Complete Guide & Solution To Dog Toenail That Splits In The Middle

Dog Toenail Splits In The Middle (Toenail Cracked In The Middle)

Is Your Dog's Toenail Broken In The middle? If your pup suffers from cracked toenail or splitting nail, I am happy you are reading this post right now because you are about to learn how to fix Canine Toenail That Splits In The Middle with ease even without being a veterinarian.

A dog is a human's best friend right? If yes, then you ought to treat him with so much love and care. The best way to show a dog that you love and care about him is by giving delicious treats, regular health checks, and then some engaging walks and plays.

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One of the ways to keep your pup healthy is by making sure that his nails are properly taken care of. I discovered that many dog owners don't have the time or probably don't care about their dog's nails. They show little or no care at all, if you are one of them, understand now that you are seriously hurting your pet in many ways since the nails are a vital and useful part of the animal.

You should always clean and trim your dog's nail, be sure to look out for any nail bed disease, claw splits, broken nail, nail discoloration, and any sign of abnormality. Dog nails are a sensitive part and may split naturally from trauma or injuries which may cause unpleasant pain, bleeding, or even secondary infection around the claws.

Several cases of nail split vertically, horizontally, or at the middle have also been associated with poor nutrition apart from the other causes of nail splitting. Your vet should be talked to first for advice or for solutions for a pet that encounters any form toenail problems.

Before I proceed to Remedies For Dog Split Nail Down The Middle, let's get to understand what nail splitting is all about. I am sure by the time we are through with this, you would easily catch up with how to fix your cracked nails. Read Further!

Dog nail split vertically quick exposed? See how it is repaired in this video.

What Is Nail Splitting In Dogs?

Nail splitting termed Onychoschizia (also referred to as onychoschisis or lamellar dystrophy) is a disorder that causes the claw to split horizontally within the nail plate. This can occur alongside with a split longitudinally_termed onychorrhexis – longwise splitting and also a split in the middle, all leading to a more extreme condition known as brittle nail syndrome.

A Canine Toe Nail Splitting is said to have occurred when a claw is subjected to physical stress, wear, tear or when there is a lack of nutrients. The nail is important for the pet for moving, grasping, holding, and for defense, these activities naturally put the nail at the risk of splitting.

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If you understand canine nail anatomy you would discover how risky it is to allow your dog’s nails to grow too long. Overgrown nails may increase the chances of breaking or cracking a nail, which can cause the nail bed to bleed and turn to pave way for after trauma infections.

So, for this cause, it is essential to ensure your pet's claws are trimmed, cleaned, and maintained regularly. Here is a quick question for you!

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Can veterinarians treat a disease condition without knowing the cause?

The best way to go about dealing with a split toenail in dogs is by knowing the underlying causes. When the cause of an illness is established a successful treatment is sure. What causes the toenail to split in the middle?, Your dog's nail spits? or Dog Brittle Nails? Find out the causes below.

Causes Of Dog Toe Nail Splitting?

Generally, most dogs maintain healthy and strong nails throughout the entire lifetime. Your pet's age is not really a direct reason why your dog may suffer from broken, cracked, brittle, or split nails.

In fact, studies show that split nail diseases may be often be linked with Brittle nails, although claws that easily break or flake can be caused by a variety of problems. Nails that crack and split or break can result in severe pain and secondary issues for your pet if not tackled and if you want to prevent splitting or cracks in your dog's nails, then read through the following causes of splits in claws.

They are:

Trauma: A dog's nail may be traumatized in many ways. In fact, dogs can often split or break their nails by engaging in rough play. Especially pets that have long nails (Overgrown claws), splitting of the nail is likely to happen. Be watchful of your pet and ensure he or she is not involved in a household or car accidents and other types of physical trauma that can lead to nail splitting.

dog nail split down middle
Nail May Split As Dogs Engage In Rough Play

Overgrown Or Long Claws: Split nails can get caught with something and then lead to a total pull off of the claw. To avoid this horrible experience, ensure that overgrown nails that are prone to break are trimmed properly and frequently.

dog toenail split down middle
Overgrown Nails Can Cause cracking or splitting

Fungal Infection: A dog's Toenail split up in the middle could also result from fungal claw infections which may also affect nail beds. Your pet's nails may brittle as a result of fungal disease affecting them. Carefully monitor your pup for possible signs such as difficulty in walking, frequent licking of at the paws, swollen, redness and discoloration, you should suspect fungal infection.

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Dog nail splits vertically
Swollen/redness of the toe due to fungal infection

Diseases of the nail bed such as Bacterial or yeast infections can affect the texture of the nails, causing them to split.

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Nutritional Deficiency: Check out these highly nutritious foods for your dog: Food is necessary for survival, in fact, you can't keep a healthy dog without feeding him or her with the correct treats. Balanced diets can keep your dog strong and healthy and as well help maintain a healthy nail, and if your pup is not well fed with quality treats, he could be malnourished and suffer improper or nutrient deficiency.

A dog that lacks the needed nutrients may suffer brittle nails that are prone to splitting, so ensure your pet eat rich and balanced diets.

Food for Healthy Dog Nails That Split
Balanced Diets Can Strengthen and boost the overall health of the nails

Sometimes Inadequate or nutritional deficiency can be caused by your dog’s failure to absorb food nutrients due to health issues or food intolerance. If this is the case with your pet, then you should book an appointment with your vet.

Nail Chewing Or Biting: Just like humans, dogs chew or bite their nails naturally as part of their self-grooming activity. However, chronic or continual chewing of the clews may indicate a problem in dogs and can also cause toenail splitting.

Dog Toe Nail Split Due to Claw Biting
Excessive Nail Biting in Dogs Can lead to claw splits

There are several reasons why your dog may be biting his nails, such as infections, overgrown nails, split nails, Allergies, etc.

Your dog is also at risk of splitting his nail if he continues to bite or chew the claws always. Check your dog's nails once you notice any form of chewing and report your findings to your vet.

Tumors Of The Nail Bed: Nail bed carcinomas or tumors can affect the origin or base of the nail causing brittle nails, splits, bleeding, and ulceration.

Dog Nail Tumor Causing Splits
Canine Nail Bed Tumor Can Weaken or brittle the nail leading to splitting

Tumors of the nail can be treated through Dog Toe Nail Removal Surgery, so check your pet's nails regularly and if any abnormalities are seen, kindly report to your vet for advice and further treatment.

Moisture: Moisture can cause weakness and brittleness of nails, especially long-term exposure can be more threatening as it can cause the tissue around the nail to soften.

When nails become soft or brittle, bending and splitting of the claws are likely to be inevitable.

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Brittle Nail Syndrome(Lupoid onychodystrophy): This is a condition that causes a dog's immune system to attack his or her nails/nail beds, leading in split nails.

Lupoid onychodystrophy causes brittle, dry nails that split in different forms. If your dog has nails that are too soft, brittle, and splits, kindly contact your vet for immediate treatment.

Dog Toenail Splitting Types

There are two types of nail splitting that commonly occur in dogs and they are:

1. Vertical Split Nail

2. Horizontal Split Nail

Dog Nail Split Down The Middle (Vertical Nail Split)

This type of split nail occurs a crack or rip is noticed a crack (rip) at the edge of the toenail splitting down the middle otherwise known as a vertical or longitudinal split.

Horizontal Split Nail (Claw Splits Side Ways)

A canine nail break is described as horizontal splitting when it rips from one side and cut across the other side or when the splits cut across the nail horizontally.

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Treatment and remedies for Dog split nails?.

Always consult your vet for advice and treatment plans if your dog suffers from nail splitting. However, Prevention is always better than treatment, it is less stressful, less expensive to prevent a disease than to cure it after it has developed. Here is how you can simply prevent split nails from occurring.

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Having Split Nails?

To prevent your pet from splitting his nails, follow the steps below.

Regular checkups: Always keep a close watch on your dog's nail to look at for signs of possible cracking or any other nail disorders. Regular checks can help you detect splits or nail diseases at an earlier stage and that enables you to act fast.

Avoid Trauma Or Injuries to your dog's nails: Trauma or injury is a common cause of split nails in dogs. Ensure your dog's don't engage in traumatic or rough activities that could lead to nail injuries.

Ensure Your Dog Eats Balanced Diets: Nutritional insufficiency is a known cause of brittle nails in dogs. When nails brittle, splitting is inevitable. So, treating your pet with balanced diets will boost your dog's overall nail health.

Regular Trimming Or Long Walking On Hard Surfaces: Keeping your dog's nails short is another way you can prevent split claws. Read The Best Ways To Trim Your Dog's Nails to learn nail cutting tips. Most owners also engage in long walking their dogs on hard surfaces to help grind their nails.

Detect And Treat Infection Of The Nail: Fungal or bacterial infection of the nail bed can lead to broken or split nails. It is advisable to check your pet's nail regularly so you can detect if they are infected.

You can also watch your dog's and analyze him for possible behavioral changes that may indicate signs of infection around the claws.

If you notice your dog is biting his nails or always licking them, then you need to act fast by meeting a vet for a check-up and treatment.

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Dog Split Nails Natural Supplements?

To maintain healthy and strong dog nails that will not split, here are some nutrients and vitamins he needs.

  • Protein
  • Biotin
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Silica
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin c and other additional minerals.

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Does It Take Long For A Dog's Cracked Nail To Heal?

Normally, repairs around the injured tissue or site of the split should begin within a few days (two days). The healing process becomes faster if your pup doesn't disturb the wound (by always licking the affected claw).

For damaged, cracked, broken, or split nails, complete regrowth from the root should happen within few months, the time (duration) and the process of regeneration could be determined or may vary among dogs, bread, age, and other health factors.






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