of a dogs’ nail polish on a dog’s nails. Nail polishes manufactured for humans contain harsh chemicals that may well be hazardous to a dog’s health; adhesives and other such ingredients used in its production have strong odors that may negatively affect the dog if inhaled.

Nail polishes produced for dogs are formulated with chemicals that are not harmful to the dog. These claw polishes are used by pro groomers to polish dog’s nails for years, but manufactures have recently made it more available to the public and more comfortable and user-friendly for users that may want to engage in grooming their pets at the convenience of their homes.

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How Can A Dog’s Nail Polish Be Applied?

Due to the inconvenience of these nail grooming sessions for a dog and its owner, manufacturers have made the nail polishes dry in time to avert holding a paw still for a long period. However, there are procedures to applying a dog’s nail polish to its nail.

  1. It is advised to desensitize a dog to having its paws touched or held before having the nail polish applied for the 1st time because of the sensitivity of some dogs to their paws been touched. While this trait may not be found in all dogs, some specifically exhibit it. Desensitizing a dog to having its paws touched or held may be done beforehand within short periods at intervals. Giving treats and gifts may be done to enhance this process as well, till trust and convenience between a dog and its owner is established. If this process is warded off, it may result in a dog licking its nails after the polish has been applied.
  2. It is essential to ensure that nail grooming sessions are done at quiet times when a dog is relaxed before trying to apply the nail polish for the first time and even thereafter. By this, the occurrence of the dog running around while the polish is drying will be efficiently reduced or nullified.
  3. The nails must be well cleaned, trimmed, and free of dirt before the polish is applied for a better outcome. Dirty and untrimmed nails may result in the polish not staying on the nails for long and an unattractive look even after the nail polish has been applied.
  4. Because dogs’ nails are naturally black, the application of white paint as a base coat might make the colors glow better. While multiple coats may be applied to the nails for thickness and durability, this would increase the amount of time to dry the polish.
  5. During nail grooming sessions, the groomer or owner applying the polish must exercise care and patience as dogs in their instincts may become naughty or display resistance. At times like these, it is best for the session to be suspended till another time when the dog is more relaxed.
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How Safe Is A Dog’s Nail Polish?

Unlike human nail polish which is acetone-based and toxic, a dog’s nail polish is quite safe in the occurrence of a dog licking or sniffing its nails because it is water-based and non-toxic. Also, human nail polish might glue to the fur of a dog and their presence on the skin is potentially harmful as well because of its acidic nature.

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The components of human nail polish such as formalin, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate are poisonous to the dog in case of ingestion which is a factor that cannot be totally prevented due to instinctive behaviors.

For a better user experience during grooming sessions, the packaging of a dog’s nail polish is not in a bottle but comes as a paint pen. It is odorless and easier to create designs with.

Can A Dog’s Nail Polish Be Removed?

Just like human nail polish may be removed before it totally fades out, a dog’s nail polish may be removed before it totally fades away on its own, which may take days or weeks. When an owner decides to remove the polish on a dog’s nails, it is advised to use a soy-based dog’s nail polish remover.

After which a shampoo and soft brush or sponge may be used to scrub the dog’s claw of remnants of the polish. The soy-based nail polish remover not only removes the nail polish but moisturizes the nails as well. However, acetone-based nail polish removers are too harsh and caustic which could cause a dog’s nail to dry out and break easily.

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How Can I Tell If It’s A Dog’s Nail Polish?

The best way to tell the difference between a dog’s nail polish and that of a human is by reviewing the contents used to manufacture the product. Any acetone based nail polish is for humans, while water based nail polish is for dogs. Any nail polish that contains non-toxic ingredients is also for dogs.

Painting Dog Nails With Human Polish
Dog Nail Polish Pack

The design of the package also tells the difference as dog’s nail polish usually comes as a paint pen, not in bottles. In the same way, the nail polish remover of humans and dogs are different. Those of humans are usually acetone or methyl based while the nail polish remover designed for dogs are soy-based.

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However, the fact that dogs are curious accounts for safe-keeping on the part of the owner. Nail polishes of either dogs or humans must be kept in a cool and dry place away from the reach of pets and kids to avoid unnecessary accidents.

If by any means an accident should occur, the dog must be immediately attended to and taken to the vet without delay. While there might be little to worry about, symptoms such as vomiting and stomach upsets might be observed.


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