7 Easy Ways To Strengthen Dog Nails To Prevent Cracks Or Splits

How To Strengthen Your Dog’s Nails?

If you’re wondering “what can I do to strengthen my dog’s nails?” — this article contains detailed guidance covering ways you can effectively strengthen the nails of your dog. Your dog nails play over 85% of their daily routine.


It’s basically because almost all the time, they’re either using their nails to swim, walk, dig and play. As regards the aforesaid, it’s quite necessary and essential that you, at all times, ensure you keep the nails healthy and strong. Today, you can practice the act of strengthening your dog’s nail right at the comfort of your home — in order to keep disturbing health issues at arm’s length.

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If you’ve ever asked, “how can I practice this at home?” — you are the reason we had to make research and put these words together. Before we go further into disclosing details on How To Strengthen Your Dog’s Nails, let’s outline the HOWs.

• Healthy Diet
• Trim Nails Regularly
• Search For Sign Of Damage
• Biotin
• Fish Oil Supplement
• Do Walks
• Talk To Your Vet

Remember, dogs use their nail for a lot of things — scratching, digging, etc — and their maintaining or having a strong nail will go a long way in preventing them from being susceptible to tears and breaks.

As a dog owner, you should always keep your eyes open for the signs of nail problems your dog is likely to experience. The problems don’t appear the same in dogs; they vary as there are various causes. The following signs can serve as an alert of the presence of a problem:

• Discolored nails
• Limping or holding up the paw
• Brittle nails
• Discharge from the nail; bleeding from the nail.
• Swelling or redness.

Ways To Strengthen Your Dog’s Nails To Prevent Cracks.

Without wasting further time, let’s get into talking more about the HOWs and active ways to keep your dog’s nails hard, strong, and strengthened to withstand any pressure resulting from daily dog activities.

Strengthen Dog Nails With Healthy Diets

As long as strengthening the nails of your dog is concerned, serving them healthy diets mustn’t be excluded from the process. Think of the body of your dog as a machine; if you
pour cheap and low-quality fuel into it, it’s of no doubt that it’d breakdown.

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In addition, we could also say that a healthy diet stands as the foundation of the overall health of your dog. A dog’s balanced food contains nutrients such as vitamins and nutritional components — and these nutrients hold vast benefits. The benefits attached also have “strengthening your dog’s
nails” included. Among the dog foods sold out there, there’s one recommended for dog owners: it features an AAFCO statement displayed on the bag. The statement gives an indication that the food consists of balanced nutrition.



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On the other hand, a healthy diet that consists of nutrients beneficial to the nails of your dog, may not stop or reduce the effect of brittle and fragile nails in some dogs. When this is observed, the next recommended move is: employ the use of supplements to give the nails a strengthening boost. Most times, a poor diet can lead to brittle nails — the sign of poor health.

Strengthen Dog Nails With Regular Nail Clipping

Among other ways to prevent nail issues, such as breaking and splitting, for your dog — trimming your dog’s nails remains the best approach. Always monitor the nails of your dog, so you can always ensure that it remains short and presentable. When the nails are short and maintained, there’s a decrease in the likelihood of having them pull out or snug during the
daily adventures of your dog — giving him the experience of comfort while walking.



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Although the process involved in giving your dog a trimmed nail doesn’t assure strong nails, a lot of veterinarians have agreed that it’s pivotal to the health of your dog’s nails. If you’re, for the first
time, reading about the fact that you need to trim your dog’s nails regularly, it may appear like a herculean task. In that regard, many e-commerce platforms — such as eBay, Amazon, etc — have
a few products which can bring ease into the whole process. There are different types of nail grinders and specialized trimmers.

Furthermore, in case you’re asking yourself, “can I do this myself?” — there are explanatory videos available that give a step-by-step guide on how to use nail trimming products.

Alternatively, your veterinarian can practically show you how it’s done. If you fall under the set of people who are not comfortable with attempting the act of trimming their nails, you could visit veterinary facilities to pay for such service.

Imagine this: do you know what dogs go through when their legs get stuck in something? [when their nails are not trimmed] Products For Trimming Dog Nails:

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Strengthen Dog Nails With By Searching For Sign Of Damage

No one can counter the fact that the nails of a dog are highly important, as regards the walking, digging, and playing ability of your dog — which brings about the demand for the health and good strength of the nails. It’s advised that 85% to 90% of the time, you monitor the state of your dog’s nails. The following are signs to tell you “Hello! Something’s wrong.”

• Biting at nails.
• Painful appearance when walking.
• Broken nails.
• Pus or blood on the nails.
• Redness around paw pads or nails.
• Nails digging into skin.
• Brittle appearance.
• Split nails.

Always look carefully in search of these signs; if found, don’t hesitate to identify the major cause. Dogs can get their nails damaged as a result of weakened nails, injury, or even the presence of the two. Nail damage can endanger the overall health of your dog and it, also, may heighten the risk of attracting infections. Whenever a nail complication is noticed, contact your veterinary for
immediate help.

Strengthen Dog Nails With Biotin

Are you looking for a product to assist you in strengthening the nails of your dog? Biotin is a product to consider. Biotin is known for helping humans, too, to achieve healthy hairs and nails. It does the same for dogs as well. Biotin consists primarily of B-complex vitamins and it’s
found in a lot of dog foods — including blueberries, turkey, pork, bananas, and liver.

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Do well to incorporate Biotin into the daily meals of your dog, so your dog’s nails can be strengthened. This Biotin is produced in the form of a supplement for dogs — and you can buy this at online stores and pet shops. Most times, the Biotin supplement for dogs comes in powdered form, so sprinkling it all over its daily kibble can be an easy endeavor. Visit your veterinarian to ensure the biotin supplement matches the health needs of your dog.



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Again, Biotin is basically a B-complex vitamin — also known as vitamin H, coenzyme R, and vitamin B7. It promotes the growth of healthy cells and aid in the metabolism of amino acids responsible for building protein. Food and supplement, rich in Biotin, helps in strengthening the brittle fingernails of your dog. Biotin can be found in foods such as organ meats — like liver, dairy
products, cauliflower, yeast, yolk, salmon, sweet potato, avocado, seeds, and even nuts.

Strengthen Dog Nails With Fish Oil Supplement

Over the years, fish oil has served as a trusted remedy for dogs and humans, too. It consists of essential fatty acids; these fatty acids improves the health of your dog’s nail, coat, and skin. If you’re among those who are searching around for a safe solution to treat weak nails, one of the excellent options out there is the fish oil supplement.


Fish oil for dog nail strengthening

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There are numerous fish oil products, most of which need to be taken orally. The dosage has to be in accordance with the size of your dog. Before proceeding to use the fish oil supplement for your dog, ensure you don’t skip the point where you have to read the label — including the directions, dosage, and ingredients. On a daily basis, incorporate fish oil in your dog’s diet — to ensure that the strengthening of your dog
remains a continuous process.

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Strengthen Dog Nails With Regular Dog Walks

Your dog will always be exposed to surfaces. A lot of outdoor terrains can contribute to keeping your nails strong — and trim, too. Many dog owners don’t know that outdoor surfaces
had a way of helping their nails. This is done naturally and safely. Allow your dog to move freely by taking him on walks; allow him to explore. Your dog enjoys the time he spends outdoors
and that affects the health of his nails positively.


Strengthen Dog Nails With Regular Dog Walks

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When you take your dog on walks regularly, it’ll save you the stress of always trimming the nails of your dog. Although tough surfaces, such as hiking trails and pavements, can do the work of filling your dog’s nails — it’s imperative that you keep your dog(s) away from extreme temperatures.

Also, there are outdoor hazards — potential outdoor hazards — that could be harmful to the sensitive paw pads of your dog.

Strengthen Dog Nails By Visiting An Experienced Vet

As it relates to how it is in humans, it’s natural that some dogs may have weaker or stronger nails than other dogs. The paws are sensitive areas of a dog and they could be affected as a result of brittle or damaged nails — an underlining issue experienced by the nails of your dog. If those problems are not treated, it could affect the overall health of your dog.

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And, If the strength of your dog is a major concern to you, talk to a vet doctor. Your vet will run a thorough examination on the paws of your dog for any available sign of damage and even push further into running a couple of tests too, also, check for signs of disease.
It doesn’t matter how severe your dog’s health issue is, a trained veterinarian should be able to give valuable information, instructions, and recommendations on how you can, at the comfort of your home, best improve the health of your nails.

Moreso, in a few cases, “prescription-strength” medications may serve as the most reliable option for improving the strength of your dog’s nails. For all those concerned about the health of their
dog(s), when home remedies are not working — seek professional medical care.

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The nails of dogs are designed by evolution in order to imbibe the ability to walk, playing, swimming and digging. It’s always a perfect idea to ensure the nails of your dog are healthy.
In this article, we covered about 7 ways on how to How To Strengthen Your Dog’s Nails — and they entail thus:

• Healthy Diet
• Trim Nails Regularly
• Search For Sign Of Damage
• Biotin
• Fish Oil Supplement
• Do Walks
• Talk To Your Vet

In all, it’s advised that you visit your veterinarian before giving any type of supplement. What vets do is, they’ll go as far as checking through the medical history of your pet to determine whatever be the cause of your dog’s health issue. Among the 7 ways To Strengthen Your Dog’s Nails, six of them can be practiced at your home.

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Strengthening Dog’s Nails FAQs.

I want to use this section to deal with questions we have been getting from our readers about strengthening their pet’s nails. The reason why we want to give answers to these queries is that they are very related to this topic and can help our lovely readers understand this article better.

Let’s get started:

What Can I Do For My Dogs Brittle Nails To Be Strengthened?

Very soft or Brittle canine nails can easily break or split and one of the easiest ways to avoid this and harden up your pup’s nails is to trim them on regular occasions. Taking your dog on a regular walk can have his nails trimmed in a natural way. Ensuring that your dog eats healthy meals rich in nutrients that help them grow healthy nails is another way to harden the nails.

How Do I Keep My Dogs Nails Strong And Healthy?

The recommended way to keep your dog’s nails strong and healthy is to prevent nail disorders, infection, and trauma. To avoid dog nail problems, you have to take good care of your pet’s nails by keeping them trimmed, clean, and making sure your dog feeds healthily. Schedule regular trimming for your dog, give the correct meals, go for walk-ups, have him checked regularly for any nail problem to be detected early, and ensure your dog avoids any dangerous trauma to the claws.

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Why Are My Dog’s nails So Soft And Thin?

The common reason why your dog’s nails are very thin and brittle is because of nutritional deficiency. When you notice that your pup’s nails are brittle, have him checked by a vet to review his overall health and the kind of feeds you have been giving. I recommend your dog should be feeding on AAFCO-approved diets so they can derive the right nutrients to boost their health condition.


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