How To Train German Shepherd Puppy At Home (Easy Tips & Techniques)

Learning How To Train German Shepherd Puppy At Home is the way forward if you have just bought yourself a new (shepherd) dog. And if you really want to answer the question of How Do I House Train My German Shepherd Puppy, then you need to, first of all, familiarize yourself with our German Shepherd Training Tips And Techniques you are about to explore in this post as we make further steps.

Training A German Shepherd Puppy At Home?

Are you ready?
The process of home training a German shepherd puppy is simply a non-stressful procedure, however, it requires you to be patient, tolerate, persistent, because it may take some time but at the end, you’d be glad you did.

German Shepherds are amazing dogs naturally, the shepherd puppies are lovely cute and their training does not involve the use of any form of special equipment, and this is good news for you!

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Puppy house training is one of the most basic things you have to do to help your dog get conversant with his new home and the environment and there are many ways to go about it. Now, the very first house rule your dog should learn is how not to pee and poop inside the house, starting this way you have just made the process simple and easy.

German Shepherd Puppies
Lovely German Shepherd Puppies


The most practical and efficient way of training your young puppy is to adopt the Positive training methods which will enable you to get a smart and obedient dog.

Without wasting time, I want you to learn some simple home tips to potty train your new German shepherd Puppy. All you just need to accomplish this love, patience, consistency and sweet treats.

Now let’s delve straight and begin with the best German shepherd puppy training steps.

Training Tips For German Shepherd Puppy?

(a) Start By Socializing Your New German Shepherd Puppy

The very first moment you get your little German Shepherd pal, next thing you should be thinking is how to ensure he is socialized, this will help during his early development to prevent some behavior problems in the future.

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So, I recommend you take your puppy to a vet for his first set of shots and then proceed to enroll the dog (him/her) into a shepherd puppy training or socialization class.

I know practically most vet will tell you to keep your little four-legged friend inside generally around 4 – 6 months until he has taken a complete dose of the required vaccinations before you attempt socialization.
Perhaps this pattern is not going to help your new puppy at this critical stage of his life and development and may affect his future behavior or personality.

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So, to raise a confident, lovely and dog of admirable personality, begin to work on socialization once you just got your new puppy. The moment you fail to this, expect to have a grown-up dog full of fears and other behavioral problems.

Remember: Your dog should keep socializing throughout his teenage life, but the critical period for puppy socialization is up to 3 months of age.

It is a good idea to use the first 6-7 weeks to work on socializing your shepherd puppy to as many objects as possible and sounds indoors only.

And then proceed later after vaccination to play and have fun with other healthy puppies and dogs.

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Why Do I Need To Socialized My Puppy

Do you know Dogs have a critical period of development? This is a period during which their brains are open to forming social relationships. It is the time in their life when they will have to learn which things are normal and which ones are dangerous.

So, the people, things and animals your German shepherd puppy interacts with during the first 3 months of his life, the better adjusted he will become as an adult dog and this is one of the reasons why puppy socialization is very important.

(b) Potty Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

You know, when German shepherd pups are born they tend to eat, pee and poop a lot almost uncontrollably, so disgusting, smelly or unhygienic. It’s your duty as the owner to teach your new German Shepherd puppy to know the appropriate place to potty.

You should at this point ascertain how many times your pup needs to potty and when you should take him out. Don’t forget to praise and reward your GSD with good treats whenever he pees or poops in the right place provided for him.

Rewarding your puppy each time he gets it right, will encourage him to always potty in the right spot. You can always reward your puppy with affection. Read full articles on How To Potty Train A New Puppy Dog Here

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(c) Your Dog Should Practice German Shepherd Puppy Mouth Control.

Dogs, not just the shepherd puppies naturally love to chew or mouth play with anything at their site, carpets, shoes, toys, pillows, and even boxes.

Puppy dogs at a tender age use their mouths to crush on everything they see and this can be annoying, especially when you come to discover that your lovely shoes have been eaten up by your puppy. Really Funny, right?, but t happens a lot.

If you notice your small friend is mouthing so much, is the best time you teach your little dog how to control the mouth, learn him understand what is ok to chew and how to make his bites mild and softer on humans and items.

German Shepherd Puppies are born with sharp teeth; they use them to play and interact naturally with people and also objects. But, they can actually be taught how to soften their bites and go gently especially when they are dealing with human skin.

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You can get a lot of toys of different shapes and looks and then teach your pet to play more with them instead of human skins. With consistency and time, your dog would have mastered how to apply pressure and control the mouth.

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(d) Teach Your Little German Shepherd Puppy To Seek Permission.

Teaching your Shepherd Puppy to seek permission before taking action is one good way to train your canine to grow in the right way.

If you rightly train your dog to take commands or order from you, your puppy could look at your face for approval before playing with other dogs or even kids and ultimately doing so makes the dog an obedient dog, which every owner yearn to groom.

(e) Try Delicious German Shepherd Puppy Food Treats

Naturally, dogs go crazy when they see you holding their treats and Shepherd puppies are one of such dogs.

It doesn’t really matter if you are embarking on Male German shepherd Puppy Home Training or a Female German shepherd Puppy Home Training.

Canine Food Treats can be very useful to teach your dog to be calm down for a moment and its One of the ways you can motivate or reward your little shepherd puppy is by giving him delicious canine food treats.

Find the kind of healthy dog foods your puppy likes and then make sure you reward him or her with it. Apart from foods, you can also try walking, toys, play, and petting, this is actually one successful German training tips with a lot of testimonies.

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Get some yummy/balanced treats to keep your dog healthy and fit, fresh treats like (cheese bits, chicken pieces, lean beef, and fruits such as apples, carrot, green beans, banana & cucumber) are helpful.

(f) Apply Best German Shepherd Puppy training tips (By Rewarding Your Puppy’s Good Behavior)

This is one canine potty training tip that is magical and works wonders, Monitor and pays closely watch your German Shepherd puppy and then reward him when he does good things (reward if he obeys your commands or potties in the right place.

Note: Do not reward your puppy for his or her bad behaviors, it is a bad training practice and can cause your dog to keep misbehaving.

German shepherd puppies can be rewarded for good behaviors by praising them, buying a new toy for them, start gameplay with them or walk, give them delicious, yummy treats.

(g) Handle Your German Shepherd Puppy Ears, Tail And Paws Gently.

Your new puppy will grow into a giant adult dog and the best time to prepare him for adulthood is right now that he can learn and balance his personality.

Even if your little puppy may not need to trim His nails, you should prepare him for future purposes, like visiting a vet for care.

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(h) Enroll Your New German Shepherd Puppy Dog In Basic Obedience class.

Obedience class for new puppies is very important and you need not skip this German shepherd training exercise for any reason because it plays a major roll in what your little dog grows to be in the near future.

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During this obedience training, your puppy should learn some commands and obey them, such as stay, sit down, stand, go as early as 7 to 8 weeks of age.

You can also personally train your German shepherd puppy on obedience at home; you can hold a yummy treat and be in front of your pet’s nose. Make a move of your hand and give a command as your puppy follows the treat on your hand and obey the commands, always praise him and keep repeating the same process until he is good at it. Read about puppy obedience training here.

(i) Crate Train Your German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd Puppies in crates
German Shepherd Puppies in crates

A dog crate is no longer new to dog owners and putting your puppy in a crate is not a harmful practice. Your small dog deserves to have a small safe and conducive environment of his own, where they can have privacy, rest and sleep. No wonder puppy dogs always hide under the table in your house.

Providing a comfortable crate for your new puppy dog with a soft blanket and his favorite toys put a smile on his and also make him feel loved and safe.

There are countless times when you leave for the office or shop, your puppy should be safe in his crate in your absence. The crate is the sure solution for times when you are not around to watch and keep a close eye on your dog.

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Training your New German Shepherd Puppy at Home is an amazing exercise and should be fun, although it takes consistency and patience.

German shepherd Dogs are naturally intelligent kind of canine breeds; they are mostly dogs for search, rescue, police work, odor detection, and military work. Therefore’ to perform these tasks require some specific qualities such as physical traits, strength, agility, endurance, and focus.

So much attention and care should be given to them at a tender age and of course, simple praises and rewards on good behavior would go a long way in improving your dog’s home training.

Dogs are not human, so learn to essentially ignore their mistakes and wrongs and as owners, kindly give more attention, love and care to your little friend as they grow.

If You Want Your German Shepherd Puppy To Learn Faster During Home Training

Do the following:
– Reward your dog if he poops in at the right spot
– Let your German Shepherd Puppy Dog out through a particular door.
– Always use a leash on your dog When going out and coming in.
– Be gentle and do not punish your German shepherd puppy if he messes up.
– Do not reward your puppy when he misbehaves.
– Ensure your German shepherd puppy obeys the house rules before letting him out of the crate.
– Wake up at night to check on your puppy dog.

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