Which Dog Is Best For Me (How To Choose The Right Dog)

Many find it very difficult or make a mistake on Which Dog Is Best For Me or How To Choose The Right Dog.

Most of them make their choice based on the appearance of the Pet without properly researching to know the best breeds and if they are capable of taking care and also meeting up to the behavioral requirements of the pet.

Most people own or breed dogs for a reason (purpose), it could be for hunting,  guarding or herding but all the same, dogs portray natural instincts.

Choosing the wrong dog breed could be the worst thing that would ever happen to any dog owner but using our Dog Breed Identification Quiz will help you learn the difference between breeds of dog and which of the breeds is best for your family.

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Dogs are highly demanding to groom, however, they are also one of the most profitable pets you can imagine.

Don't just jump into getting a dog, if you decide to own one, you have to take some time to brainstorm and ask your self some questions.

Do I really need a dog?, Can I commit to my dog?, Do I have all the time to attend to this dog? can I really invest in my dog both time and resources for such a long time as 15years or even more?

Haven asked your self some questions, now I believe you are ready to choose your dog type.

What To Consider Before Choosing A Dog.

Consider the following points when making a choice of Dog.

Does my family want a dog?: You have to consider how other members of your family will feel before getting a dog. Does my family members want a dog? since they have to be part of the dog's life, you have to make sure they really need one.

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Do I have time to exercise with my dog? – Dogs enjoy play and walks, both day and night, can you really give the needed attention to the dog which is part of his grooming process.

How much time do you have for the dog's training / Socialization? Do you have enough time to train and take care of the dog, and also to socialize the dog throughout his lifetime?

Legal Responsibility. You have to be aware that you will be legally responsible for the behavior of your dog.

so you have to make sure socialization and training are properly done.

Can You Pay for Vet Care? Are you financially fit to afford vet's bills, vaccinations, worming, treats and diets, kennel costs, All all these make your dog a healthy and happy dog.

Safe & Secured Dog Home. Can you provide a secured and safe dog home for the number of years the dog will be with you?
Your dog’s happiness and sound health is your responsibility, therefore if you can't provide all of these care for a dog all through his lifetime, then I do not think you should get one, although the decision is still yours to make.

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Which Dog Is Best For Me?
When making a choice of dog, it is very okay to consider the very type that best suits you. It is very important to also consider the purpose for which you are choosing a dog.

Is your purpose basically for hunting, guarding or herding?

For instance, a hunting dog will not have the same temperament with a herding or guarding breed and also will not be the same as a toy breed.

Anyway, a lot of magazines and books have been written to give detailed information on differences in dog breeds, so you can embark on your personal research before carefully selecting a breed.

You can also check out breed rescue societies, geared toward a particular breed and sites with information on dogs.

Remember, if you are choosing a crossbred kind of dog it is more complex to evaluate what the behavioral traits might be, so it is very important to source for enough information about the dog you intend to choose. However, most crossbreeds make a wonderful companion with the best traits.

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Considering a puppy? then ensure that you make proper research and carefully read necessary information.

Considering an adult dog?
Generally, adult dogs may be a preferable option to choose than puppies, the reason is, they may have passed the destructive and chewing stage of life and of course, both good and bad habits may have been formed, so the dog has probably been house trained and more organized.

If your choice is an adult dog, there are chances it might be a rescue dog based on these facts: It could be from a breed rescue club, Blue Cross or private home to which owners are may no longer be capable of taking care of the dog.

Be directed by the staff, If you visit a charity center, this is because they are in charge and they are familiar with all the pets in their care and also they have vast experience in matching a dog with the proper homes.

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A Rescue center is aimed at finding loving and permanent homes for dogs that have been forgotten by their owners.

Note that some of these dogs might have had a very bad start in life, and this may likely not be their own fault.

Remember not to be deceived by the beauty or the appearance of a dog, but carefully check the dog’s history and temperament before you make your choice.

For instance, a rescue dog may hate or have a phobia for cats or may have issues coexisting with kids. And some of these dogs may have behavioral issues that they can't be left alone for too long.

In this case, the experienced staff should provide assistance and advice to tackle this problem.

It is more problematic if you are getting a dog from a private home because most persons you are taking the dog from might not actually be the first owners, and some dogs might have lived in several homes, so getting a lot of information or histories about the dog's background could be an issue.

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Choosing Your Best Dog
After you might have researched on your own and also being adviced by a staff at the kennels or from a previous owner in case you are getting from a private trainer.

Here Are Things To Consider As You Pick Your Dog

Be sure you have given gotten enough information on dog’s history, health, likes, dislikes, other problems, and lifestyle.
Make sure you are given the chance to play and walk with the dog, by so doing you have personal encounter and also be able to see what the dog is like away from home.
Obtain a full veterinary history of the dog, be sure to know the health challenges and operations the dog has had before.

See the dog's vaccination chats with proofs, ensure you make a written agreement which holds, the dog should also undergo satisfactory veterinary inspection before getting it.

Seek for available advice should there be any behavioral or veterinary challenges after you have picked the dog.
Also, check if any pet-insurance cover note is there to cover any unforeseen veterinary costs at an early stage.

Make sure you know about breeds: Many pet owners make the biggest mistake of picking a dog by the way he looks other than making some researches to know the best breeds and if they are able to care for it.

But No matter the purpose for which you want to get a dog for ( whether hunting, herding or guarding), knowing How To Choose The Right Dog or and making searches to know Which Dog Is Best For Me is the key to choosing the best dog.

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Using our Dog Breed Identification Quiz will help you learn the difference between breeds of dog and which of the breeds is best for your family.

I will gladly welcome any question pertaining to Which Dog Is Best For Me or How To Choose The Right Dog, so if you have one please do so at the comment section below.

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