How To Deal With The Loss Of A Dog (Saying Goodbye)

How To Deal With The Loss Of A Dog.

We can’t deny the fact that people cherish dogs a lot, and not only that, they also treat them with
real love like they are humans. If these people stay for a day without having that particular dog around them, it’ll seem like there’s nobody in the world for them.

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This is exactly why these set of persons feel devastated after losing that dog, which is so dear to
them. And, it deeply affects some as though it’s one of their family members, who lost his/her life.

Now, the crux is, how to deal with the loss of a dog (Saying Goodbye) — we have steps to assist
you into getting over the loss of your dog.

A large number of people have their lives go into a state where it’s revolving around their dogs,
doing everything possible to make sure that their schedules and duties don’t intertwine with the
time they have to meet the needs of their dogs.

There are people who are restricted from traveling, not because someone restricts them, not because a business or anything restricts them, but because they don’t have confidence in others, assisting them to train or take care of their dogs while they are away — they harbor the feeling that something would happen to their dog(s) in their absence.

Preparing to assist a dog, which is old or sick, a journey directly to heaven is a thing of relief and blessing. As a dog owner, there are times you must encounter — times such as the time to say goodbye, the time to celebrate and time to get yourself ready to be emotional.

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Whether you are prepared for the death of that dog or not — in other words, whether you expect the death of your dog or not — the vacuum, which the dog makes in its absence, can be quite overwhelming.

We, humans, tend to try all we can, in order to understand what death really entails, but it’s no doubt that we don’t comprehend the cycle of life, as well as that of death. That dog of yours has the knowledge that it’s not — your dog understands that both of you, you and your dog, have an eternal connection to the universe’s infinite oversoul.

Your Dog’s View Of Death?

One thing you should know is, unlike how humans fear death, dogs are not an inch close to being afraid of that. They don’t fear death. To the dogs, it appears like they are just divested of a clothing’s layer.

Based on metaphysics, the spirit ascends to either of these two, heaven or divine light, after it takes another form apart from the physical form. If there’s a word to tag this process, I think that word is, BLISSFUL.

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One of the things, which your dog patiently waits for, is leaving behind his body that is filled with disease and old, in order to rejuvenate in another world — the spirit world. If your dog isn’t trying to stay alive just to be with you, he won’t hesitate to go in for the death process.

There are quite a large number of dogs that continue to abide in a body filled with pain and disease because they come to understand that their demise will cause tremendous grief. We have to make allowing them to make their decisions one of our jobs; we can’t, no matter how we try, have control of their timing.

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The Phases Of Grief.
There are a lot of stages of grief, which you must comprehend and process, so you won’t have problems with healing after the demise of your dog(s). Aside from the emptiness of the physical, your spiritual, emotional and mental energies won’t be left out, the impact must get to them.

If you successfully process the phases of grief, you have a high tendency to understand the messages, which are deep. Not just that, it helps you to heal from the inside and locate that area inside your heart that’s serene, peaceful; a place where you can have yourself nourished with loving memories.

Without further words, let move into disclosing details about the stages, phases of grief. Here’s the heart of this article.
1. Acknowledging Your Feelings
On our first step, we have “Acknowledging Your Feelings.” It isn’t just us making it our first step, it’s the first thing recommended for you to do. At the very beginning, you might have these numb feelings; you might also be disconnected from either everything or most things found around you.

Are you filled with anger, because you feel your dog left you without showing even an ounce of warning? Or could it be that you are feeling guilty, and you are also blaming yourself for not having sight of any sign of sickness, disease? The timing of your dog might make you feel hurt, confused or abandoned. Do you feel empty, after the demise of your dog? That feeling of emptiness is likely to cause sheer sadness, alongside profound depression.

The feelings all summed up has the ability to leave you sad and confused. It’s not stable, it comes, and it also goes. Either of these emotions is capable of capture you, while you are unaware. These emotions, most times, are brought up by thought or memory.

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2. Identify The Wounding
Going deep into your emotions, you can disclose your personal wounding and the manner at which it connects with the relationship of you and your dog. Firstly, you have to gain the understanding that your dog didn’t only stand as your pet, it also stood as the innermost link to your soul, ensuring that the part of you that experiences pain encounter peace.

These serious woundings were mirrored by your dog, and you won’t doubt that it encouraged you to convert them, and also bring them into the physical equivalent — a healthy light. If the woundings you have become deep, they can be noticed by others, immediately after the death of your dog.

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Let’s take for example a dog that protects, when that dog dies, the owner is prone to feeling fearful and a lot vulnerable. They feel that way because what they kept as their shield is gone.

It’s really essential that you sort for other tools and ways with which you can strengthen yourself from inside. The wounding of your soul could be as a result of unconditional love, betrayal, abandonment and the lack of trust. Want to know where these inner truths actually exist? Inside of you. Being aware of them would be great to your advantage.

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3. Create Conscious Awareness.
You need to know if you haven’t known, why your dog found its way into your life. And, you have to ask yourself these questions, what do I have as the sole contract between you two — you and your dog? Does it have anything to do with fear confidence, abandonment, protection or some other thing?

Just maybe, your dog knows a large percentage about you, even more than others. To some, their dogs make them feel they have someone — though an animal — to support them, and make them feel loved, taking away the loneliness witnessed in the world. They tend to absorb it in, and they also do not judge.

Once you have gotten the ability to embrace and accept a few of your feelings, the path to your healing becomes clearer — it opens up. We tag this process a gentle one, it shifts from a state of consciousness to awareness, not excluding the consciousness; so as to move your state from grief to profound and genuine happiness.

4. Turn Grief Into Gratitude
It isn’t easy to fill the void; you begin to ask yourself, how exactly do I start to do this? How exactly can I find happiness and true peace in the memories of my dog? You will discover that you’re getting rid of the grief when you start being able to have the sense of gratitude for the life you both have shared. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a short or long time you stayed with the dog, the bonding that’s heart to heart is lasting and real.

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Do you want peace? Who wouldn’t want that? Well, just train yourself to start cherishing the good time you both spent with each other — that brings happiness, it also brings peace of mind. Many dog owners are made better human beings, so don’t neglect that, make sure you appreciate that.

And, know this: dogs stand as helpers and healers; they do these for our lives. Try all you can to hold those good memories close, very close, to your heart, it will do a lot in helping you move several steps forward from your grieving state.

5. Heal From Within
If you don’t know, know it now, you have the ability, the complete ability to heal directly from within, just respect the healing process. Don’t neglect your feelings, recognize them, take the lessons and place them in the forefront. After that, access the gratitude. They would help in fastening up the healing process.

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It’s very much important that you get to a point where you become gentle with yourself, don’t be hard on yourself. Check for the things that bring you comfort, it could be family, friends or the events on the calendar — go for them. Any situation that brings discomfort to you, avoid it.

If you should cancel engagements, go ahead and cancel them, don’t in any way feel guilty for canceling them. Create lots of time for yourself to reflect, and also, take time to just be. Some may want to connect with his spirit. Wanna know how to do that? A walk, and also nature! With the memories of your dog — sit, cry and laugh.

Request that he comes to your dream to visit you, or you could ask that he shows up in your medication.
Although, you would get to a stage where you will, not most times, always have a fragile place inside, the trauma, which is intense, will ease as time goes on.

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Death Is Not Final
One of the things tagged as the most challenging events for humans is the physical death of their
dogs. Experiencing such could actually keep one down for days. We may put things in place, make preparations for the death of the dog, yet when the pick to leave this world without warning, their absence still has the ability to leave the owner in a state of disbelief and shock.

Dogs face crisis that threatens their lives. Also, they endure illnesses that tend to last for a long time. Does your dog face either of them or both? There’s really no way, which we can call an easy way, to say goodbye.

At least, when the dog was alive, the dog taught you patience, unconditional love, and devotion, because he had it.

Above all, it’s not easy to endure the devastating feeling, after losing a loved one — your dog. But, as stated above, always cast your mind back to the good old days, which you and your dog spent together. we touch several stages of grief, understanding each and every one of the stages will really go a long way in helping you get over the trauma the death of a dog comes with for most people.

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We started with the first one, which is “Acknowledge your feelings”; whatever way you feel after the death of your dog, acknowledge it — that’s the best way to start. Then, go ahead into “identifying the woundings”; know where you are hurt, that would be a great step for you — in this case, there are things you need to identify.

Afterward, try to create something called conscious awareness. Turn Grief Into Gratitude; no one doubts that the death of a loved one — your dog — has the ability to bring grief, but you should do what it takes to turn it into gratitude, appreciate the presence of the dog when he was alive, and also the time you shared together. Lastly, try to heal from within, may seem hard but try harder.

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