Dogs Nail Bleeding After Cutting? (4 Instant Ways To Stop It)

Dogs Nail Bleeding After Cutting – Canine Claw Bleeding Remedies.

Did you hurt your dog's nail by cutting it too deep to the quick? Did you trim the nail too short and it begins to bleed? If Yes, Here are ways to stop your dog's nail from bleeding instantly.

Most cases of nail bleeding in dogs result from sudden injuries to the quick during trimming. Some injuries from trimming involving the quick might lead to severe bleeding and needs to be stopped and treated without wasting time.

It is important to look after your dog's nails, trim and maintain them on a regular basis. Generally, long or overgrown nails are not healthy for dogs, so it is to nails trimmed too short or down the quick.

You must not have a degree to trim your dog's nail or must you be a vet to save your pet when you accidentally injure his nails. Yet most dog owners are scared or hate cutting their dog's nails for fear of inflicting pain and injury to their pet even when they can easily learn 5 harmless ways to trim dogs nail?

How Can I Stop A Dog’s Nail From Bleeding?

Seeing your lovely pet in severe pain and bleeding is worse experience and may cause you to start panicking and looking out for the fastest ways to end the pain and bleeding to save your dog.

Treating or stopping blood coming from a dog's nail is simple and I will discuss how to stop a dog’s nail from bleeding as you read further.

However, you need to know why your dog’s nail bleeds after trimming.

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Why Does My Dog’s Nail Bleed After Cutting?

Anatomically, Dog claws are the part that protrudes directly from small bones known as unguicular on each “finger and is covered by a fleshy quick which contains blood vessels and nerves.

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The quick is a sensitive part of the dog nail that you need to avoid when cutting. On a white nail, it is very easy to identify because it appears reddish. The quick can be difficult to see in a black dog nail, so if your pet's nail is dark you might wanna hire a professional to help you out.

The quick contains tiny blood channels for the supply of nutrients and several nerves that provide sensations as to enable claws to grow well.

Dog nail anatomy and structures

The nail's outer coating is structured or made up of a strong material known as keratin, this part wears off when you file your dog's nail or when he walks on a rough hard surface.

The most common cause or reason why your dog nail bleeds is that you cut deep through the quick and also if the keratin coating of the nail wears away too much and then exposing the quick.

And if your dog suffers from a brittle nail, he will be prone to nail splitting which can also lead to bleeding.

How To Stop Dog Nail Bleeding After Trimming?

If you accidentally cut the quick of your dog's nail and you are faced with bleeding. And even if the dog nail bleeding won't stop, please don't panic, just take a deep breath and read down below.

A dog in pain of nail bleeding needs urgent care and treatment to stop the blood flow. Some unhealthy (sick) dog may bleed to death if urgent steps are not taken. This means a dog who is bleeding from his nails after a deep cut to the quick may be at risk.

But the good news is canine toenail bleeding during trimming can be put to a stop instantly.

NOTE: Before cutting your dog's overgrown nails, kindly ensure you are prepared to face any form of an accident to the quick that may happen. You must keep in advance your emergency kits before you trim your pet's nails, this will help you take instant steps in stopping bleeding should your dog is injured.

First, it is very important to ensure your pet remains calm while you make sure the bleeding stops, therefore, you need a second person to help you gently hold your dog, if possible give him some delicious treats while you carry out your work.

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4 Instant Ways To Stop Dog Nail Bleeding After Cutting?

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Apply Pressure To Stop Nail Bleeding

Applying direct pressure on the bleeding toenail is a natural way of putting a stop to the bleeding. Pick up a clean cotton cloth from your emergency box and place it against the bleed, keep the pressure on the nail for at least 2 to 3 minutes until the bleeding stops. Naturally, there should be clotting within a few minutes of the bleeding if your pet is healthy and normal. But dogs who suffer from clotting disorders may be at more risk than normal dogs.

If your dog has a clotting disease such as hemophilia, then this may contribute to a high level of bleeding if injured and may pose threat, however, your vet should administer an intravenous transfusion of blood plasma to help clot the injury.

Apply Styptic Powder Over The Nail To End Bleeding

One of the fastest ways to stop dog claw bleeding is by applying Styptic powder to the affected nail. Dog Nail Bleeding After Cutting solution

An ingredient found in Styptic powders is ferric subsulfate (contained in Kwik Stop Styptic Powder brand), this enables the blood vessels to contract and then ends the bleeding. And most Styptic powders contain anesthetic (Benzocaine) that helps kill the pain.

You can alternatively use corn starch or flour if you don't have styptic powder. They can be gotten at your popular pharmacies or pet stores.


Apply Styptic Pencils To Stop Canine Bleeding Nail.

Styptic pencils contain silver nitrate and can be purchased at any good pet stores. They work just the powders do. Press the pencil at the site of bleed for some minutes and watch the blood clot.

Apply Styptic Pencils To Stop Canine Bleeding Nail.

Most vets prefer using it, although they sting a bit because of the presence of silver nitrate and this can be a little problem if you have a nervous pet.

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Apply Flour, Cornstarch Or Baking soda To Stop Dog Nail Bleeds

Firmly apply to the affected nail, gently compress and hold it with your hands 2-3 minutes for proper setting. You must make sure your dog is immobilized when applying. You can also make a paste out of it by adding a small amount of water, apply and allow it to stop the bleeding nail.

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Dog Nail Bleeding After Cutting Stopped with corn starch

Dog Nail Won't Stop Bleeding?

If the nail bleeding is severe and still won't stop after following the above-mentioned steps. Here is what you must do!

Firmly Wrap the nail with Bandage:

Using a bandage to wrap around the affected nail will cover and compress the injury. Covering the wound will prevent further bleeding even if the dog walks around. Your dog may not be able to lick the affected nail if it is covered with bondage.

How To Wrap Bandage To Stop Dog ToeNail Bleeding

Wrapping the bandage on the injury is one thing but making it stay firm to the nail is another thing.

You must wrap it firmly and above the wrist to avoid it from falling away.

If you find this too difficult to handle, then I advise you to visit a professional vet to help you out.

Veterinarians Can Help You Stop Your Dog's Toenail Bleeding.

Most dog owners prefer running to a professional if their pets bleed or have any toenail injury. While others like to do things themselves to solve little issues associated with their dogs.

The most important thing is helping your dog get the best care, vets are more experienced and are trained to handle such situations and even severe cases of nail bleeding in dogs.

I would advise you to always take instructions from your vet before you try out things on your own. Even after you have stopped the nail from bleeding, it is still a good idea to visit a vet to help you out with some prescriptions to ease the pains, pieces of advice to prevent the nails from any form of infection.

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