Rottweiler Growth Stages And Puppy Development Chart

Rottweiler Growth Stages And Puppy Development

The moment you bring home your new Rottweiler puppy home at about eight weeks old, be sure to come across different puppy life stages as your little dog grows to maturity. Being aware of puppy development stages will sure help you understand your dog’s_Rottweiler’s life and behaviors better which will enable you to become a better handler or trainer.

Rottweiler puppies are very much adorable breeds, they can vary in structure, size, and personality just like every other breed. In this post,

I will discuss all Rottweiler Growth stages and also Chun out vital pieces of information from birth to full grown adulthood dog.

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Rottweiler Neonatal Growth Stage (Birth To 12 Days)

Dogs are naturally kind of animals that solely depend on their parents for survival, and so puppies depend so much on their mothers for them to be alive during this helpless stage of their lives after birth. It is their mothers that stimulates them to potty, urinate since they can’t hear or even see at this stage of their development.
All they do is sleep, suckle the breast milk and always sleep, they can’t move so they crawl from one point to the other.
Newborn Puppies are unable to generate their own body heat for even a week or more after birth, so they get some warmness from their mum. But in case their mum checks out, you have to ensure they are not cold by keeping them warm always through an external source of warmness.

Rottweiler Transitional Growth Stage (13 To 21 Days)

Puppies begin gradual transitional development during this second stage, their eyes will begin to open as they start seeing, also they will start hearing as the ear canal also opens.
At about 20 days, the Rottweiler puppy’s milk teeth will suddenly appear, you would notice the little pet develops interesting in consuming solid dog foods.
The teeth development also forces the mother dogs to start becoming reluctant to breastfeeding the pup due to the slight pains she feels because of the sharp teeth against her nipples.
This is the growth stage where puppies begin tail wagging. They begin their Social behaviors such as playing, tail wagging and vocalizations (backing).

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Rottweiler Awareness Growth Stage (21 To 23 Days)

This is a simple stage where you have to introduce the puppies to some few things around the home because the senses are fully developed. So, it will be wise to expose them to new surfaces such as hardwood, carpet, concrete, linoleum, during this time.
Young Rottweiler puppies should be given the opportunity to develop socially and mentally from this stage, allowing them to see the environment they are to encounter as an adult dog will play a big role in the puppies stages of development.

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Rottweiler Socialization Growth Stage (21 To 49 Days)

This is a stage where puppies learn social behaviors, it’s a time the puppies recognize they are dogs and are meant to learn so important life lessons.

Most of these lesions are passed from their mother, so you should not remove a puppy from the mum at this period. In fact, it is the right time the puppy needs to stick more to the parents. Disconnecting a puppy from the mum during this time may lead to future behavioral or disciplinary problems for the pet.

This is a period in a puppy’s life where he learns how to relate to his littermates, which also helps him relate well with other dogs in the future. So your puppy has to stick closer to his littermates and mother because it plays a vital role and it’s important for the training and development of an emotionally stable, temperament and effective dog.

Allowing puppies to relate well with their family, ensures that many behavioral, social and emotional problems seen in adult dogs which are believed to have resulted from disconnecting puppies too early from their mothers and littermates would have been averted.


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Also, during this period, the mother dog teaches the puppies how to soften their bites during play (the puppies learn bite inhibition). The mother moderates the young puppies during play and makes sure they are gentle when they tend to play too rough, this is a very important life lesson enforced by the mother dog.

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Rottweiler Human Socialization Growth Stage (7 To 12 Weeks)

Dogs can be socialized with humans and their own species. Socializing your dog with humans is a vital step in the development and training of your dog.

This stage is a sensitive period in your dog’s life that requires experience and some special training skills because any careless mistake will leave a long-lasting bad impression on your puppy.

How To Socialize Your Rottweiler Puppy With Humans

Here are some quick socialization tips to follow.

Engage Your Rottweiler In Daily Walks.

Have some fun by walking out with your dog to public places, take some walk around your environment and make him grow comfortably, familiarize with the people and the surrounding.

Explore places, take different routes let your puppy meet new friends and let him feed his eyes and have the opportunity to meet a variety of people such as men, women, girls, boys, kids, tall, slim, huge, etc, this is one way of expanding his social life.

Just chill if your dog acts scared during the socialization, simply use delicious treats to ensure your dog has positive socialization with new people.

Socialize At The Right Time.

Best time for socialization, if I must recommend for you, is between 3 & 12 weeks of puppy age is the sweet spot for socializing a puppy.

When doing this, ensure that your puppy socializes with:

Parks, Vehicles, unfamiliar people, bodies of water, unfamiliar dresses, woods, beaches, Urban environments, various flooring and ground surfaces, street signs, skateboards, benches, bicycles, strollers, Cats, Other dogs.

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Enroll Your Puppy In Dog Classes

Canine training is another avenue for your pet to meet other dogs and people in a very safe and controlled environment. Read More About Dog Training & Socialization Here.

Rottweiler Flight Instinct Growth Stage (4 to 8 Months)

At this phase of your rottweiler development, you should be sure your puppy is familiar with your commands as he is set to encounter freedom, cross boundaries. Ensure you have a good leash, some positive reinforcement and treats that will attract him rush to you at all time, get along plenty of toys.

Rottweiler Maturity Growth Stage (1-4 Years Of Age)

Remember that, Rottweilers are intelligent, confident and are mostly guarding dogs. Therefore, they need consistent, extensive and continuous training and socialization for them to be a good family friend.

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This is a stage where you have to put in more effort to get your dog trained and socialized even more and better. A Rottweiler can be termed mature at about 2 to 3 years of age.

Rottweiler Features At A Glance

Rottweilers are breed known for a slow-growing trait, and it might take some time for them to finish growing. They grow steadily and Slow and this is ideal for this breed. Therefore you must never bypass the in process in hurry by overfeeding your dog even when they are still puppies, doing this may lead to some health issues in the near future.

While rottweiler rapid growth may occur from birth to 8months, generally your dog will undergo through some transitions which I made mentioned earlier.

During this last stage, your rottweiler should generally be expected to gain about 75 – 80 percent of his adult height once he is up to about 6 months of age (depending on many factors). Because your pet will first reach his full height between the approximate ages of 12 months and 2 years before he will start adding on weight and muscle.

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You know that an average puppy will generally increase between 4 and 5 ounces a day within the first 6 months, and at about 4 months of age, your Rottweiler’s adult weight can be estimated by doubling his weight and adding 10 pounds.

See Rottweiler Weight Growth Chart

Rottweiler Weight Growth Chart

Then, at 6 months of age, your pet should hit about 66-68 percent of his adult weight. And later, as your Rottweiler measure up to his height, he will gradually add more weight and also fill up, this growth can continue between 18 months to2 years and even longer in some cases.

How big, well trained your Rottweiler may get depends on the previous stages of development discussed earlier, but one thing is sure you rottweiler keeps growing steadily and gradually until once he has reached the height and weight standards of the breed, then realize that your Rottweiler is matured & stopped growing.

Female Rottweilers can grow up to about 22 to 25 and the male, on the other hand, could reach about 24 to 27 inches based on normal standards this means the length of your rottweiler’s body should appear longer than heights.

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